Top 11 Must Have SEO Modules in Drupal Sites

Your website will be representing your business in the digital world. Drupal Development Company uses its resources to improve the SEO modules to make a robust online presence. Having an SEO-friendly website ensures that you have high visibility on the search engines.

What goes into Search Engine Optimization?

This process deals with increasing your website visibility on the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). Maintaining the website SEO will display your page on the search engines when people search for respective products or services.  If you have a powerful SEO means you will be receiving heavy organic traffic. Essential elements of SEO are:

1. Understand the Search Engines

Many search engines use algorithms to determine that your website has relevant content. These algorithms are regular updates to ensure that it follows the latest trends. The top factors that affect your rankings are Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness.

2. Work on Visibility

Take note of the reviews, redirects to your website from other resources, social media mentions, and backlinks received using guest posts. All these help in increasing your digital visibility on the search engines.

3. Keep your profile updated

Ensure that your business profile is updated regularly and all the details are correct. Make a Google My Business profile and add relevant data. This will help customers to reach you effortlessly. 

Let us explore the SEO checklist for Drupal websites:

1. SEO Checklist

This module is not a functionality, instead it helps to note the critical tasks related to SEO. Having a checklist for custom Drupal Development is essential to know you have covered all the vital sections to enhance the SEO of the website.

2. Real-time SEO

This SEO module will help in optimizing the content of your website. It will help in adding relevant keywords and avoid stuffing them in the content. The module will ensure you have written the right content and meta descriptions with the right keywords.

3. Redirects

The redirect module will handle the duplicate content on the Drupal website. This will integrate the cache of web pages to optimize performance and redirects.

4. Footnotes

This SEO module will automatically create footnote references into the content. Drupal Web Development Service helps work with the optional features where the identical footnotes are merged as the same value.

5. Link Checker

A broken link can easily damage your impression on the search engines. The Link Checker module checks for a broken link periodically. It checks the remote websites and evaluates the HTTP response code.

6. Metatags

This module has a global setting that controls the meta tags on the web pages. It also supports multiple languages that are great for the website. These help you to grab attention from a wider audience.

7. Power Tagging

The power tagging module helps customize the content using Drupal nodes and provides multiple language tagging. This will help the Drupal Web Services to tag content in bulk at once. It also suggests tags that can index the Drupal content.

8. XML sitemap

This SEO module is a directory of the website, which is essential. The XML sitemap makes it easier for the crawlers to index the website. It provides flexibility to exclude and include some web pages into the sitemap of the website.

9. Google Analytics

This module helps in tracking various types of links and files downloaded from the web pages. It also provides website search and Ad support. It can easily track the page views and URL changes.

10. Pathautho

This is an SEO module that automates tedious and time-consuming tasks on your platform. It provides the easiest method to define user-friendly URLs. Website owners can also build URLs based on page titles and categories effortlessly.

11. Site Verification

To achieve higher ranks, your website must be verified. Search engines will discard your website if they think it is a spam website on the internet that has the capability for online vulnerabilities. To avoid being in the spam list, get your website verification and then manage the authentication process.

What are the essential SEO trends in the market?

1. Domain Authority

It is a website ranking score that predicts your ranking on the search engines. This score can be used to know the strength and weaknesses of your platform. They will measure the predominant factors, which is E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness). It also focuses on the off-site signals to create a great user experience.

2. Voice Search Compatibility

The global smart speaker market will be growing around 35.5 billion US dollars. These Google trends give your website higher ranks on the search engines. This is one of the reasons why you should include the Frequently Asked Questions segment in your websites.

3. Featured Snippets

Custom Drupal Development websites will provide the right strategies to appear in the featured snippets, which increases your brand visibility. This section will appear at zero position on the Search Engine Result Pages. Three types of content are added in this section which are paragraphs, lists, and tabular form.

4. Visual Searches

This is impacting the future of SEO for many Drupal Web Services. Visual searches have been proven helpful for shopping, recipes, product identification, translation, and more. It would be wise to integrate this feature into your platform and make your website more accessible.

5. Video SEO

Over 80% of the organic traffic is gained using online videos. This is the easiest method to engage users for a longer interval. Videos have been proven to be more informative and entertaining at the same time.


The Drupal Development Company can support you to take advantage of many such modules. Using the right ones will improve your website performance and online visibility. An SEO-friendly website will have better chances to reach the top ranks on the search engines.

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