8 Key Considerations To Make When Finding An Joomla Web Developer

Hiring Web developers is a fundamental part of launching a website. Every major e-commerce company has an expert web developer that keeps all features and interface up to trends . This in turn helps with their web ranking as well, as a fully optimized website is appealing to both the website visitors and the SEO. Web developers are on a high demand because of the sudden peak in digital marketing. A website should represent the face of the brand or organization otherwise it is made to fail and not promote. Small business owners need to understand the trend on the market and follow them otherwise, they fail to get exposure to the right targets, website development is a great way to boost rankings and visibility online.

Now, you must be wondering what Joomla! or J! means. It comes from the CMS (Content Management System) term and is used to publish web content for websites. Under these web contents there includes photo galleries, discussion boards/forums, e-commerce and sub- communities, along with many web-based apps. A community of volunteers with the support of Open Source Matters,Inc. developed Joomla.

Basically, it is a free, open-source content management system that helps to publish web content on websites and there are several sorts of Joomla developers for different needs.

Know Which Developer to Choose

You will need to know the types of developers in order to know which developer suits your demands. To find more information top joomla web developer, here are four commonly known Joomla developers,

The Site Builders

These developers have vast knowledge on extensions and know which templates to use in order to built a site with the use of ready made solutions. They are often equipped with graphic production skills and should be able to make small changes in design.

  • Not highly technical but suitable for small businesses projects
  • Provides high value for lower market rate
  • Price range at $200-$2,000

The Template Skinners

These folks are skilled in programming languages such as HTML and CSS. Other design templates are used to ‘skin’ a template out of the sample and turn it into a design to be used in Joomla’s website.

  • Works well with graphic designers who wish to integrate their design into a Joomla Website
  • According to the weightage of the design, the price ranges from $500-$1,500 for each project

The Web Designers

These developers possess the same skills as a template skinner and also create custom designs. Altering designs is a cakewalk for web designers.

  • Here, the usual ‘quality equals quantity’ way is used to measure the price range
  • For small businesses the range goes from $2,000-$10,000

The Extension Developers

Joomla developers are highly technical and creates custom extensions for Joomla. Function based problems often arise and Joomla developers step up with solutions.

  • Experience dominates their value and typically work around hourly rates
  • Common market rate is $60-$110 per hour

Keep in mind that some developers possess two or more traits from the mentioned categories such as a Joomla developer who is a web designer, site builder and so on.

Freelance Developer vs Joomla Development Company

The two options : Freelancers and Joomla Development Company have their own set of prods and cons. Check out the mentioned points to find more information top joomla  web developer

Freelance Joomla Developer


  • Direct contact with the person implementing your solution which means more direct communication with the freelancer. This speeds up the process and lowers risks of misunderstandings/confusions
  • Typically has lower rates
  • They have a flexible range and can fulfil most of your requests
  • Service feels less professional and more personal
  • Transparency of abilities and capabilities


  • Lack of professionalism is seen in many freelancers because many of them view freelancing as a vehicle to make extra cash. Thus, the weight of professionalism is void. Clients do not prefer this way of conduct
  • Under the same lens as lack of professionalism, postponing or delaying work schedules due to personal reasons is highly unprofessional.
  • Poor service after payment which is again a lack of professionalism

It is difficult to find a competent professional freelancer. Most of the problems are mainly due to lack of professionalism.

Appropriate For

  • Minor or small projects
  • Projects with a clear end goal for success
  • Pre-revenue organisations since otherwise the other choices are outside your budget

Joomla Development Company


  • Good for ecommerce websites where layered services are seen
  • Has many experienced workers
  • Offers future support and guidance
  • Professional services and outcomes
  • Has a better understanding of B2B needs


  • It is more costly
  • They are not as flexible as freelancers
  • Impersonal relations
  • Risk of working with entrepreneurs who market themselvesas Joomla Development agencies

Appropriate For

  • When a core part of your online business is added in a Joomla Website
  • When you have time, energetic and a neat budget
  • When you need outside guidance while working on a personal development plan

Consider Referrals

It is always good to search for people to hire through referrals. If you know a friend or colleague who has worked with a Joomla developer or agency ask them for good recommendations. But then ensure that they did work with Joomla. Consider referrals coming from people with first hand experience with Joomla.

Consider the Joomla Resource Directory

Consider Outsourcing

Once you hire a developer, you have entered outsourcing territory. The question is whether you wish to outsource nearby or half the continent away. When you consider outsourcing, always try to weigh out the pros and cons such as cultural differences, language barriers and so on.

Consider the Location

Having your business closer to you makes it more manageable under your country’s legal system right? The risk of working with people from another country with a different legal system then yours is always an undeniable risk factor.

Consider the Culture

When it comes to expanding business, culture is important because every country has its own culture. This includes sets of unspoken rules which may hamper the communication between the employer and the employee who is halfway round the world. Say if an outsourced development agency vanished for a whole week due to a religious holiday but no notice was given to their client.

Consider Contracts and Documents

There are different levels of contracts for different projects accounting to the duration and workload. For work less than 11 hours a contract is not highly necessary. For larger projects, contracts come in handy to avoid misunderstandings.

Make sure you notify your lawyer with the contract and ensure what both parties are responsible for. This is especially useful if there are court disputes, a contract helps clarify the original goals and terms agreed upon by both sides. A contract should mention some of the development specific issues such as,

  • How changes should be handled
  • In case a project stalls, what’s the next step
  • Who holds accountable for copyright over the completed design and custom programming
  • Payment schedule
  • Etc,


Joomla developers or agencies operate in the same fashion as many other web developing sources however, it is important to consider the type of developer you specified, find more information top joomla web developer through top referrals

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