How do I Backup and Export all Outlook Emails on Mac?

Mac Outlook is a popular desktop email application for Mac users, also created by Microsoft Corporation. The operation and operation of Microsoft Outlook is very simple. However, due to some personal needs, users want to backup and export all Outlook emails on Mac. Don’t worry if you are also facing similar problems. Then this post will end all your relevant queries. We are here to help you get an effective approach to complete this process by manually and using OLM to PST Converter.

Backing up and exporting emails from Outlook on a Mac is essential for preserving important correspondence, attachments, and other vital information. Whether you’re transitioning to a new computer, protecting against data loss, or simply organizing your email files, having a complete backup is crucial. Outlook for Mac offers several methods to backup and export emails, providing flexibility and ease of use to users.

In this guide, we will explore several methods to backup and export all Outlook emails on your Mac, allowing you to safeguard your digital communication and streamline your email management process. Whether you prefer built-in Outlook capabilities, third-party tools, or manual techniques, we’ll cover a variety of options to fit your needs.

Backing up and exporting all Outlook emails on Mac is also required when a user wants to migrate to another platform or also wants to backup emails before deleting them to reduce mailbox data size . Microsoft Outlook provides applications for Mac and Windows for corporate and personal needs. Both applications are the same as each other. But the difference is in its file format for storing Outlook mailbox data.

Microsoft Outlook serves as a cornerstone for managing emails, calendars, contacts, and tasks for countless users on Mac systems. However, despite its robust features, unforeseen events such as hardware failure, software crash, or accidental deletion can lead to loss of valuable email data. Therefore, it is prudent to periodically backup and export your Outlook emails to ensure data integrity and accessibility.


Reason to Backup and Save all Outlook Emails on Mac

  • When a user obtains an OLM file from his client or any other personal user and wants to access it in his own Windows Outlook.
  • By creating backup copies of your Outlook emails, you protect yourself against the risk of data loss due to accidental deletion, corruption, hardware failure, or software problems. Having backups ensures that you can recover your emails and important information in case of emergencies.
  • If a user wants to migrate from one computer to another.
  • Some industries or professions have legal requirements that require the retention of email communications for a certain period. By saving all Outlook emails on your Mac, you ensure compliance with these regulations and avoid potential legal consequences.
  • Sometimes users want to share their Outlook Mac files with their coworkers, but they still use Outlook for Mac.
  • Sometimes, users require both platforms at different locations like home and Office.
  • Outlook emails often contain valuable information such as important correspondence, agreements, attachments, and project details. Saving all emails allows you to maintain a historical record that you can refer to for future reference, auditing or analysis.


How to Backup and Export all Outlook Emails on Mac Via Manual Approach?

If you have available both Mac and windows machine with installed Outlook application then you perform manually backup and export all Outlook emails on a Mac, you can follow these general steps:

  • Open Outlook: Launch the Outlook app on your Mac Machine.
  • Create a new folder: In Outlook, create a new folder where you will temporarily store the emails you want to export. You can name it as per your comfort..
  • Select Emails – Select all emails as you wish to back up. You can do this by holding down the Command key and clicking each email, or you can use the Shift key to select a range of emails.
  • Move emails to new folder: Once you have selected the emails, drag them to the newly created folder. This will make a duplicate copy of the emails in the folder you created.
  • Export the folder: Right-click (or Control-click) the folder you created and select “Export” from the context menu.
  • Choose Export Format – Choose the format in which you want to export emails. Outlook for Mac typically allows you to export in OLM (Outlook for Mac Data File) or PST (Outlook Data File) format. Choose the format that best suits your needs. If you plan to import the emails into another email client, be sure to choose a format supported by that client.
  • Select Destination – Choose where you want to save the exported file and click “Save”.
  • Wait to export: Depending on the number of emails you are exporting, the process may take some time to complete. Once it’s done, you’ll have a backup of your Outlook emails in the format you selected.
  • Verify the backup: Once the export process is complete, navigate to the location where you saved the exported file and verify that it contains all the emails you wanted to back up.

Why do Experts Always Avoid Manual Solutions?

  • During setup, there is a high possibility of data corruption or file corruption.
  • Users must have solid technical information on both platforms to handle this process.
  • There is no advanced filter option available to make the process much faster.
  • Manually backing up and exporting Outlook emails on a Mac has some limitations:
  • Manually selecting and moving each email to a new folder can be time-consuming, especially if you have a large number of emails to back up.
  • There is a risk of accidentally missing some emails or selecting the wrong ones during the manual selection process.
  • Outlook for Mac typically supports exporting emails in OLM (Outlook for Mac Data File) or PST (Outlook Data File) formats. If you need to export emails in a different format, you may need third-party tools or converters.
  • Manual backup processes lack automation, meaning you’ll need to repeat steps periodically to keep your backup up to date.
  • Exported email files can take up a significant amount of storage space on your Mac, especially if you have a large mailbox.
  • If the export process encounters errors or interruptions, there is a risk of data loss and you may need to start the process again.

How to Backup and Save all Outlook Emails on Mac Via Expert Suggested Solution?

A manual solution is not a reliable option for everyone and there is also a possibility of data loss. Therefore, we suggest you choose SysTools OLM Converter, it is an excellent application that allows you to convert individual or batch OLM files in one go without losing any data. This software is specially developed with advanced programming and also trusted wizard by millions of users.

  • Download an expert-recommended tool and open it on your computer.
    Download an expert-recommended tool and open it on your computer
  • Find and add OLM files to the application interface.
    Find and add OLM files to the application interface
  • Preview your Outlook Mac mailbox data and select the ones you want to convert.
  • Choose Outlook PST File from the list of export types.
  • Next, choose a filter to select data as you wish to export.
  • Finally, set location and click on export to get the file quickly.

Benefits of Expert-Recommended Automated Solution

  • The mailbox data structure remains the same as before the conversion. Also, It provides complete data security to prevent any effect with the original file.
  • It ensures accurate conversion of OLM files to PST format, preserving the folder structure, email properties and original attachments.
  • This application is very easy to use by all types of professional and beginner users.
  • The software can handle large OLM files without any size limitations, allowing users to convert even large mailbox data to PST format.
  • You can easily import OLM to Windows Outlook with this application.
  • The software allows users to convert multiple OLM files to PST format in bulk, saving time and effort compared to manual conversion.
  • It also offers an amazing filter feature to convert selective mailbox files based on date range, subject, sender recipients, etc.
  • Users can selectively convert emails, folders or specific items from OLM files to PST format, providing flexibility and customization options.
  • During the conversion process, the software ensures that data integrity is maintained, including email attributes, metadata, formatting, and folder hierarchy.
  • This application is compatible with all versions of Mac and Windows operating systems.
  • It offers a preview feature that allows users to preview the content of OLM files before the conversion process, ensuring that they are converting the correct data.

Final Thoughts

In this post, we have shared an effective and reliable solution to backup and export all Outlook emails on Mac, manual and expert-verified solutions. If you have available both machines with installed Outlook then you can perform manually. But manuals have lots of risk with mailbox data. Therefore, we recommend that you continue with an expert-tested solution, as we have discussed in the last section, to complete the process without taking any risks with your mailbox files. We hope you got the answer as per your need after reading this amazing tutorial.

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