Why Reviews Matter for E-Commerce Business

Once you have made an online presence, what is the first thing you expect? The review service is one of the most demanding sections in the market to know your performance. This is something that online businesses need to ensure they are placing the right foot in the market.

“If you want something, go get it. Period”- The Pursuit of Happiness!

But this might not be as easy as said. How do reviews impact the users?

They have the power of influence in the visitor’s mind and also strengthen credibility. Both positive and negative feedback play a vital role in your business. To be honest, we believe that there are 100% more chances that people will buy products with higher reviews.      

How can virtual assistant services help to get quality reviews?

Make “The Ask” at the right moment

Knowing the right time to ask is essential when you want to grab potential customers. Think about when your customer is most likely to write a glowing review? You might say when they are satisfied with your services and products.

The right strategy is to give them a hint from the start that you will ask for reviews. A virtual assistant for e-commerce storescan help to follow up on your reviews and help to make the process smooth.

Try to get yes for an answer easier

Since you ask your potential customers to invest their energy and time to write a review for your services. Do not just email them to say: “Hey! Can we get a review!” Instead, an e-commerce virtual assistant can provide review servicesand build a list of methods to reach your audience. Some well-targeted questions you can ask your customers are:

●      What did you like the most about our services?

●      Would you recommend us to your contacts? If so, why?

●      What is the single thing you think can improve your experience?

Ensure all the questions are less time-consuming and effortless. Give a professional look to your platform.

Collect Reviews from multiple sources

Your customers will engage with different platforms to look for services. One task of an e-commerce virtual assistant is to handle your stress and improve your reputation in the market. They might engage with the customers on Facebook, Google My Business, Zillow, or Yelp. Your Virtual Assistant can help collect the reviews and add them to the platform for a better experience.

Work with your reviews

Once the virtual Assistant has collected the necessary information, it is time to use it. You can showcase yourreview services on various platforms like:

●      Your Website: Thevirtual assistant servicescan help to add the most convincing reviews on your landing web pages or homepage. Potential visitors might not read the content except on the first pages.

●      Social Media Platforms: It is the right platform to reach a wider audience. Virtual Assistants can share the reviews on social platforms to gain more attention.

●      Email Marketing Campaigns: There are higher chances that people that have subscribed to your emails will market your products.

How do E-commerce Virtual Assistants help in your review services?

1. They can be proactive to collect feedback

Your brand reputation is built when your products, services, or organizations receive feedback. A reliable virtual assistant will help manage the task of getting reviews and request the customers to leave a pleasant word. They are perfect for creating emails and schedule inbox campaigns to build customized content for the target audience.         

2. Monitor your Reviews       

The tricky part of the brand reputation is to get reviews from the dissatisfied customer reviews. We must monitor the reviews about the products every time to make the management more effortless. It helps to bring the segments where you can improve your business and which section can help to increase conversion rates.

3. Addressing Negative reviews

Virtual Assistants can help to spot the negative reviews and resolve the issue right away with the customers. They have effective measures like communicating about the concern, affirmation, and negotiation methods to help you provide better customer satisfaction.

What are the most authoritative review sites that you must focus on?

1. Google Reviews

Google is one of the most favorable platforms, and it includes reviews. Google My Business is a valuable source that offers all the information about your business. It has operational hours, addresses, contact details, and more essential data about the company. This makes your platform easily accessible and eliminates confusion to the visitors.

2. Yelp Reviews

This might be the top name for small or large businesses. It has been in the market for over 15 years. It is a trusted platform that displays all the businesses’ original faces in the market. Yelp has a proprietary algorithm that favors some reviews and hides the remaining.

3. Facebook Reviews

It has a long-standing review which has been seeing changes recently. Facebook’s users add reviews and also publish recommendations to strengthen the business. Visitors reach local businesses, and after having a successful purchase, they influence by leaving a review. 

Wrap it up!

Well, till now, you might have understood the importance of having review services and how virtual assistants can make it simpler. Let’s make the checklist more simple when you plan to get reviews:

➔     Ask for a review

➔     Make it easier for the visitors to leave reviews

➔     Provide incentives to loyal customers

➔     Send them customers

➔     Engage when customers leave reviews

➔     Automate the process of asking for reviews

That’s all, folks! We guess you are ready to collect some reviews effortlessly to boost your brand reputation.

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