How To Monetize The Mobile App Data From Your App

People invest in apps a lot. Just for a reference, people spent more than $85 million on apps in 2017, and this number keeps on rising. By looking at these amazing numbers, you can quickly tell that creating a mobile app and monetizing it could be a great way of earning huge revenue. There are several minimum viable product examples out there that have reached their maximum potential just by focusing on data analytics.

If you’re thinking about developing a paid app, then don’t expect to earn a lot as there are hundreds of free substitutes to almost every paid app, and people would go for them instead of yours.

So what other options can you consider for your app monetization? We have the answer. Data Monetization!
With the humungous amount of data being processed daily, developers and business owners have realized this non-traditional and yet innovative strategy for measurable economic advantage.

In this article, we’ll talk about innovative ways of data monetization for your app. But before we dig deep into that, here’s a brief overview of data monetization and how it can benefit you.

What Is Data Monetization

In simpler words, Data monetization can be referred to as leveraging data for a company’s economic advantage. Let me elaborate on it further for you.

Data monetization involves trading or selling direct access of user data to third parties to increase revenues or cut down expenses. It is especially helpful to marketers, telecommunication companies, advertisers, and research companies. They use these insights to gather solid stats and provide the right ads to the right audience.

Now for those who’re wondering if their data is being sold to third-parties for benefits, that’s not the case. Your personal information like name, age, address, interests, income, etc., are anonymous and secured. The kind of data that is being monetized usually includes

  • Your device
  • Devise Version
  • Your mobile operator
  • Your network type
  • The screen size of your device
  • CPU Core metrics
  • Your device’s storage
  • Country

How Can Data Monetization Benefit You

  • It is a scalable and safe model of revenue.
  • Unlike in-app advertisement, the data collection takes place in the background, so there is no effect on the user experience.
  • You’ll get paid monthly for every user’s data who have agreed with data collection. The higher your DAU is, the greater revenue you can earn.
  • Data monetization doesn’t affect your existing monetization models.

Now you have a strong understanding of what data monetization is, so here are some great methods of executing it.

Data Monetization Methods

Data As A Service

This is quite a straightforward approach for data monetization as the data is sold directly to the consumers. The data that is being shared is raw or anonymized, and the buyers could mine it for creating insights. Buyers cannot benefit from this data directly as they create these insights from themselves and use it further to reach the right audience for their business.

Insights As A Service

Now this one quite similar other than the fact that instead of raw data, insights are sold that are created by combining external and internal data. Either these insights are directly sold or provided in formats such as analytics-enabled apps to provide updated data. The insights are limited to specific sets of data or contexts that the buyer has purchased.

Embedded Analytics

This is perhaps the most progressive form of data monetization and provides the most value to those who purchase it. In this method, features associated with BI software are added, for example, dashboard reporting, data visualization, and analytics tools – to existing applications

Leveraging these integrations, product teams can build and scale custom actionable analytic apps and integrate them into other applications, opening new income streams and providing a powerful competitive lead over the others.

For embedded analytics techniques, you can use the Sisense platform as it is built to provide performance and agility with scale. Moreover, it lowers the TCO and offers fully customized embedded analytics solutions for specific needs.

Analytics-enabled platform as a service

Now, this is quite a flexible approach towards data monetization and provides notable value to the customers. In this method, analytics and BI platforms are leveraged to provide customers with highly-scalable insights and data analytics in real-time. They’re available both on-premises and on the cloud and are compatible with all cloud-based warehouses. In simpler words, the data can be used from any source and in any format. However, to get maximum benefits from cloud-based sources, you’ll need an expert setup and support.


Today, there are tons of methods for monetizing your app and earn revenues. However, using data monetization strategies have made this job much easier than ever. Since you understand how beneficial data monetization is for you, you can leverage these methods above to reap maximum benefits out of it.

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App Development Trends 2021 For Startups

The popularity of smartphones and laptops is on the crest due to the emergence of WFH culture and online education. Smartphones nowadays have become a necessity rather than a luxury due to the increased reliance on employment and education. The multimedia facilities and versatility of smartphones to achieve what was thought impossible a few years ago have encouraged techpreneurs to come up with new innovative mobile app ideas. The world has recovered from the deadly pandemic and ready to do and experience new things. This is an opportune time for launching new mobile apps. The startups are never short of ideas and they never miss an opportunity to take leverage of the situation. This blog post exhibits the key application development trends for startups to introduce in 2021.  

Chat with Bots via Chatbots

Have you heard about Alexa or Siri? These are the virtual assistants offered by smartphone companies to make the interaction between humans and machines easy. The virtual assistants or chatbots are digital apps that mimic the human way of communication to help users meet their needs.

For different reasons, chatbots are among the top trends in the growth of mobile apps in 2020. The immersive conversational environment they offer is one explanation. The other may be an undeniable truth that is becoming increasingly evident to worldwide UI/UX designers and chatbot developers-the usual app interfaces are no longer enough! Mobile apps from Chatbot offer a revolutionary use-case as an application interface that enables users to communicate with companies even in the absence of humans in a seamless, human-like manner. 

5G is here

Another way to understand the mobile world’s development is to understand the diversification and increase in the range of mobile connectivity across the globe. Today, 5G has become a benchmark for assessing the speed of the internet, total throughput, traffic capacity, the efficiency of the network, and quality of the spectrum. The expansion of 5G is going to impact application development positively. The 5G cellular connectivity would empower the multiplayer gaming, Data Security, and Augmented Reality fields.

Futuristic IoT enabled Apps

One can materialize a typical science fiction movie plot, where a small gadget controls everything, through an IoT enabled app powered smartphone. IoT is bringing friction into fruition at a rapid pace. IoT is disrupting not just large industries, but it is into smart home solutions as well. This technology enables the smartphone to control the operations of a device, to exchange data between devices, all through a mobile app that controls an interconnected network of things. For example, one can switch off the electronic devices like AC or cameras from a remote location or even adjust their settings. Imagine the amount of convenience one would achieve when he doesn’t have to visit a difficult terrain, or brave stormy weather to turn on an electronic device.    

In-App Digital Payment Wallets

Mobile payment is the latest norm nowadays due to the fear of infection by touching physical currency. This has opened up new avenues for startups wherein they can launch digital payment apps to compete with the current players. Several E-commerce apps are integrating their personalized digital wallets within the app itself. The integrated wallet makes the process of refund, and cash backs smoother. The tedious process to revert the failed payment transaction to the source is replaced by simply adding money to the integrated wallet. Another advantage of using an in-app digital wallet is that one can have the option of converting loyalty points into a digital currency that can be used to avail discounts in future purchases. These in-app wallets can also be used to apply customized promotional offers via discount coupons.     

Digital Learning

If there is one industry that has evolved in the times of pandemic, that is online education. The educational institutions have tried to bridge the learning gap by switching to an online mode of teaching via various online platforms. However, there is a huge scope for improvement in the available platforms. Most of these platforms focus on content sharing and video conferencing features. Digital learning needs a makeover through full-fledged mobile apps with an assessment module as well as Virtual Reality (VR) support to enhance the engagement level of students.

These futuristic apps with the help of Artificial Intelligence algorithms can judge the grasping capacity of the students and accordingly material is made available. The sale can be extended further by providing gamification features wherein the teacher can create small games and animations to clarify a complicated concept. The demand for such revolutionary mobile apps is going to increase manifold in the coming years. This is evident from the report of Global Market Insights that predicts the growth of the e-learning market to the tune of $375 billion by the year 2026.

There is also a huge market for E-learning apps like Udemy for self-learning, assessment, and certifications. One can develop a platform wherein subject matter experts can prepare their modules, along with online assessment criteria and certifications. This can generate a huge amount of revenue for the platform as well as the experts who have uploaded their modules. 

Final Words

The trends strongly indicate that the world is not for novice entrepreneurs. Smart startups should come up with innovative ideas to transform the way an average smartphone learns, lives, pay bills, or browse the web for information. These pandemic times have brought hope for several techpreneurs willing to back their pioneering ideas. The startups willing to collaborate with the right mobile app development companies will succeed. One would suggest a technology partner like Nevina infotech – mobile app development company that culminates the startup idea perfectly. A trustworthy and competent app developer wins half the battle. 

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Top features of an app Development Company

If you are running a company then there are maximum chances that you must be outsourcing many of your business operations. In the modern era, outsourcing has become a new normal, especially for small and medium-sized businesses that can’t keep all their business operations in-house. You should know that there are many small and medium-sized businesses in the world and they are contributing to a very large scale to the GDP of developing countries. With the rise of small and medium-sized businesses, the popularity of outsourcing has also increased.

You should know that firms are outsourcing their many key operations and solutions like QuickBooks Enterprise hosting in order to harness the benefits of an expert without hiring one. One of the main reasons why companies are turning to outsourcing is it is proving to be cost-effective and that too without compromising on the quality of work. Hiring experts in the modern era is not only difficult but a costly affair for small and medium-sized business. And the same trend of outsourcing is being followed when it comes to app development as well.

With the rise of digital platforms, the use of apps has increased a lot and you will be surprised to know that most of the users spend their maximum time on apps while browsing the internet through their mobile phones. If you are really interested in targeting your users on the mobile platform then you will have to start using apps. But for that, you will have to choose an app development company just like you choose cloud based QuickBooks hosting provider for QB hosting. But do you really know what are the key features of an ideal app development company? Let’s find out through this blog post.

User-focused procedure

All the apps that you see in the mobile are basically user-facing platforms and this is the one thing that is common in all the apps out there. This is one of the main reasons why most of the small and medium-sized businesses always choose a company that is totally dependent upon user-focused designers. If you will succeed in choosing such an app development company then you can be sure that your app will be totally user-friendly and thus its chances of success will increase by many folds.

If you are running a small or medium-sized business then it becomes really important for you to make sure the app development company that you have chosen cares deeply about their consumers and will always prioritize their experience. If you will move on with such an approach while choosing an app development company then your chances of choosing the right company will increase.

Unparalleled tech skills

If you are choosing an app development company that doesn’t have a tech skilled workforce then it will become very difficult for you to get palpable results from your efforts. In such a case, you will not be able to make your app successful even after putting lots of effort, money, and time. The designers working in the app development company must be engrossed in the technical world and they must stay updated about the changes in the world of technology and apps. Such a workforce will allow you to make the most of the current situation and give you an impeccable app.

A good team of designers will also be using the latest tools and they must also take care of the responsiveness and overall design feature of the app in order to make it big hit on the mobile platform. So the next time you filter the available options of app development companies, make sure to go through the technical skills of the workforce in a detailed manner.


Yes, simplicity is the key to success when it comes to app development and the same approach should be followed by your app development company. If the app development company will try to make the app look cool by incorporating many additional features and funky colors then the result will be a far cry from your expectations. A good app development company will always try to make the UI as simple as possible because no one will be interested in browsing through a funky looking UI that is difficult to navigate.

If your app will have a very simple UI then it will succeed in making people succumb to use it. Check the past projects of the app development company and analyze where they have succeeded in maintaining simplicity or not.

Effective at what it does

This is surely going to be one of the most important characteristics that you will need to look for while choosing an app development company. The reason behind this is simple; a good company will always be very effective at what it does. Your app development company should have all the tools and platforms necessary to build a good app and they should also have many years of experience at app building. These are the few things that you will need to go through while checking the effectiveness of the app.

If you are choosing an app development company then making the right decision will be very much necessary. You will never wish to end up choosing the wrong app development company that will waste all your resources and you will sit barehanded without any app on the different mobile platforms.

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Importance Of Integrating Social Media Into Mobile App Development

Mobile phones have become an essential part of our daily life. However, without apps, a smartphone is nothing but a communication device. Mobile apps have brought a drastic change in the tech industry. We rely on apps on mobile apps for several things; mobile apps are available for all the sectors. 

The mobile app industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. It is also one of the most competitive sectors in the industry. The app industry is continuously growing, so companies now have to put extra effort into app development to stay in the competition. Innovative ideas and quality work are much needed. Social media integration is one such creative idea that can help you create relevancy in the respective sector.  

Importance of Social Media Integration in App development

Social media integration plays a vital role in business growth; it connects you to potential users which will result in more app downloads. Social media covers several prospects like creating engagement, creating awareness and most importantly building customer relationships. 

As a marketer, you should not miss out on social media integration on your app, whether you are a freelance developer or app development agency it is best for all. If you are still not convinced, look into the details on the benefits of social media in mobile app development.


The primary reason you need social media in your app is to connect with as many users as possible. Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat have millions of active users daily. So when you link to these sites, you have the chance to reach out to and a massive audience. Furthermore, social media removes the location barrier and lets you reach out to users all around the world. 

Social media integration provides giant exposure, so all you have to do is utilize the platform well for advertising. You can find new users for your apps through social media. To do so think of creative ways and use it for inviting people for app download. The more audience you connect to, the more will be the chance of app download. 

Brand Awareness

No matter how much your work for developing your apps, if your app doesn’t reach the right audience, all your efforts are of no good. The mobile app market is intensely competitive. Your brand is your app that requires significant downloads to succeed. That’s possible when you reach to create awareness about your app to the potential audiences.

Social media is the best platform to create brand awareness as it helps you reach millions of people around the globe. Give recognition to your app, convince the audience that your app is genuine and useful. The more people love your app; the more app downloads will be. 

Customer Satisfaction

One of the significant roles of Social media sites is to offer communication and networking. Thus you can utilize it for voicing about your app. This is required for humanizing your app and reaching a large audience. Customer satisfaction can be achieved by amazing your app according to your audience. This will improve the download ratio. 

Improves Functionality

When you use social media integration, you improvise your app functionality. For example, Instagram has an integrated Facebook app you can log in to Instagram through your Facebook account. So if you don’t want to spend time on creating a new account. Also, you can post Instagram images on Facebook directly from the app with just a click. 

Social media integration not only improves app efficiency through numerous features like recommendations, wish lists, favorites, and more. It also tells you about your friends who have been using the same app and services. Overall social media offers credibility to the app.

Higher Conversion Rate

You can achieve a better conversation rate for your apps by increasing app visibility. With social media on the app, you can create a mailing list for engagement. Also include social media feeds, in your app can generate more engagement. Users can find their friends who can encourage them to use the app and make a purchase. 


Implementing social media for app development is not only efficient but also cost-effective. Many app development strategies come with a big price tag, while social media strategy overs big results with a suitable price tag. At times you hardly have to pay anything, you can generate high ROI without disturbing your budget.

 Allows you to collect accurate and genuine data

To make your app succeed, you will have to make your app more user-friendly. For that, you need to find out the needs and social behavior of your audience. This is where social media comes handy. 

Social media helps you fetch essential data that will help you offer better solutions to your users. You can utilize the data for collecting customer details, market search, find target groups, and more.

How to Maximize Social Media for Mobile App Development?

Maximizing social media will lead to improved performance in mobile app development. Here are a few things to follow for optimizing social media;

  1. Include social media shares in your post.
  2. Curate blogging content promoting your app features and usages.
  3. Encourage your audience for feedbacks
  4. Incorporate audios and videos in social media communication.

How to Integrate Social Media Sites to Apps?

Knowing all the benefits of social media integration in mobile app development, you might now wish to integrate it into our app. Here are some steps you should follow when incorporating social media.

While adding the Click to add the social media button on your app, make sure that it’s evident and visible. So that users and easily sync their accounts and share posts directly from the sites. 

Allow your users to login in your through their social media accounts. So they don’t have to go to a lengthy process of sign-ups. 


To avoid any app glitches, you will have to integrate social media correctly. So it’s better to hire a top mobile app development agency. You can let them handle the technical part while you focus on creating the best content for your users.

The use of social media apps is immensely growing. Every industry these days are incorporating social media sites. You know it’s important, to make your app succeed integrating social media is very much required.  

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