5 Ways Business Development Services Can Skyrocket Your Sales

If you are a business owner and are aiming at scaling your company with impeccable growth standards, you need certain employees and team leaders who share the same vision as you. When there is no one around to guide you with the right growth strategies or new business opportunities, you need the help of professional business development services hired externally.

You need consistent updates on your competitor’s moves and new ways on how you can cater to the requirements of your target audience. All of it is possible only when you and your team members are energized by the newest opportunities in the market. But how to get that done?

When everyone in your business is eyeing you to strategize the next move in scaling the business, who are you planning to count on?

Well, this is when you should hire business development services for your company and dedicate a team to drive their focus on expanding your operations on a massive scale. Do you want to know how?

In this article, you will get an insight into the five different ways business development services can help boost your sales to the next level.


What is Business Development? Should You Outsource Your Requirements Right Away?


Business development is the approach that helps the company implement the newest strategies and avail outstanding growth opportunities across the organization for promoting enhanced sales and revenue.

This approach involves the process of looking for new potential leads and enticing them with quality services or products to become paying customers. Business development, in short, is very closely tied to the sales aspects.

The business development services you avail and the representatives you hire will always be inclined towards helping your business bag more sales with creative strategies, in-depth market analysis, and improvement suggestions.

Before you outsource your business development requirements to any agency, you can also seek their consultation to have a better understanding of your business positioning. You can look out for a business development consulting firm to help you with the needful.

Following that, let them suggest how your business development services must be approached. Most of the companies that offer business consulting services also take outsourcing requests from companies to provide them with the assistance of the best-skilled representatives.

But, before you can trust your business growth aspects upon outsourcing the services to a team of dedicated representatives, you must know the responsibilities that they are trained to fulfill. You shall know about this in the next section!


What are the Ways in which the Business Development Services Can be of Great Help to Your Business Sales?


Once you have decided to avail yourself of business development solutions from professional agencies, the next big thing is to understand how they are about to help your business thrive. Here are five different ways for you to understand their service approach for your business growth:

Qualify the Leads

When you start doing business development through business development firms, they can help you qualify the leads and convert them into users. Filtering out leads and qualifying them into different categories, such as hot, warm, and cold, and then creating strategies for lead conversion can be a driver of your business growth. The generation of leads and their conversion is an underlying process of the business that brings in stable sales and revenue. A business development company can take over the marketing and promotions to bring in fresh leads every month.


Market Research And Analysis

To develop a business beyond its potential, your company needs to study the market linked with it to a great extent. The study and research around markets, new and old, is a continuous process. If your company lacks the manpower to conduct thorough market research and analysis, you can take the help of a fractional business development team and gather insights related to the market. Before launching a new product or improving an existing product, the business can benefit hugely from market research and analysis. Business analysts and developers can gather insights and strategize for long-term growth.


Customer Relationship Management

Customer service and satisfaction are important parameters for your business, no matter which sector of industry your business runs in. It is important to provide good customer service and resolve customer complaints as soon as you get them. Your business needs a proactive customer relationship management team with highly trained and people-oriented customer service executives. When your customer service is great, people will come back again and again to buy services and goods from your business. Your customer service will attract new customers and leads who will be looking for better service and brand relationships.


Product Development And Improvement

If you have built a product-based company and have hit a dead end with your product development process, hiring a business development consulting firm for product development and improvement is a good step. The business development consulting services will give a fresh perspective and ideas to product development and create top-notch product lines so you get something new to offer to your audience.

The product development cycle can be optimized and quickened to achieve maximum efficiency in product manufacturing. The Business development consultants can also conduct user group surveys and other processes to help create products that are relevant for people and markets.


Mergers And Acquisitions

If you are ready to merge or acquire a business to expand your operations, you can take the help of business development consultants before the whole process kicks off. Such a decision is a huge one with a far-reaching impact. Using the skills and knowledge of a business development consultant, you can go for a beneficial merger or acquire a profitable business.



These are some of the ways in which professional business development services can support your new or established business. Now that you know about the benefits of Business development services, look for a good business development company and hire its expertise to protect your business assets and optimize your operations.

Hiring business development consultants from OnPoint Management Group on a project-per-project basis can help create opportunities for excellent growth over a short period of time. From internal operations to external communications, there are multiple areas of a business that can be transformed with the help of consulting services.

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Strategic Approach To DEI In The Workplace

A diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace has become not just a moral imperative but also a strategic necessity. A strategic approach to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) in the workplace goes beyond mere compliance. Now, it comes with laws and regulations.

It recognizes the invaluable contributions that a diverse workforce can make to an organization’s success. Read this article to learn the nuances of developing a thoughtful DEI strategy. Furthermore, we will explore how it is emphasizing its significance as a pillar of modern corporate culture and business sustainability.


What is Strategic Imperative


Diversity in the workplace focuses on the differences. These differences include race, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, and more. Equity focuses on maintaining justified policies and practices. It also inclusion pertains to creating an environment where all individuals feel valued and have equal opportunities to thrive.

A strategic approach to DEI is not just about hiring a diverse workforce or implementing inclusive policies; it is about recognizing the unique perspectives and talents that diverse individuals bring to the table. Organizations that embrace DEI strategically are more likely to foster innovation, enhance employee engagement, and improve customer relations.


Benefits of a Strategic Approach to DEI


There are many benefits of having a strategic approach in DEI. They are:

Enhanced Innovation

Diverse teams usually contain a wide range of perspectives. They have different experiences and backgrounds. This diversity of thought fosters innovation by encouraging creative problem-solving and challenging conventional wisdom.


Improved Decision-Making

Inclusive environments promote open dialogue and collaborative decision-making. When employees feel comfortable sharing their viewpoints, organizations can make more informed choices.


Attracting Top Talent

A strong commitment to DEI can significantly enhance an organization’s reputation, making it a magnet for top talent. Many job seekers prioritize working for companies that prioritize diversity and inclusion.


Increased Market Share

Diverse teams better understand the needs and preferences of a broad customer base. This insight can lead to the development of products and services that resonate with a wider audience, potentially increasing market share.


Reduced Employee Turnover

Inclusive workplaces tend to have higher employee satisfaction and retention rates. Employees who feel valued and included are more likely to stay with an organization.


How to Develop a Strategic DEI Plan


To create a strategic DEI plan that aligns with your organization’s values and objectives, consider the following steps:

  • Leadership Commitment: Begin with a commitment from the top leadership team. The organization’s leaders must visibly champion DEI efforts and integrate them into the company’s mission and values.
  • Assess the Current State: Conduct a comprehensive assessment of your organization’s current diversity, equity, and inclusion practices. Identify areas where improvements are needed and gather employee feedback through surveys or focus groups.
  • Set Clear Goals: Establish specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART) DEI goals. These goals should align with your organization’s strategic priorities and be integrated into performance evaluations.
  • Inclusive Policies and Practices: Review and revise policies and practices to eliminate biases and promote fairness. This includes recruitment and hiring, promotion, compensation, and professional development.
  • Diverse Talent Acquisition: Develop strategies to attract a diverse pool of candidates. Consider partnerships with organizations that focus on underrepresented groups and implement blind recruitment processes to reduce unconscious bias.
  • Training and Education: Offer training programs to raise awareness about unconscious bias, microaggressions, and the importance of DEI. Ensure that employees at all levels have access to these resources.
  • Inclusive Leadership Development: Identify and develop leaders who can champion DEI initiatives within the organization. Provide leadership training that emphasizes the value of diverse teams and inclusive leadership practices.
  • Regular Measurement and Reporting: Establish key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure progress toward DEI goals. Regularly report on these metrics to hold the organization accountable and make necessary adjustments.
  • Employee Resource Groups (ERGs): Support the formation of ERGs that provide a safe space for employees to connect and share their experiences. ERGs can also contribute valuable insights and ideas for improving DEI efforts.
  • Continuous Improvement: DEI is an ongoing journey. Continuously assess and adjust your DEI strategy as the organization evolves and as societal norms change.

Challenges Faced in Developing a Strategic DEI Plan


Implementing a strategic DEI plan may encounter various challenges and pitfalls. Some common ones include:

Resistance to Change

Resistance to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) efforts can emerge from various quarters within an organization. Some employees and leaders may be apprehensive about the changes DEI initiatives bring. This resistance often stems from a fear of the unknown or a lack of understanding about the tangible benefits of diversity.

To address this challenge, organizations must prioritize effective communication. Clear and empathetic messaging can help employees and leaders grasp the significance of DEI, dispelling fears and misconceptions.



Tokenism is a pitfall that organizations must vigilantly avoid. It involves including individuals from underrepresented groups solely to project an appearance of diversity without genuinely valuing or empowering them. True inclusion goes beyond mere representation.

It entails creating an environment where every employee’s voice is heard, contributions are recognized, and opportunities are equitable. To combat tokenism, organizations should focus on fostering an inclusive culture that celebrates the unique perspectives and talents of all team members.


Inadequate Resources

Successful DEI initiatives require adequate resources, both financial and human. To ensure the effectiveness of your strategic plan, it is crucial to allocate the necessary resources. This includes budgetary allocations for training and recruitment strategies.

The establishment of support structures like Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) also plays a huge role in this. Furthermore, dedicating the right personnel to drive DEI efforts is essential. DEI should not be viewed as an add-on but as an integral part of an organization’s mission and operations.


Unrealistic Expectations

While DEI initiatives offer significant benefits, it’s crucial to set realistic expectations. Transformation in this area takes time, and the outcomes may not manifest immediately. Organizations should communicate that DEI is a long-term commitment.

It emphasizes gradual progress and continuous improvement. By managing expectations, organizations can avoid disappointment and stay motivated in their journey toward a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace.

Developing and implementing a strategic DEI plan requires commitment, resources, and a willingness to confront challenges head-on. However, the rewards in terms of increased employee engagement, customer satisfaction, and long-term business success make it a worthwhile endeavor.

In a world where diversity is strength and inclusion is a necessity. Organizations that embrace DEI strategically will be better positioned to thrive in the ever-evolving business landscape.

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Jawed Karim

Jawed Karim’s Net Worth – Biography of YouTube Founder

Jawed Karim is a renowned technology entrepreneur and one of the co-founders of YouTube, one of the most popular websites for sharing and discovering video content online. Karim’s contribution to the tech industry and his entrepreneurial ventures have propelled him to great success, resulting in a substantial net worth.


Early Life and Education


Jawed Karim was born on October 28, 1979, in Merseburg, East Germany, to a Bangladeshi father and a German mother. He grew up in Minnesota after his family moved to the United States when he was young. Karim showed an early interest in technology and computer programming, and he pursued his passion by enrolling in the computer science program at Stanford University.

Karim excelled academically at Stanford and was known for his brilliance in programming. He graduated in the same class as Larry Page and Sergey Brin, who would later co-found Google. Karim’s talent and drive for innovation would eventually lead him to create YouTube, one of the most successful websites of all time.


The Birth of YouTube


In February 2005, Jawed Karim, along with his former PayPal colleagues Steve Chen and Chad Hurley, founded YouTube, a video-sharing platform that would change the way people consume and share video content online. Karim and his co-founders recognized the need for a platform that would allow users to upload and share videos easily. The idea for YouTube was born out of frustration with the lack of an easy way to share videos online.

YouTube faced early challenges with bandwidth, storage, and copyright issues, but the team’s perseverance paid off. The platform quickly gained traction, becoming the go-to platform for sharing and discovering videos online. The first video ever uploaded on YouTube was titled “Me at the zoo” and featured Jawed Karim himself. From that moment on, YouTube experienced rapid growth and became a global phenomenon.


Karim’s Role in YouTube’s Success


Jawed Karim played a crucial role in the success of YouTube. As one of the co-founders, he was instrumental in developing the platform’s user-friendly interface, which allowed users to easily upload and share videos. Karim’s expertise in programming also helped to solve some of the early challenges YouTube faced, such as bandwidth and storage limitations.

Karim’s role in YouTube’s success continued even after its acquisition by Google. He remained involved with the company as an advisor and played an important role in shaping YouTube’s direction and growth. Karim’s contributions to the platform have been instrumental in making it the global phenomenon that it is today.


Success and Expansion


YouTube’s success skyrocketed, and the platform became a hub for user-generated content, ranging from music videos and vlogs to tutorials and funny cat videos. The platform’s user-friendly interface, wide range of content, and ease of sharing videos on other platforms such as blogs and social media made it extremely popular among users of all ages and backgrounds.

In November 2006, just over a year after its launch, YouTube was acquired by Google for $1.65 billion in stock. This acquisition made Karim and his co-founders instant millionaires, propelling them to new heights of success. Despite the acquisition, Karim remained involved with YouTube as an advisor but eventually moved on to pursue other interests in the tech industry.


Karim’s Entrepreneurial Ventures


After the success of YouTube, Jawed Karim explored other entrepreneurial ventures in the tech industry. He invested in several tech startups and served as an advisor and angel investor for various companies. One of his notable investments includes the social news website Reddit, which was acquired by Condé Nast in 2006. Karim has also been involved in other ventures related to artificial intelligence, education, and consumer electronics.

In addition to his investments, Karim has been recognized for his contributions to the tech industry. He was awarded the prestigious “Person of the Year” title by Time magazine in 2006, along with his co-founders Chen and Hurley, for their revolutionary creation of YouTube. Karim’s innovative thinking and entrepreneurial spirit have made him a highly successful and influential figure in the tech industry.


Karim’s Recognition and Awards


Jawed Karim’s contributions to the tech industry have not gone unnoticed. He was recognized for his achievements in 2006 when he was named one of Time magazine’s “Persons of the Year” along with his co-founders, Steve Chen and Chad Hurley. The trio was recognized for their revolutionary creation of YouTube, which changed the way people consume and share video content online.

Karim’s innovative thinking and entrepreneurial spirit have also earned him recognition from various organizations and institutions. In 2008, he was awarded an honorary doctorate in computer science from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, his alma mater. Karim has also been recognized by the Internet Hall of Fame, which honored him as a “Global Connector” in 2011.


Jawed Karim’s Net Worth


Jawed Karim’s net worth is estimated to be around $140 million as of 2023. While most of his wealth comes from his involvement with YouTube, his investments in other tech startups have also contributed to his fortune. Karim’s success in the tech industry can be attributed to his innovative thinking and his ability to recognize and seize opportunities.



Jawed Karim’s contributions to the tech industry have been instrumental in shaping the way people consume and share video content online.

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Roblox User And Growth Stats 2023

Roblox is a global phenomenon that’s been growing steadily since it was launched back in 2006, as a start-up. All signs point to continued growth as time goes on and it’s all thanks to the kind of information that anyone can learn in the best SEO webinars on the internet. It’s no mistake that this company has exploded and you could be using their techniques on your own business right now.

The simple fact is that a company like Roblox has a deep understanding of how to use the internet and great marketing strategies to its advantage. It’s not something that you can leave on the to-do list for very long if you want exposure. You have to know how to use the system and get traffic to your site!


Help from the Pandemic

There’s no denying the fact that the pandemic has had a massively positive effect on the gaming industry. People were stuck at home with nothing better to do than pass the time exploring new games. That means that these users had to be able to find the games that interested them and that all came down to marketing.

If Roblox hadn’t been perfectly positioned to guide internet traffic directly to them, they would have never experienced the kind of rapid growth that they did. Now you can find Roblox users all over the globe and business has never been better. We can take a look at their use and growth statistics to see just how far they’ve come since their inception.


Users by Year

Heading back to February 2016, we can see that Roblox has spent the previous decade amassing a decent size following with a little over 9 million users. Then the kind of tactics that you can learn from the careful planning kicked in. In less than a year, Roblox exploded from those 9 million users up to 30 million users by December 2016.

That’s a massive growth spurt, but they would continue to grow at much the same rate. December 2017 saw them hit a full 64 million users in just a year. That number would double by April 2020 and reach 146 million. Remember that this is a company that only saw growth of 9 million users in an entire decade between 2006 and 2016!


Massive Growth

We can look at their more recent growth to see how quickly they’re expanding and taking over the gaming world. There’s been an increase in daily, active users of 170.8% in Q4 2020 over Q4 2018. That’s the kind of expansion that most companies can only dream of and they did it by putting comparatively little work into it, with comparatively low overhead.

That translates into 43.2 million daily, active users all over the world. Those kinds of numbers are usually unheard of by small startup companies, but this one promises to see even bigger growth as time goes on. There’s no telling how big they’re going to get!


Giant Leaps

If you look at the daily active user numbers when it comes on an annual basis, you’ll see that it hasn’t been a steady incline for them. It’s been the exact opposite. They’ve gotten to the numbers they’re at now in huge explosions that propelled them forward. That makes it clear that it all comes down to web presence and how they’re reaching their audience.

Their DAU number for the year 2019 topped out at 12 million. That’s not how many users they had, it’s how many individual people used their product every single day. 2019 saw a jump to 17.6, but the following year was even bigger. That one had a massive bound to 32.6 million DAUs!


It’s a Worldwide Phenomenon

Don’t think that this is only happening in the United States, where Roblox was conceived, though. They’ve used a clear web growth strategy to expand all over the globe. Only 28% of their daily active users are based in the United States and Canada.

If you want to see just how far their reach has spread, just take a look at their European and Asian numbers. Their Q2 2021 numbers for Europe hit 11.8 million daily active users. That same data set is at 7.2 million in Asia.


Engagement Hours

Naturally, you have to have a great product behind your web presence if you want to keep your users engaged and coming back to you day after day. That’s why Roblox has succeeded on that front as well. Their engagement hours have continued to grow right alongside their daily active user numbers, and that’s quite an accomplishment.

The engagement hours back in Q1 of 2018 were sitting right at 2.1 billion, which is very impressive. Jump ahead to Q1 2020 and you see that number has climbed up to 4.87 billion, more than doubling. That pales in comparison to Q1 2021, which has their engagement hours at a substantial 9.67 billion.


How Roblox makes Money

All of this engagement and use is great, but any company is also going to need a way of making money from all of their interaction. Once you get to enjoy the benefits of great user traffic, you have to find a way to monetize it. That’s why this company has come up with several different ways of making that happen for themselves.

The first strategy is to get people signed up for their premium subscription services while they play. That’s going to be a guaranteed source of income that the company can always count on coming in. They also charge commissions from their developers to keep their games in the public eye on their platform, and that’s well worth the money for them.



The main source of income for the company is its “Robux” system. This is an in-game currency that users can earn simply by playing the game. Once they earn that income, they can spend it however they want. This is a great way to keep users invested in the game and to sell ad space to companies that want eyes on them all the time.

On top of that, the Robux can also be traded for real-world money. That means that anyone playing the game can take the Robux they’ve earned and turn it into USD. That drives just as much traffic as one can imagine when you consider that designing and playing Roblox games can now be considered a person’s job!


Developer Cut

If you’re thinking about developing your own games for Roblox then you don’t have to look very far to find all of the information you need on the subject. What’s great about it is that you’ll be earning a full 70% of the price paid to download your game. That’s a percentage that you would be hard-pressed to find on any other platform and Roblox does it for a reason.

Roblox has extensive web outreach in place and they need to have a way to hold onto the traffic as it finds its way to their platform. That’s why they need a steady stream of high-quality games for their users to play. By letting developers hang onto 70% of the income, they’re freeing themselves up to make money off of subscription fees and paid upgrades for the games’ users.


What is Roblox Market Worth right now?

All of this information is going to give you a sense of just how successful Roblox has been by using the traffic they receive to continue their growth, but it all comes down to worth. There’s no point in putting this much effort into becoming a global phenomenon if you’re not making money off of it. Luckily for Roblox, they have the income to match their worldwide status as one of the biggest gaming platforms around.

March 2021 saw Roblox with a market cap of $35.69 billion, and that was a very short amount of time ago. As everyone knows, the market fluctuates constantly and this company isn’t immune to that. Their highest market cap was in June 2021, with $56.74. Their latest information puts them right at $43.02 billion in October 2021.


Impressive Revenue Growth

Their revenue growth is just as impressive as their market growth and the numbers highlight that. They’ve made such impressive gains over the past few years that no one could have seen this kind of growth coming from them. They’re set to move into the billions of dollars in income if their growth continues the trends that it’s been setting for years.

Q1 2018 had a very nice revenue of $59.72 million for Roblox, but that was only a preview of what was to come for them. Fast forward to Q4 2019 and you see that number jump up to $138.34 million! Now look at the numbers from Q2 2021 and you’ll see that Roblox is a behemoth at $454.1 million and it all comes right back to their excellent use of user interaction to drive some very impressive traffic!

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Top 11 Alternative Search Engines to Google that Don’t Track Your Data (Privacy-Oriented)

Nowadays, search engines have become an essential part of our lives. Whether we have to search for a destination or check the reviews for a place we‘re planning to visit, we count on Search engines. Besides, search engines are credible sources when we’ve to find the meaning of something, find an exotic recipe or verify the facts. But nowadays, people fear using search engines because of the threat of data stealing. They are searching for search engines that don’t track your data. If you’re among them – Here is the list of privacy-guarding search engines:


Brave Search


Brave Search’s emphasis on objective outcomes derived from its index is highly appreciated. In October 2021, the company decided to stop relying on Google SERPs.

So long as you take into account anonymous local results, I found the results to be reasonably comparable to Google’s while looking for both timeless content and timely news.

You can disable this toggle and perform manual searches, such as “things to do in [place],” if you prefer more privacy.

There is neither user profiling nor personalized or targeted advertising, just like on other search engines.

The search engine is a part of Brave Software, which was founded by Brian Bondy and Brendan Eich, who also co-founded the browser Mozilla Firefox and invented JavaScript (former senior platform engineer at Mozilla).





Few search engines are as distinctive as WolframAlpha. This is a personal search engine that prioritizes academic searches over all others. Students and keen learners can come here to find the correct answers to their mathematics, science, culture, or social questions.

The search criterion is divided into four main groups, and each of these categories is further divided.

To find outcomes related to an image, you may also upload pictures. It includes a mobile app with adjustable preferences and a browser plugin.





Ecosia engine logoEcosia presents itself as a private and environmentally friendly substitute for search engines. Many people are not aware that using search engines frequently might increase CO2 emissions. The money made by Ecosia, a private search engine powered by Bing, is donated to help plant trees.

In addition to this novel idea, it excels as a powerful anonymous search engine. It does not track or distribute your information. Furthermore, it does not compile a user profile based on the queries you conduct.

The engine is also available as a mobile app and browser plugin, which similarly maintains user privacy.



Disconnect Search


Disconnect Search engine logoDisconnect Search acts as a bridge between consumers and search engines like DuckDuckGo, Yahoo, and Bing. By obtaining search results from external search engines and presenting them more securely, it offers a secure search experience.

As a result, you can access the Internet anonymously. Your information is not monitored and is not made available to advertisers. The engine is also quite simple, lacking pointless filters or configuration options.

A browser extension included with Disconnect Search enables you to prevent tracking websites and speed up page loading.





Mojeek Search engine logoOne of the search engines on this list that stands out is Mojeek. It respects user privacy and doesn’t track or distribute user information. It does, however, set itself out in a significant way. It organizes the search choices of its users. The three main categories of search results are the web, photos, and news. This engine can be distinguished by the fourth category – It allows you to tailor your search results according to how you are feeling. By choosing an icon that stands for a different emotion, you can launch a search. You can search for results that highlight smiling, sadness, fury, love, and amazement using these icons.





MetaGer Search engine logoAlthough MetaGer offers a service akin to Swisscows, it is totally different. Users’ privacy is highly valued by both of these search engines. While Swisscows restricts access to some offensive content, MetaGer takes excellent pleasure in offering an openly uncensored search engine. You can set MetaGer as your default engine, which comes with a browser plugin.

You can quickly find anything by searching on MetaGer. Since they are a non-profit, selling your confidential info is not in their best interest. It provides unfiltered, unbiased query results and doesn’t take click-through rates into account. Using MetaGer, you can access maps and schedule your trips without exposing where you are.




Swisscows Search engine logoOn Swisscows, users have access to a family-friendly anonymous search engine. The engine is headquartered in Switzerland and operates exclusively on local servers without using the cloud.

It seamlessly integrates with your browser and quickly becomes your default page. Your data is not sold to marketers or tracked by the search engine. It is the perfect family search engine because it filters out all pornographic and sexually explicit stuff.





Qwant Search engine logoQwant is a search engine that fully prioritizes privacy and takes pleasure in not keeping track of its users’ search queries or selling their personal information for advertising. The French-based search engine claims an easy-to-use user interface.

Your results are divided into three categories by the engine: news, social, and web. Additionally, it leverages AI to offer its customers access to a music area explicitly created to assist music fans in finding new songs and lyrics.

If you scroll down from the search bar, you’ll find a section devoted to current trends. The latest global news is available to you. Additionally, a component called Qwant Junior is devoted to serving children.





SearX logoSearX is still a useful meta-search engine, despite not being as fluid as the other two engines on this list. It functions to give the user a decentralized perspective of the Internet. The only thing the search engine offers its customers is a huge search bar to type their queries, which is its bare-minimum attraction.

The engine is more adaptable because it provides several fantastic preferences and setup possibilities. Additionally, it is speedy, giving accurate answers to your concerns immediately. Further, you can alter this search engine so you can host it on your server as your unique search engine.



Duck Duck Go


Duck Duck Go Search engine logoOne of the most well-known private search engines on this list is, without a doubt, DuckDuckGo. If you are worried about your searches being monitored in any way, this is a wonderful search engine to use. It has a straightforward and approachable interface. There are no adverts present here.

You can use the engine’s built-in browser plugin to keep your online behaviour private. The ‘Bangs’ feature is arguably its most engaging aspect. DuckDuckGo allows you to quickly search for a specific term on another website by entering a prefix.





StartPage logoStartpage got started with a shaky start. Due to its resemblance to Google, it was largely ignored. However, it has become a top private search engine alternative today. It upholds the guarantee of complete user privacy. It doesn’t engage in data sharing or selling.

Third-party trackers and cookies, which are typically found on other websites, are removed. Startpage is a secure way to browse the web anonymously. It has a basic UI that may be personalized to suit your tastes. You can change between various hues and patterns in a flash.



Exactly how private are private search engines?


Because of their non-tracking features, private search engines are used. They protect user privacy by not storing search information. Some privately run search engines don’t gather information such as IP addresses, browser identifiers, and location data.

They will allow you to search without leaving a trail, but not everyone will have the same level of privacy. It relies on the search engine’s business model. Your anonymity will grow if you combine a VPN with a private search engine.

When you click on a search result after using a private search engine, the new website won’t be able to determine your actual location or IP address if a VPN is being used. VPNs and private search engines are complementary. The most dependable and well-liked VPNs are IPVanish and NordVPN.




The fastest VPN, NordVPN, offers secure content access. One account can utilize up to six different devices. It has a simple-to-use app. All devices, including smart TVs and routers, can use it. More than 5200 lightning-fast servers are available globally with NordVPN.




IPVanish provides high speeds and secure access. It offers options for safe file access and a Wi-Fi hotspot shield. It gives strong internet privacy protection and streamlined data safeguarding. Advanced encryption, safe access, online anonymity, and unmetered connections are benefits of this service.



The need for privacy is more significant than ever at a time when data breaches have destroyed lives and crippled businesses. The Internet is a gift that could instantly become a curse if malevolent users online gain access to your surfing history. Other search engines must be used since well-known search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo fall short in protecting user privacy.

All of the technologies, as mentioned earlier, accomplish this while being user-friendly and returning relevant search results. You may surf in privacy knowing that your search engine is not logging or tracking your search terms.

As for our suggestion, utilize DuckDuckGo if you’re seeking a search engine that has already attracted a sizable following of devoted users. Startpage is recommended for a more individualized user experience with the benefit of private web browsing.


Special Note:

If you want to rank higher on any of these search engines, it is suggested to rely on SEO services from a reputable company.

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What Is the Metaverse, and How Can You Take Advantage of It

Neal Stephenson, a science fiction author, coined the word “metaverse” in his 1992 novel Snow Crash. The science fiction author describes the metaverse in his book Snow Crash as “a mix of’meta,’ which means beyond, and ‘universe,’ which refers to all forms of reality.”


Today, the term “metaverse” has a far broader connotation. The term “metaverse” refers to highly participatory virtual environments in which land, building structures, and even individual avatars can be constantly bartered using bitcoin. We are a well-known metaverse development company specializing in producing metaverse applications and solutions for the gaming, real estate, NFTs, and Defi industries, amongst others.


In the virtual space of the metaverse, people can explore different locations, develop friendships, build virtual assets, obtain things and services, and attend virtual events.

Its concept had piqued the public’s interest, especially during the most recent pandemic, when lockdown measures and remote working laws pushed more people to explore virtual worlds for personal and business needs.


It wasn’t until recently that the metaverse concept was adopted as an umbrella phrase for characterizing the growth of online environments that could be more real than reality. However, this blog post will explain the metaverse, its benefits, and how to use it.


A Brand-New World Is Taking Shape


With the virtual universe Second Life, which became popular among people, businesses, and brands who used it to build virtual shops, plan events, conduct training, do marketing, and more, the metaverse concept received a significant makeover in 2006.

Social networking tools, on the other side, have rendered Second Life obsolete. For years, video games have attempted to provide players with a more immersive and social experience. They’ve taken it further by adding features that improve player involvement.

Titles like Dark Age of Camelot immerse users in a permanent world that allows them to personalize the scenery, avatars, and games. Fortnite has lately implemented its features.

Immersion is also being attempted in the film business, with blockbusters such as The Matrix, Toy Story 3D, Spiderman in 3D, and other VR experiences. This is made possible by game development tools such as the “Unreal” and “Unity” 3D rendering engines, which enable people to swiftly move 3D, AR, and VR components to digital media.


What Exactly Is The Metaverse?


The metaverse is a digital universe in which people can engage digitally by combining social networking, online gaming, augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and cryptocurrency. Augmented reality enhances the user experience by adding visual elements, noises, and other sensory information to the world settings.

In contrast, virtual reality (VR) offers a manufactured world that enriches fictional realities. The metaverse will give rise to online environments that are more multifaceted than present technology can sustain as it grows.

Rather than simply viewing digital content, users of the metaverse will be able to immerse themselves in a location where the online and physical spheres converge. According to Facebook, the metaverse is “a collection of virtual environments where you may develop and explore with people who aren’t in the same physical space as you.”

Although metaverse technology is currently in its early stages, it is expected to someday become a tangible venue where you may work, play, study, create, and interact with people in a virtual environment.


The Metaverse Is Inevitable


People in the physical world can have their universe and other planets that are parallel or not to their own; this is referred to as a multiverse. You may consider many galaxies formed by various applications, games, and simulations in VR. All are referred to as metaverse.

According to research, the metaverse was intended to be more than just a game universe. The three components of the metaverse are augmented reality, virtual reality, and actual reality. In other terms, the metaverse is a realm that exists independently of the cosmos.


What Is the Distinction Between AR and VR?


AR (augmented reality) is a technology that augments the user experience by combining real-world components such as sound and other sensory experiences. Users can access the AR by using a smartphone, and they can also change their presence.

Virtual reality, on the other hand, is completely manufactured and enriches fictional realities. VR requires a headset device, and the system controls the users.


Facebook Has Gone Meta


Because there is no single creator (or anything that could be built by one firm), the metaverse is not something that Facebook invented or is entirely responsible for. On the other hand, Facebook has already made significant investments in it through its Oculus VR headsets and is developing AR glasses and wristband technology.

At Connect 2021, Mark Zuckerberg announced that he was renaming Facebook Meta. This, he claims, demonstrates the Company’s new focus on the next stage of mobile internet development.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg believes that interoperability, open standards, and the contributions of thousands of creators and developers are the keys to the new “place” that does not yet exist.

The corporation has vowed to set up a $150 million venture capital fund to train individuals how to build the metaverse and finance the gadgets consumers use to access it.

In addition, Zuckerberg confirmed that his Company would invest “billions of dollars” in the metaverse over the next decade. At the event, company officials unveiled new SDKs for the mixed reality Spark platform and Horizon.

Home and workplace locations are available on the Company’s virtual reality platform, designed for use with the Oculus Quest headset. Furthermore, Zuckerberg stated that the firm would no longer require customers to have a Facebook account to utilize Quest. However, he did not address the most recent ethical and business concerns about Facebook.

According to a whistleblower who disclosed thousands of internal documents, the Company’s study has revealed how users on the site might be radicalized. Following their examination of the Facebook Papers, numerous news organizations have highlighted Zuckerberg’s involvement in content moderation.

This results in two sets of criteria, some of which appear to allow specific organizations and individuals to post violent content and hate speech that the site professes to prohibit.


Metaverse by Microsoft


Large corporations like Microsoft have jumped into the metaverse field swiftly. Microsoft has created its metaverse, integrated into Microsoft teams, in response to Facebook’s Horizon.

It’s been branded a collaborative platform for virtual experiences, and teams want to launch it in 2022. As a result, technology companies will enable consumers to develop their virtual places.


The Metaverse as the Next Big Computing Platform


Technologists believe the internet will eventually expand into the metaverse, serving as the next central computing platform. If realized, it is expected to have a tremendous impact on society and industry, similar to how the mobile phone did.

Millions of people now use the internet to receive information and services, engage and socialize with one another, buy products, and have fun. This value proposition will most likely be replicated in the metaverse, with the primary difference being that distinguishing between offline and online will be significantly more difficult.

This could take numerous forms, but many experts believe that “extended reality” (XR), which combines augmented, virtual, and mixed reality, will be critical.

At the heart of the meta is the idea that virtual, 3D worlds that are accessible and dynamic in real-time will become the transforming medium for social and commercial engagement. These environments will only exist if extended reality is widely used. Until recently, XR technologies were almost entirely utilized in a small handful of video games and specialized business apps.

However, as video games become social interaction platforms, the likelihood of their properties, such as discoverable and continuous digital worlds, open and creative expression mediums, and pop culture conduits being adapted to other applications, increases.


What Will Metaverse Reality Look Like in the Real World?


Everyone is already acquainted with the virtual world, placing individuals at the start of the digital era. People may be able to live a different existence than they do in the real world with the help of the internet.

On the other hand, individuals can considerably improve virtual living standards and remove the limits between all digital platforms and digital channels by utilizing the metaverse concept. However, the following are some of the most important benefits that the metaverse has to offer:


Consumers can test products before purchasing them.


One of the most frequently mentioned aspects of the metaverse is the ability to try on products in a physical store without leaving your room by utilizing a VR headset. This allows users to look at the products and see how they can improve their lives.

However, because there are no territorial boundaries, any store can reach a global audience and offer its products without restriction.


Provides Advanced Insight to Medical Professionals


It is easy to see how far medical technology has come in recent years. Even after that, they cannot fully utilize their medical and surgical equipment. However, virtual reality allows medical practitioners to collect a large amount of data for their studies.

Medical equipment has evolved into modern virtual reality technology following the incorporation of metaverse technology. Doctors can detect and diagnose health disorders considerably sooner now that they have a better understanding of biological processes.


Increases the realism of gaming


The gaming sector was one of the few that did not experience a slowdown during the pandemic. When other industries suffered from restricted funding, gaming thrived even more during the quarantine.

This is where they became acquainted with the universe of the metaverse. Gamers may merge the real and virtual worlds using virtual reality and augmented reality. Metaverse’s VR sports training, competition, and post-game locker room have aided in the growth of eSports.


It enables you to travel to other countries without leaving your room.

Since the pandemic, the tourism industry has taken off. People have begun to travel worldwide using virtual reality (VR) reality goggles, both physically and virtually. People currently choose to travel to sites that use metaverse technology rather than pay for expensive plane and hotel arrangements. Furthermore, some people are unable to travel owing to medical reasons. Metaverse provides people with beneficial and fun virtual trips to their favorite places.


The Advantages of the Metaverse


Most metaverse platforms use blockchain. A decentralized database is shared across a network of computers. It is difficult to change or tamper with a record that has already been established and recorded in the chain. To maintain the validity of the data saved in the database chain and the network verifies it regularly.

The metaverse enables users to buy and sell digital items using cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are new virtual assets registered on the blockchain and represent digital goods such as photos, movies, or in-game property. It allows for the creation and trading of NFTs as digital assets having intrinsic value.

Many appreciate its cultural significance, while others see it as a speculative financial instrument. The metaverse has facilitated the adoption and acceptance of NFTs on a larger scale. During the first half of the pandemic, the NFT market saw enormous sales totaling $2.5 billion. Last year, NFT revenues were $13.7 million.

These data reflect global trust in blockchain technology and the future development of the metaverse. Blockchain technology and currencies increase transparency and trust in personal and commercial transactions.


What Are the Metaverse’s Possibilities?


You can attend live music events, watch and make paintings, go shopping, and so on in the metaverse. Furthermore, the metaverse will accelerate the work-from-home trend by providing remote workers with virtual workspaces that can be accessed via the Oculus VR headset.

Facebook’sorizon workrooms are the clearest example of this (Meta). Horizon allows users to enter and exit several corporate-sponsored virtual worlds.



The metaverse is bringing the virtual and physical worlds together. It can overcome the challenges that people experience in everyday life. It is undeniably the next big thing in technology, and it is only getting started. Risingmax Inc. has established a solid reputation as a leading metaverse consulting company within this field.

Its impact on people’s lives greatly depends on how everyone uses it. The metaverse will follow the same route as earlier inventions, with some using it for good and others for evil. This is only the beginning of history’s new technology; embrace it!

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A Mini Guide on Credit Card Scams in Canada


Credit card scams are like a nightmare, but the Canadian public is overwhelmed with the fraudsters’ connectivity. Every day the general public and big business houses receive emails, texts, DMs, etc. from countless credit card companies. They have a huge network and database related to your credit card details. These frauds are conducted with a proper plan of action. Unfortunately, they are successful in making big bucks out of honest citizens. It is no surprise knowing that every year people are getting richer.


In this blog, we will explore the types of Credit Card Scams, how these scammers trap citizens, and how to eliminate these troublesome scams. Let’s go.


Types of credit card frauds

Specifically, there are two types of credit card scams that generally takes place:

In-person fraud:

In-person fraud, the name itself resembles its meaning. There can be two situations:

  • Either the scammer has created a duplicate credit card to make the payment,
  • Or make a payment without the card holder’s authority.

Remote fraud:

Here, the hacker usually breaches your data and uses it for their personal use. For example, to make an online purchase, like shopping.

According to a survey, approximately 86% of Canadian citizens are aware of credit card fraud, out of which 39% feel the threat when using their cards with unknown vendors. If we understand how credit card scams are treated in Canada, we’d know it is a punishable offence here. As per the Criminal Code of Canada, theft, falsification, fraudulent activities such as cheating possession or designing any technique to steal the PIN of the credit card are all classified as illegal acts.


Some most common credit card scams

These scams are unlikely to be in-person or remote fraud. Here, scammers are at a pro max level. For anyone, it is tricky to identify whether the person is real or not.

  1. Fraudsters might try to reach you by impersonating someone from the fraud department. For example, they might ask you to provide credit card information stating that this call is regarding stopping fake calls.
  2. Many of you may have heard about phishing. A phishing scam is quite a tricky one because, here, credit card frauds occur via email. Scammers create a professional website that looks like a real business. Unfortunately, fraudsters claw a lot of people into this trap.
  3. App skimmers are another method used to dupe people. Fraudulent activities take place when people start registering their card details. The system has a crack, and this fraudster uses it smartly.


What are the credit card detection indicators?

These three main leads can help the victims, as mentioned:

  1. Suspicious activity: If you ever buy a new credit card and find suspicious activities unrelated to your registered email, you might be a victim. You should immediately contact your bank or platforms like Financial Fund Recovery to assist you further.
  2. Uninvited transactions: You might make an unwilling transaction to find out later that it could be fraudulent activity. For example, it could be a purchase with your credit card.
  3. Alerts: There might be a possibility of getting fraud alerts from your card issuer. It will give you signs of disturbance in your privacy.


Some of the researchers stated that;

  • In 2021 alone, 104,295 fraud complaints with total losses of $379 million were registered. And that’s just the silver coating to the full scope of frauds that occur, considering the estimates less than 5% of all fraud is reported.
  • According to a 2021 poll, 33% of Canadian citizens accepted that they are victims of credit card scams.

You might be shocked if we look into some serious credit card scams. Reports suggested that since 2016, approximately 800 Canadians have lost $ 6 million, whereas thousands of people have registered complaints about suspicious calls.

In 2016, there was a bank investigator scam, the 10th worst scam ever. Believe it or not, this credit card scam alone has surpassed $4.6 million.

It is a thunderstruck storm for all of us. For all the victims and non-victims, you’ll spot financial experts and recovery agents who are there to solve your problem by providing you with some tips.


Five tips to protect yourself from credit card scams

Call Spoofing Technology

Credit card scams or fraudulent activities mainly occur with the help of call spoofing technology. It is software through which fraudsters can call you with an unknown number, but you will receive it with your bank name or any name that sounds genuine. But, it is not.


Red Flags

If we use common sense, why will banks or institutions ask us what information they already have? They will not bother calling us. It is a red flag if your bank or card issuer calls you for certain information. Banks are reliable entities with factual information; hence there is no question of confirming details.

If you are getting phone calls stating to transfer the money to an external account for security reasons. Please deny doing so. We recommend you find a platform that can safeguard you from being scammed.


Maintain Calm

Credit card scams often occur in the morning to create a panic atmosphere. The scammers have the mindset that people in the mornings get tenser than at any other time of the day. As a result, the victims give essential information about the credit card and get into a scam themselves. Never lose your calm, even in difficult times. We know it is not easy, but it is a must.


Secured credit card details

Sharing personal information with anyone has never been good. It is always better to maintain privacy because when we talk about fraud, no one is trustworthy. After knowing such facts, many people do carelessness and fall into a trap themselves.


Keep your eyes and ears wide open

We are always here to assist you, but we also do recommend our readers and victims of credit card scams be alert. It is a time when one should keep their eyes and ears wide open. You can subscribe to various channels, news, and platforms, which can educate you more on such scams.


Wrapping Up:

Scammers have a networking chain worldwide. It is not just limited to one country; they have hackers who can easily breach any country’s security systems. This blog has covered all the necessary information on credit card scams. Follow us for more information.

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Free And Paid Marketing Ideas For Your Push Notifications Services


Over the past few years, push notifications have had a higher open rate than email marketing. So, with this update, it seems worth considering a tool or service for the exposure of your business.

In today’s competitive world, every modern marketer needs a push notifications strategy to stand out from the crowd. So, by using the right push notifications service in the right way, you can get exactly what you need.

Today, with this article, we will be taking you on a tour of free and paid marketing ideas for push notifications services 2022 that you can use to boost customer retention and engagement. So, without further ado, let us get started.


Top 8 Free And Paid Push Notification Services 2022

We know you are much more interested in knowing push notifications services. So, without delay, let us dive you into the pool of freebies and premium services that you can avail of to have really amazing benefits for your business.


1. PushEngage

If you are looking for one of the superior but free push notifications services, then don’t miss to get a trial of PushEngage. The best of it, we are not talking about the free version; we are talking about the best service that connects your visitors forever to your business.

The reasons why it is best-

  • Easy to operate by both beginners and professionals
  • Highly effective on HTTP and HTTPS
  • Includes the bunch of automated push notifications campaigns
  • Send full-on personalized messages/notifications
  • Equipped with advanced analytics and tracking features
  • Get started with a full-free plan
  • No worries about coding
  • Easy to install


2. PushAssist

It is new in the market but still comprises quality features that give ultimate support for your segmentation tools, personalization, and advanced analytics. Like PushEngage, PushAssist shows advertisements by signing up to the publisher partner and monetizing your content through push notifications. You will get 3,000 subscribers and unlimited notifications if you subscribe to its plan.


3. VWO

VWO is formerly known as PushCrew. It is a great set of tools that send notifications to any device and desktop. Further, it comes with an extraordinary interface, which is easy and simple to use. Moreover, the ability to create triggered push alerts is a key selling factor. Triggered Push notifications are automated messages that are sent when a subscriber performs a specific activity on your website. For example, the activity could be simple or link, or check out the product for a set period of time.


4. Webpushr

Webpushr is the like PushEngage and VWO. It provides an easy interface and easiness to use by anyone. With this, you will get advanced targeting as well as personalization tools that assist you in engaging your customers hassle-free. Webpushr provides you with all the features and plans to make the most out of the push notification services. However, the only shortcoming of this tool is that it is pricey if you need to avail more of it.


5. WonderPush

If you’re looking for simple but effective push notifications services, then check this WonderPush. It is pretty simple to all the given plugins/services. However, this comes with a standout feature, which is a cart abandonment campaign with flutter push notifications. With this, you can add unlimited numbers of members to your dashboard for simple and effective marketing. With this, you will also get efficient marketing options. In addition, personalized push notifications also help boost customer retention.

Like Webpushr, you will get all the features and plans free for a limited time. However, you need to pay for its services to avail of the premium benefits. The 14 days trial is available, so get it now!\


6. OneSignal

OneSignal is yet another push notifications service rising in 2022. Top companies such as Uber, Adobe, and more have used it. This means that if you choose OneSignal, your company will be in good hands. The best is that it is also available for a free trial.

Like WonderPush, you can send push notifications, web push notifications, in-app messages, and more with OneSignal. It seems an ideal option to engage your customers with both web and mobile notifications.


7. LeanPlum

If you want to cover whole audience communications such as email, mobile, and browser, then LeanPlum is the best to start with. This is one of the leading push notifications marketing platforms that offer you your business’s successful path and scale. Moreover, it comes with complete A/B testing, automation tools, and real-time user notifications. You can avail of limited services for free but for full support.


8. AirShip

Urban Airship is now called AirShip, as it is solely contributing to mobile push notifications. This means it helps you boost business engagement with mobile. This often seems like messages or emails. However, the analytics and attractive features come in handy, but at a price. The ultimate goal of AirShip customers is to give them complete satisfaction, so they feel the real power they are holding in their hands.


Final Verdict

With all the above free and paid marketing ideas for push notifications, WonderPush sounds one of the best in the market. It comes with all features you need at an affordable price. Moreover, the philosophy behind WonderPush notifications is to target every customer through any device and source.

Also, it is good for every marketer. So, what are you waiting for? Find the trial and decide to take your game to the next level.

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Is Picuki Safe? Picuki for Instagram: Is Picuki really anonymous?

Did you know that you can browse instagram and view almost all types of Instagram content using Picuki? For your secure and safe Instagram viewing Platform, Picuki is the best there is.

You can browse instagram stories, articles, and posts using the Picuki app.

Picuki is your go-to instagram viewer and instagram photo editor. It lets you browse Instagram without logging in. So, you don’t have to worry about your login info getting compromised.

You also get competition and tagged location from the Pickui Insta viewer app. You don’t need to create an account to view instagram stories. Picuki is free and is great for researchers; it lets you search using specific locations and hashtags and modify them online.

Be it for showcasing your talent, following your passion, or getting an audience for your social media marketing purposes, Instagram offers tons of opportunities. However, if you want to view instagram and make instagram searches, you can indeed use the Picuki Instagram viewer app.

The Pickuki app runs on all browsers. You can also edit Instagram pictures and use them for your advertising campaigns.

So, if you are thinking about using the Picuki app, this article will help you with some questions that you might have regarding the app.

What Is Picuki?

What Is Picuki?


Picuki is an Instagram editor and Instagram viewer app that lets you view and edit instagram profiles anonymously. Moreover, you can download almost all Instagram images without logging into an account. Isn’t that amazing? Besides, the app offers you all sorts of filters, cropping options, and tweaking options for image saturation, contrast, and brightness of your desired Instagram photo.

Pickuki is an anonymous instagram viewer and Instagram editor. You can view the instagram posts of your desired instagram profile. For instance, you want to check out the Instagram post of your friend or a celebrity. But you want to do it without logging into an Instagram Account; in that case, the Picuki app can help you a lot.


Is Pickui Safe?


Picuki is safe. Since the Picuki users can view Instagram content without any login, they may feel Picuki is unsafe. However, on Scamadviser, Picuki has a high trust rating. You need no login or give away any of your info when using the pikuki app. Trend Micro confirms that Picuki is devoid of any scam.

However, if you download any picture that does not belong to you, you may run into some trouble; but that is highly unlikely. Some of these problems are not directly associated with Picuki itself. For instance-

  • If you download any copyrighted content from Instagram using Picuki and use it for commercial purposes, you may face some legal trouble.
  • Editing or manipulating any image may cause the owners to file legal reports against you. You can always ask the owner’s permission if you want to edit.
  • If you are reposting someone else’s images as your own, you may have to face legal consequences.

So, generally, there are no safety issues to worry about if you are using Picuki. Instead, the issues you may face are related to what you do with the content you download from Picuki.


How Does Picuki Work?


Using Picuki.com or the Picuki app is pretty simple. You can download the app from the Google Play store or head over to the Picuki website.

Picuki lets you do your anonymous instagram search in three categories. You can search using locations, tags, and profiles. If you are still wondering how you can use Picuki, then the following step-by-step method can help you-


Instagram picukiPicuki Instagram Search And Image Download


  1. Download the Picuki Instagram viewer app and open it.
  2. Once you are on the Picuki homepage, you can see a search box.
  3. You need to put the username of the Insta Id you want to view in the search box and click search.
  4. Once the Insta Id you are looking for appears on the search result, you can locate the post you want to download.
  5. You can now select the post you want to download and click on the download option.


Picuki Hashtag Search


  1. Below the Picuki search box, you can see the hashtag option.
  2. You need to click on the hashtag option.
  3. Next, you have to search using the particular hashtag you are looking for.
  4. Once you search using the hashtag you are looking for; you can see the Instagram posts related to that hashtag.


Picuki Location Search


You can also search a profile using their location on Picuki. Here are the steps.

  1. You need to open www picuki com.
  2. Click the location option below the search bar.
  3. Now you can type the location’s name and click on the search icon.
  4. Once you click on search, you will see search results of profiles based on the said location.


Benefits Of Using Picuki


As an anonymous Insta story viewer, Picuki offers you several benefits.

  • The anonymous Insta viewer lets you see Instagram accounts without signing in.
  • You can also view the search history of a specific profile.
  • Your activity does not get traced.
  • It is secure, and you can download posts and Instagram stories without hassle.
  • The app is free, and you can use it for an unlimited period.


Frequently Asked Questions


If you are looking for an instagram viewer without an account, the Picuki app is a great option to look at. If there are any more questions related to this app, the following questions may help you.


– Is Picuki safe for using Instagram?


Yes, This is absolutely safe tool to access and view Instagram profiles and posts. Picuki uses Instagram’s official API to show the realtime content you are searching for. It is absolutely free of cost and does not exploit anyone’s rights, and does not even ask you to register for an account for uses.


– Is Picuki Anonymous?


Yes, Picuki is anonymous. You can view instagram stories and instagram posts without any of your search history getting recorded. Since Picuki does not require you to create an account, you can stay completely safe and protective about your user info.


– How Can I View Instagram Without Logging In?


You can view instagram without logging in. Picuki lets you browse instagram posts and instagram stories without any login info. This IG viewer is free and legal. You need to go to the Picuki app homepage and type the Instagram username in the search box. Now you can view the Instagram Id without logging in.


– Why Is Picuki Not Working?


Due to the amazing features of Pucuki, the app acquired immense popularity. As expected, the traffic on the Picuki website skyrocketed. For that reason, some of the features of the Picuki app were not working. If Picuki is not working, you can resolve that issue by clearing your web browser’s cache or the Picuki app.



Instagram is great for following trends and unique and new content. This is an intuitive platform for marketers and content creators. However, if you are not an Instagram user but still want to view an instagram post or story, you can use a free instagram viewer app. Of Course, there are Picuki alternatives, but the easy and flexible features of Picuki make it the number one instagram story viewer app.

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Outreachmama Vs Adsy Vs BloggerOutreach: Which Is Best In 2022

In a world of link-building content and aggressive blogging, several businesses turn towards third-party platforms like BloggerOutreach, Adsy, and OutreachMama. There are several other ways to go about this. For instance, many independent bloggers sponsor posts or go to consultants with contacts for guest blogging opportunities.

However, businesses have been using third-party platforms for meeting their guest blogging goals. The best guest posting sites today are competing aggressively amongst themselves and a new business trying to implement a content marketing strategy, all this might seem like a complex task.

But it is not so. Scroll down and read in detail about the top three platforms out there and which one is the best one for your business in 2022.


About BloggerOutreach:

One of the leading digital platforms for content marketing and SEO link-building, BloggerOutreach boasts a few terrific features that will change your whole concept of these types of platforms. The platform promises three things to all,

  • Premium quality
  • Transparency, and
  • Affordability


The features of BloggerOutreach are as follows:

  • The platform is blessed with more than 3000 websites and expert bloggers across all industries and niches.
  • The platform partners with expert professionals with over a decade’s experience in providing SEO services for white label products or services.
  • BloggerOutreach provides affordable opportunities to businesses looking for guest posting and content marketing services.
  • The platform also provides services and support around the clock with on-time delivery


  • BloggerOutreach is a cost-effective platform compared to competing ones in the market, and it also has a simple user interface.
  • Since BloggerOutreach excels in giving SEO-optimized content, backlinks from good websites can be easily obtained.
  • The platform also boats website traffic and consequently makes it fairly easy for businesses to increase their sales volume.


  • Till now I didn’t see any negative review of BloggerOutreach.


The best part about using BloggerOutreach is you don’t need to pay them a single penny for starting your journey on the platform! Of course, once you start using more and more features like guest posting services, blogger outreach services or content writing services, you will need to pay a certain amount of money, but we are guessing not much, considering how cost-effectiveness is one of the benefits of using the platform.


About OutreachMama:

If you are here for some solid link building tips, you have come to the right place because finding the right platform is the first step to success with link-building. OutreachMama is one of the most well-known platforms, even more, popular than Adsy in many countries across the globe.


The services of OutreachMama are as follows,

  • Guest Posting
  • Link-building for Agencies
  • Link-building for Brands
  • Blog Writing
  • Blogger Outreach
  • Skyscraper Marketing

The advantages of using OutreachMama are as follows,

  • One of the unique benefits of using OutreachMama is its guarantee of link replacement. Most link-building agencies rotate their links – you might buy 100 links, and when the year ends, you will end up with only 50 valid links. OutreachMama guarantees if you buy 100 links, you will end up with all 100 of them intact.
  • The OutreachMama platform is also cost-effective. This is because the platform does not disclose rates publicly anywhere. Instead, you need to submit your requirements and other details before the platform gets back with a quiet, which is pretty decent considering they are charging you for everything your business personally needs.
  • Lastly, another great thing about this platform is you can choose to be as directly involved as you want to be in the whole process. This means you can choose to let the platform do its work, you can. However, if you’re going to be involved, even that is a possibility.


The disadvantages of using OutreachMama are as follows,

  • The biggest issue with OutreachMama is that the platform will not allow you to review the content before uploading it online. Simply put, you just have to put all your faith in them to do this right. However, the platform claims that this move saves a lot of time on their part.
  • Another disadvantage of using OutreachMama is they lack information on common feuds and connections in the industry. As a result, they might end up contacting some site you have an issue with or some site that does not like you.

As discussed above, OutreachMama does not disclose its pricing details publicly. Instead, you need to submit your website details, requirements, and similar information before they can get back to you with a quote. However, after much research, we found out that the platform charges somewhere around 80 dollars for a link on average.


About Adsy:

Adsy is a third-party platform that benefits two ends of a tunnel – website owners hoping to profit considerably from their post and business owners hoping for their website promotion through link-building and exchange of audiences. In addition, Adsy is a terrific platform for blogger outreach purposes.

One of the best guest posting services, Adsy connects the two types of people involved in the process within a single system. This, of course, makes it simply very convenient for users to order guest posts, monitor the work progress, and follow a reliable payment structure.



⦁ Adsy is one of the cheapest blogger outreach platforms out there.
⦁ Adsy follows a policy of constantly hitting your target audience.
⦁ Adsy strengthens your position on Google by providing you with a backlink.
⦁ Adsy provides your business opportunities for increasing brand awareness with the help of branded content pieces.



⦁ Since Adsy is an intermediate platform that connects two sets of people, there is no guarantee for link replacement. Individual publishers can either remove your links or keep them. But, again, there is no specific guarantee since it changes from publisher to publisher.

⦁ Another disadvantage of the platform is publishers can fool new businesses and exploit them financially since there are no specific set prices. At the same time, even businesses can financially exploit publishers just starting out their careers.



Since Adsy is an intermediary platform between link-buyers and publishers, it technically does not have anything to do with the pricing, which is set by the publishers. However, since there are several sites on Adsy, you will find something or the other that best suits your requirements at your preferred budget.



Now that you have enough information about the top three blogger outreach platforms, you can finally take your time and make your choice. In my personal opinion, if you want authenticity and trust and then you must choose BloggerOutreach. But make sure you gauge all the essential elements of each forum before making any choice!

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Sanju March 7, 2022 0 Comments