IDO Marketing and PR: Everything You Need To Know

Over the 10+ years of the cryptocurrency world’s run, we’ve seen multitudes of ways that projects introduced crowdfunding in the equation, all to gain enough funding and supporters that will back their project until it goes live and grows.

From Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) where investors are given proprietary tokens in exchange for their money and support, to  Initial Exchange Offerings (IEOs) which are more secure in nature as the funds are kept in a centralized exchange instead of a treasury that the project could just run away with, there’s been a period of trial-and-error in this sector, which lead to loss of assets, distrust, and a general resentment of the public towards crowdfunding methods in the industry.

For a while, the cryptocurrency world persisted without the need for crowdfunding models as projects do the seeding in-house through presales, but this method failed to bring in people that are dedicated to support them through thick and thin.

All changed though, as the industry discovered another form of approach that doesn’t jeopardize the user’s safety, and provides everything a brewing project needs to get funded, develop, get supporters, and more!

Thanks to Initial Decentralized Exchange Offerings (IDOs), crowdfunding is streamlined, secured, and made better with tons of perks that you wouldn’t see from previous crowdfunding mechanisms! The best thing about this is that out of all previous crowdfunding models, the IDO adapts blockchain’s decentralized model the most, so it poses multiple benefits and the ever-necessary scalable feature that lets it stand the tests of time!

So how about we discuss the ins-and-outs of most IDO launchpads, and from there, talk about one of the fastest growing and most trusted IDO platforms in the market today—AdLunam Inc.


IDO Platforms: Crowdfunding Reimagined


In the realm of Initial DEX Offerings, Crowdfunding is just the tip of the feature iceberg. With two massive IDO-exclusive features that offer the best benefits a project would need for its marketing and PR-related issues, the success of a project is significantly increased thanks to Marketing and PR features that are exclusive to IDO launchpads!

Without further ado, let’s glide over the three key features an IDO platform offers to projects that launch in its care!

IDO Crowdfunding

The heart and soul of an Initial DEX Offering (IDO). IDOs introduce a unique way of funding projects they see fit while securing the funds of a cryptocurrency investor to its best abilities. Through safekeeping of a project’s funds in a decentralized exchange instead of a hot wallet or a centralized exchange, funds are preserved until due time, users are able to use their proprietary utility tokens to hold/trade while the project is incubating, and they get massive perks through the IDO platform’s features ranging from staking, to yield farming!

IDO Marketing

In previous crowdfunding iterations, supporters are gathered through hype or through promise. Soon enough investors knew the hard way how these two things fail in delivering what they need the most, which is product.

With IDOs, they do not need to build hype or make waves over the industry by making promises they would fail to keep, they instead focus on creating credibility and authority within the space by creating a community of well-meaning and dedicated supporters behind it!

This bodes well for projects who need strong and well-built communities of people who support the project beyond profit, as it urges investors from across the cryptocurrency space to take the lead and support a project they love in every way they can!


If IDO Marketing focuses on creating a community of well-meaning and dedicated supporters from across the cryptocurrency space, IDO Public Relations lay out a comprehensive plan for IDO-launched projects to retain their desirable public image and spread the word about the project itself!

They do this by simply magnifying the real impact of an IDO-launched project to the public and selling its benefits to potential users. This creates no false promises, and sets the user’s expectations to whatever the project is laying to the table! This also opens massive doors of opportunities for IDOs to gather more members to its community, since we all know an IDO is just as great as the community that is behind it! These three key-features are what sets the IDO-launchpad model apart from the rest of the competition. With these utilities the success of a project is significantly increased with no compromise on the quality of the project, and it sets the stage for enterprises to bring out more from their creations!

It wouldn’t be bizarre to think that IDOs are futuristic and innovative in and of itself, but this launch mechanism can be made even better! Thanks to projects like AdLunam Inc. that streamlines the crowdfunding process, as well as the marketing and the PR sectors to bring the best out of every project within their platform!  


What Does AdLunam Do Differently?

AdLunam Inc. is not your run-of-the-mill IDO launchpad that provides the same benefits as your regular IDO platform. In AdLunam the investor is given the best treatment, while the project gets all the help it needs in order to flourish. Thanks to its Engage-to-Earn Token model, powered by its Proof-of-Attention model, the engagement of an investor/supporter is kept at a maximum, which provides projects their much-needed exposure and community buildup!

But now you might be asking, what does this Engage-to-Earn Token model and Proof-of-Attention model do?

With that in mind, let’s explore what these two amazing features do, and why they are so unique that you wouldn’t see these in any other IDO platform across the cryptocurrency space!

Engage-to-Earn Token Model

Ever wanted to get paid for interacting with your favorite projects? With AdLunam Inc.’s Engage-to-Earn Token Model, you can do that with ease! Incentivising every positive and relevant interaction that a supporter creates with a specific project, this gives every investor the motivation they need to amp up their banner-wagging which helps the project that they love to get all the internet traction it needs to reach wider audiences as it continues to develop!

The Engage-to-Earn Model, while not something unique to projects in the cryptocurrency industry, is certainly a first in the IDO platform space. The inclusion of this feature secures the success of a project by keeping all of its community members paid and interactive, something that most starting projects need to get that initial push!


The Engage-to-Earn Model will not be possible if not for the Proof-of-Attention protocol that AdLunam implemented within its platform! Thanks to Proof-of-Attention, every user’s interaction within the AdLunam Inc’s platform is recorded and sifted through, meriting every positive and productive interaction that a user makes!

The Proof-of-Attention model, just like Engage-to-Earn, is not a first in the cryptocurrency world, as many projects in the past implemented this within their paradigms but failed miserably to uphold its key principles. This, however, is a first in the IDO platform industry, which is absolutely necessary if an IDO wants to succeed, especially since the space is becoming more and more relentless by the day.

Hands-on Advisory Services

An exclusive feature that AdLunam Inc. provides to projects and enterprises that are under its wings, Hands-on Advisory services enable projects to gain constructive and important insights from the best in the industry, providing indispensable marketing, tokenomics, and technical mentorship to ensure a project’s success just as it is being made!

This interactive approach to helping every project be its best is something that is not particularly seen in IDO platforms besides Adlunam Inc. which makes it stand out among  the rising number of IDO launchpads in the industry!


NFT Profiles

Much like what Binance does with its NFT Profile Pictures, every AdLunam Inc. investor is entitled to an NFT profile that carries all the information that is tied to them, including their disclosed verifiable information, and more.

What’s even greater than this is the fact that unlike Binance Profile Pictures which are technically NFTs but hold no true value, AdLunam Profile NFTs entitle every investor to exclusive perks and benefits that only AdLunam users are able to avail! We’re talking about thousands of dollars in Airdrops, Token Allocation, Community Rewards and Bonuses, as well as insider information on the latest and most anticipated IDO projects to date!

All of this contributes to a well-defined and comprehensive platform that incentivizes the user’s active participation with the project, with no compromise!

Key Takeaways

With the paradigm shift in the crowdfunding world going in the favor of IDO platforms, it would be tempting to try and test this new-age of exposure and funding mechanism. Learn however which platforms suit your project’s visions the most, and what they can do to make it better.

For projects that require much attention from the public and an exposure to major cryptocurrency echo chambers within the industry, AdLunam Inc. remains to be one of the most-suited IDO launchpads for projects to try out and invest in. With the propensity to bring out the best in your project in all the ways that it matters, AdLunam Inc. is your best friend for everything IDO!

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12 Top Trends in Audio Marketing in 2023

The popularity of digital audio content, such as podcasts, music streaming, and audiobooks, has surged in recent years and continues to experience exponential growth in 2023. These platforms have attracted millions of website visits, rivalling primary news sources in online engagement. This trend opens up tremendous opportunities to leverage the expanding listenership base and establish meaningful connections with your listeners.

The potential of digital audio advertising lies in its ability to offer targeted, non-intrusive, and engaging ad experiences. As consumers become more opposed to traditional advertising formats, audio marketing presents a unique opportunity to connect with your market in a less disruptive manner. Creating compelling audio ads that resonate with your listeners can foster positive associations and increase brand awareness and loyalty.

Let’s delve into the top trends reshaping the audio marketing landscape in 2023.

1. Embrace Digital Audio Advertising


The rise of digital audio listenership has presented a significant opportunity for audio advertising. Digital audio platforms offer vast and diverse listeners, enabling you to target specific demographics with tailored ad messages. With the global use of smartphones and the availability of streaming services, your listeners can access audio content anywhere and anytime, allowing you to connect with them on the go.


2. Leverage the Power of Podcasts


Podcasts have become a dominant force in audio marketing. Their growing listenership, especially among decision-makers, provides an ideal platform for you to reach highly engaged and receptive listeners. The development of professional audio joiner and editing tools has also made creating a podcast easier, leading to an explosion of content and opportunities.


3. Discover the Perks of MP3 Formats


As digital audio marketing continues to evolve, the MP3 format has become a valuable tool for audio marketers. MP3 is a universal audio format supported by many devices, from smartphones and computers to music players and smart speakers. Utilising an MP3 converter to transform your audio content ensures listeners can access and enjoy it regardless of their preferred device or platform.


4. Integrate Operational AI


AI has emerged as a big changer in audio marketing operations in 2023. By automating monotonous processes, improving ad placements, and evaluating user behaviour, AI technologies like virtual assistants and AI avatar software enable you to focus on strategic initiatives and data-driven decision-making. On the other hand, AI-driven data analysis delivers useful insights into ad effectiveness, listener preferences, and content consumption habits, allowing you to adjust your audio marketing campaigns in real-time for optimum impact and ROI.


5. Prioritize Content Authenticity


Content authenticity is essential to combat misinformation and build trust with your listeners. Establishing content authenticity teams becomes crucial to fact-checking and verifying the accuracy of audio marketing materials. Combining AI-driven analysis with human oversight ensures efficiency and accuracy, striking the right balance between technological advancement and reliability.


6. Redeploy Media Budget to Product Placement


Consider diversifying your marketing approach as traditional digital ad formats become increasingly saturated. Product placement in audio content offers a non-intrusive and contextual advertising opportunity. You can reach your market authentically and create positive associations with your products by integrating branded products seamlessly into entertainment content.


7. Implement Loyalty Programs


In an increasingly competitive audio marketing landscape, loyalty programs play a pivotal role in retaining customers and fostering brand loyalty. Rewarding customers for their engagement and dedication creates a sense of exclusivity and appreciation, building lasting relationships with your listeners and differentiating your brand from competitors.


8. Harness TikTok’s Power in Music Marketing


TikTok has revolutionised music marketing since its development in 2016. Its short-form video format and viral potential have propelled artists and songs to unprecedented popularity. Brands leverage TikTok’s vast user base to promote their products and connect with younger viewers.

Adopting TikTok’s community-driven culture and audio trends can generate substantial buzz and exposure for your offerings. Fortunately, tools like a video editor or audio converter can help transform your podcast episodes into Tiktok videos.


9. Focus on Fan Engagement


In 2023, audio marketers are moving beyond traditional advertising tactics and focusing on building direct connections with their followers. Engaging fans through personalized direct messaging, fan meetups, limited-edition audio content, and interactive polls foster a dedicated community of supporters who amplify the reach and impact of your audio marketing efforts.


10. Embrace Intimacy in Music Marketing


Music marketing goes beyond promoting songs; it involves forming meaningful connections with fans on a personal level. Engage in two-way conversations and incorporate fan-inspired content into your marketing strategy to make your fans feel valued and heard. Prioritising personal connections evokes emotional responses from fans, leading to increased consumer buy-in and a deeper connection to your brand.


11. Focus on Authentic and Organic Music Marketing


Authenticity is a driving force in music marketing in 2023. Organic approaches stand out in a sea of influencers and paid promotions. You can develop a brand that connects with your listeners by remaining true to your artistic vision and values.


12. Emphasize Beyond Streaming Numbers


While streaming numbers are essential, consider focusing on other engagement metrics like playlist additions and social media interactions to gauge your listener’s reception and overall brand influence. Utilise YouTube Shorts and other innovative tools to showcase your creativity, engage audiences, and drive interest in your music.


In Conclusion

The audio marketing landscape in 2023 offers exciting opportunities for you to connect with your listeners on a deeper level. Embrace the rise of digital audio advertising, tap into the power of podcasts and TikTok, and leverage AI and content authenticity for impactful marketing campaigns. You can navigate the changing audio marketing landscape and achieve long-term success by prioritising fan engagement, intimacy, and authenticity.

Remember, staying agile and adaptive is essential as technology and consumer behaviours continue to evolve. Aligning your strategies with emerging trends, you can create meaningful audio marketing campaigns that resonate with your listeners, elevating your brand to new heights.

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Advantages of Social Media Marketing for The Healthcare Industry

A social media marketing strategy is the best way to gain the target audience’s attention. Especially nowadays, when the entire world revolves around digitization when it comes to healthcare social media marketing- you can carry on with the following tips.


How Social Media Benefit Healthcare Industry


It is no secret anymore that social media marketing strategy helps businesses increase brand awareness. Social media is crucial in delivering a business’s vision and message to audiences. In short, make people get to know about your business. One of the most obvious qualities that make a brand “brand” is that many people are known for your products and services.

In the healthcare industry, social media has proven to be a boon. Through the medium of social media, a medical professional or a hospital can spread information on impactful diseases, infections, etc.

During the pandemic, doctors and people were able to share their experiences going through quarantine and fighting COVID-19. Especially during the corona, social media helped millions of people interact, share their country’s healthcare situation, and reach those in need.

Following are some examples of medical professionals sharing their expertise through social media.

The government of different countries uses social media to their maximum capacity. Countries can issue safety guidelines, keep the public view in mind and share essential health advisories.

One of the biggest issues that social media faces are that of laying out misinformation. People can often get scared because of wrong misinformation and myths- this was seen many times during the corona period.


Exercise the Role of Misinformation

When used in the correct manner, social media help out in unfurl accurate information; it can be related to any topic- trending or evergreen. This brilliant feature of social media channels can be used when the information spread is not forged, right, and valuable to millions of people.


Social Media Marketing for Healthcare IndustryIf we dig deep, there are many misconceptions regarding health on social media. But thanks to “no lack of information,” next-gen or millennials are aware of the concept of “fake news,” which came into light mostly during the corona period. Some social media accounts were posting fake news on, mostly on COVID-19.

Some people take fake news seriously; for them, it can prove extremely harmful.


Deliver Information to Educate the Public

The responsibility to provide truthful information to the public falls on the shoulders of the public. Nowadays, people use the internet to learn about a disease by writing down symptoms. Many medical professionals practice this strategy to build a connection with their audiences.


Create a Comfortable Bond with Patients

People are often not excited to see a doctor for a diagnosis.

Something as easy as a check-up can end up with a daunting diagnosis, and the anxiety is greater for people who are in the line for a potential diagnosis.

One needs to be empathetic to ease patients’ concerns; it helps to calm them down. Social media is an excellent platform to show certain measures to make every patient feel at home and heal as they go on with the procedure.


Make Use of Existing Valuable Resources

Medical practitioners learn new information via national or international conferences or by reading credible research papers. You can use social media platforms to deliver all the information known to your audiences.

We’ll take an instance from the days of critical COVID-19; in 2021, the European Society of Intensive Care (ESICM) continued managing their medical conferences digitally- all this sharing of information made people hooked. Many medical institutions turned to social media to form a connection with people (their audiences) through Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook.


Economical Marketing

There is no need for a decided budget with internal healthcare social media marketing. Potential patients can gain a lot from valuable social media marketing, which naturally leads to more profit. Patients, without a doubt, take their health care seriously and want to maintain the same for a long-time.

As we made it clear, a physician’s consistent practice combined with a strong social media presence can significantly change people’s lives. With helpful information, people can prevent the disease by putting their health on top. Often people can share their personal diagnosis experience with other people and assist them with taking care of themselves.


Show Your Achievements through Social Media Network

People want to know their doctors and nurses and the community they serve. As a doctor, sharing information about your daily activities shows that you care about your patient’s well-being- all this builds an untold trust and motivates patients to visit their clinic or institution.

It is best to consider your professional achievements and represent what your organization stands for; this includes doctors who are part of state medical boards and big medical institutions and are connected with the media.

Open communication is necessary for the health industry, and to start with digitally is the call of the era. Social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter are the best options for posting crucial information. Online social media communities are a great platform to hold time-worthy discussions.

In a true sense, social media binds the relationship between patients and their doctors- and permit everyone other to join in. Along with that, potential patients use social media to discover more useful information about any trending or evergreen healthcare topic.


Invest in social media to Heighten Your Practice

Social media is the most important aspect- for sure, it has some drawbacks and advantages. Social media channels are used by people for different reasons- but others deny to take help. Keep in mind that without the use of social media, you can lose out on potential and new patients.


Want to Explore Healthcare SMM Strategy?


Every industry needs social media marketing to earn engagement and reach. If you are a beginner and need guidance on how beneficial social media marketing strategy can be-, consult a social media marketing expert.

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Free And Paid Marketing Ideas For Your Push Notifications Services


Over the past few years, push notifications have had a higher open rate than email marketing. So, with this update, it seems worth considering a tool or service for the exposure of your business.

In today’s competitive world, every modern marketer needs a push notifications strategy to stand out from the crowd. So, by using the right push notifications service in the right way, you can get exactly what you need.

Today, with this article, we will be taking you on a tour of free and paid marketing ideas for push notifications services 2022 that you can use to boost customer retention and engagement. So, without further ado, let us get started.


Top 8 Free And Paid Push Notification Services 2022

We know you are much more interested in knowing push notifications services. So, without delay, let us dive you into the pool of freebies and premium services that you can avail of to have really amazing benefits for your business.


1. PushEngage

If you are looking for one of the superior but free push notifications services, then don’t miss to get a trial of PushEngage. The best of it, we are not talking about the free version; we are talking about the best service that connects your visitors forever to your business.

The reasons why it is best-

  • Easy to operate by both beginners and professionals
  • Highly effective on HTTP and HTTPS
  • Includes the bunch of automated push notifications campaigns
  • Send full-on personalized messages/notifications
  • Equipped with advanced analytics and tracking features
  • Get started with a full-free plan
  • No worries about coding
  • Easy to install


2. PushAssist

It is new in the market but still comprises quality features that give ultimate support for your segmentation tools, personalization, and advanced analytics. Like PushEngage, PushAssist shows advertisements by signing up to the publisher partner and monetizing your content through push notifications. You will get 3,000 subscribers and unlimited notifications if you subscribe to its plan.


3. VWO

VWO is formerly known as PushCrew. It is a great set of tools that send notifications to any device and desktop. Further, it comes with an extraordinary interface, which is easy and simple to use. Moreover, the ability to create triggered push alerts is a key selling factor. Triggered Push notifications are automated messages that are sent when a subscriber performs a specific activity on your website. For example, the activity could be simple or link, or check out the product for a set period of time.


4. Webpushr

Webpushr is the like PushEngage and VWO. It provides an easy interface and easiness to use by anyone. With this, you will get advanced targeting as well as personalization tools that assist you in engaging your customers hassle-free. Webpushr provides you with all the features and plans to make the most out of the push notification services. However, the only shortcoming of this tool is that it is pricey if you need to avail more of it.


5. WonderPush

If you’re looking for simple but effective push notifications services, then check this WonderPush. It is pretty simple to all the given plugins/services. However, this comes with a standout feature, which is a cart abandonment campaign with flutter push notifications. With this, you can add unlimited numbers of members to your dashboard for simple and effective marketing. With this, you will also get efficient marketing options. In addition, personalized push notifications also help boost customer retention.

Like Webpushr, you will get all the features and plans free for a limited time. However, you need to pay for its services to avail of the premium benefits. The 14 days trial is available, so get it now!\


6. OneSignal

OneSignal is yet another push notifications service rising in 2022. Top companies such as Uber, Adobe, and more have used it. This means that if you choose OneSignal, your company will be in good hands. The best is that it is also available for a free trial.

Like WonderPush, you can send push notifications, web push notifications, in-app messages, and more with OneSignal. It seems an ideal option to engage your customers with both web and mobile notifications.


7. LeanPlum

If you want to cover whole audience communications such as email, mobile, and browser, then LeanPlum is the best to start with. This is one of the leading push notifications marketing platforms that offer you your business’s successful path and scale. Moreover, it comes with complete A/B testing, automation tools, and real-time user notifications. You can avail of limited services for free but for full support.


8. AirShip

Urban Airship is now called AirShip, as it is solely contributing to mobile push notifications. This means it helps you boost business engagement with mobile. This often seems like messages or emails. However, the analytics and attractive features come in handy, but at a price. The ultimate goal of AirShip customers is to give them complete satisfaction, so they feel the real power they are holding in their hands.


Final Verdict

With all the above free and paid marketing ideas for push notifications, WonderPush sounds one of the best in the market. It comes with all features you need at an affordable price. Moreover, the philosophy behind WonderPush notifications is to target every customer through any device and source.

Also, it is good for every marketer. So, what are you waiting for? Find the trial and decide to take your game to the next level.

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The Best Marketing Agencies in 2022

The digital marketing industry is becoming more popular and profitable every year. If you want to take advantage of this growing demand, now is the time to take your business to the next level. By evolving your business and improving the way you work, you will be able to serve your consumers much better according to today’s demands. Not only will this have a profoundly positive impact on your sales, but it will certainly improve your overall brand image.

If you think you’re ready to take your online advertising campaign to the next level, you’ve certainly come to the right place. Here are three things you can do to improve your digital marketing company business in 2022:


1. Build a portfolio of your work.

Word of mouth isn’t enough to convert today’s prospects into customers. If you want a serious shot at winning over today’s savvy consumers, we highly recommend building a portfolio of your past work. With this evidence at hand, you can showcase your experience, knowledge, qualities, and skills without fear that your message will be lost in transmission.

If you want to get tips on how to create a professional and profitable portfolio, don’t miss this detailed article on the subject.


2. Take a break every now and then

As counterproductive as it may sound for your business expansion efforts, it is highly recommended to take a break from time to time. By taking occasional breaks in front of your computer screen, you give your brain a chance to relax. During this break, your brain will recalibrate, refresh and refocus. Ultimately, this will help you work at a very optimized pace when you decide to return to work.

To make your time off meaningful and productive, find an activity that will distract you from your work. By finding a hobby that doesn’t directly or indirectly have anything to do with digital marketing or the advertising world in general, you can take your mind off of your work responsibilities. Taking this distraction will make it much easier for you to look at your current job from a new perspective.

How you choose to distract yourself from work is up to you. You can go for a walk, read a book, listen to music or play bingo on reputable Mastercard bingo websites. Even if the activity you choose distracts you from the digital marketing environment, it will certainly benefit you in the long run.


3. Optimize your own website.

How can you expect to gain credibility for your digital marketing opportunities if you can’t market your own website well? Optimizing your own website should be one of your top priorities because it will show that you are a reliable and trustworthy online advertising provider.


Affiliate marketing agencies are changing the game these days. These agencies help you increase online traffic and conversion rates.

Affiliate marketing accounts for nearly 15% of digital media revenue. This sector is growing fast, and you need to partner with the best affiliate marketing agencies to avoid falling behind.


First of all, you should understand what affiliate marketing is.

Affiliate marketing is the process of enhancing other’s person or company’s products. For each sale made through affiliate links, marketers receive a percentage of the sale price: a small reward for their marketing efforts. To track sales, affiliate marketers use these links on their website and bring the customer to the company’s sales page.


Partnering with affiliate marketers gives you more visibility and therefore more online traffic. This increases engagement for your brand and improves its reputation. Which means that more sales and revenue is generated.


It’s simple math: the more you promote your products on different marketing platforms and through different people, the more chances you have of getting a deal.


What services does an affiliate marketing agency offer?

Affiliate marketing companies develop a comprehensive online marketing agency strategy for you. This way, all of your efforts can be targeted. They will help you develop a business model that suits you.

In addition, affiliate marketing agencies help you build the ideal partnerships that you want. For example, they connect you with the best affiliate marketing specialists.

They intelligently monitor and manage your affiliate marketing program throughout the process. They use various monitoring and reporting tools to do this.

Moreover, you need to set your commission rate competently. Remember that while the rate needs to convince marketers to work with you, you also need to make a sufficient profit from each sale. An agency with experience in this field will tell you the ideal amount for each deal.

Through affiliate networks or affiliate marketing programs, businesses find and partner with affiliate marketing specialists. The best affiliate marketing company will help you sign contracts with the right advertising networks and monitor the subscription process.


The best affiliate marketing agencies in 2022

The best affiliate marketing agencies in 2022 create the most effective online marketing agency strategies you need to achieve your goals. Working with the best affiliate marketing agency will improve your online presence and visibility for more conversions.

  • Brave Bison
  • Lizard
  • The good marketer
  • Hallam
  • KOTA
  • Propeller
  • 303 London
  • Greenlight Digital
  • Pixated
  • First Page Digital Singapore
  • Absolute Web
  • Mayple


Brave Bison

Brave Bison is the most popular leading marketing agencies whose offices are located in London and Singapore. They reach 158 million users worldwide every month through their social channels. What an opportunity to connect your brand with a valuable audience.

They allow their clients to create the right marketing for partnerships by focusing on the right channels. YouTube is one of those channels, so you can advertise with Brave Bison and get higher engagement, a better reputation, and more sales.


Lounge Lizard

Lounge Lizard is an experienced partner agency with over 20 years of experience in the industry. Let’s explore one of their works together. One of their clients, Voss Events, is a talent management company that works with the queens of the show RuPaul’s Drag Race.

The agency works with the brand to promote and organize their events and tours. Lounge Lizard paved the way for partnerships with influencer agents and paid advertising campaigns on various platforms. What they have achieved is breathtaking: 90% of the concerts are sold out.


The Good Marketer

The Good Marketer has an experienced team that can manage your affiliate marketing programs while you focus on running your business. They can help you find the perfect promoters, get the best results and increase your visibility on different channels.

This affiliate marketing company based in London is exactly the affiliate manager you are looking for. They specialize in PPC advertising and create the best conversion funnel through engaging content and a tailored strategy.



Hallam is a talented digital marketing agency specializing in affiliate marketing. Their rating of 4.89 out of 91 customer testimonials proves the high quality of their customer service. The agency combines creativity, technology, and strategy. What else do you need?

They are a premium partner with Google, which allows them to create the best advertising and content partnerships brands need. A quick look at their awards page proves that their hard work pays off in everyone’s eyes.



This London-based agency is KOTA, a leading web design agency that specializes in affiliate marketing. First of all, they create responsive and creative web designs, improve your Shopify-based e-commerce website and offer custom solutions for WordPress.

Secondly, they create high-quality digital marketing strategies to achieve maximum retention rates. They believe that successful digital advertising relies on high-quality content, targeted messaging, and engaging campaigns.



Propeller is one of the best affiliate marketing companies in London whose professionals will help your business on the road to success. It is one of the best digital marketing agencies and works with leading brands in the e-commerce, hospitality and food sectors.

From email marketing to Shopify website design to social media management, they offer the various digital marketing services you need.


303 London

303 London stands out in the highly competitive marketing industry because of their years of experience and talented team of marketing specialists. They work with brands that focus directly on the consumer, helping them surprise and persuade consumers to choose them.

For example, 303 London brought Raport London and Tom Exton together to promote three products on YouTube. This was the right decision and led to excellent results. In just two weeks, the brand generated £8.37 million in sales and gained 1,469 new users.


Greenlight Digital

Greenlight Affiliates offers the best services to help you optimize your affiliate program and generate regular revenue by helping you identify key growth areas and develop an attractive affiliate offering.

From partner program audits, to program implementation and management, to developing launch and growth strategies, greenlight delivers on client expectations.


Know more – Free Guest Post Sites List



Pixated develops the most dynamic strategies and campaigns with an average ROAS of 9.5x (three times the industry average). The only challenge you face is making sure you understand what you are trying to achieve.

Millionaire Beauty turned to Pixated to drive brand engagement and revenue. The agency then created a well-thought-out Google Shopping campaign based on data from previous social media campaigns. This increased visibility and drove more leads of interest. The result was a 226% increase in online sales and a 965% increase in sales via Facebook and PPC advertising.


First Page Digital

First Page Digital is an affiliate marketing agency based in Singapore with a large network of blue-chip partners. This gives the agency access to media products; collaboration plans and market updates. Mentioning some of these partners might help you decide which agency to choose: HubSpot, Google, TikTok, Shopify and many others.

It operates in 9 different countries and 8 languages and works with over 6000 clients. The team is specialized and focused on Google advertising, covering all aspects of this strategy from scratch. Working with this agency is a guaranteed transformation.

First Page Digital – Hong Kong

First Page Digital – Singapore


Absolute Web

This Miami-based agency is one of the best agencies for affiliate marketing. It has been in existence for 22 years and continues to grow and evolve. Their digital marketing efforts focus on brand-specific strategies that always deliver the best results.

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How Do I start Instagram marketing? 5 Tips for Beginners

Instagram is one of the leading social media platforms people use in every corner of the world. As a result, the traffic on this platform is enormous. This interests the business-minded IG users to use it as a marketing tool.

If you are an Instagram user planning to start IG marketing, this article can help you. Here are some tips that can help you. However, first, you can study the general facts about Instagram. Have a look at the points below:


Instagram: Definition

Instagram is a social media platform that permits its users to share their photographs & videos.. Moreover, the users can also share an Instagram story that might contain an image or a video. IG reels have become trendy, and all profile holders are trying it out in bulk.

So, by now, it is probably clear to you that the youth audience predominantly uses Instagram. Therefore, when you plan for IG marketing, be very clear that the commodity/service you market for is relevant to the users.

At present, Instagram has nearly 1.16 billion users in the whole world, and most of them possess a desire to become an influencer at some point of time. However, you should never forget how to execute the work as a social media marketing campaign before becoming an influencer.


For now, go through the tips:

Top Five Tips to Execute Instagram Marketing

Here are the five tips you can follow to execute Instagram marketing successfully. Read it even if you are a novice. Expect these points to boost your interest in using IG daily and start making money within a few days.


1. Shift to the IG business profile

Consider having the IG business profile to start marketing. It is a vital need. However, a change-up is quite simple, and you should do it now. By switching to the IG business account, you can get a dashboard where you can check out the reach of any post.

This can help you track the customers’ needs and mend your content accordingly. Moreover, as an Instagram marketer, you can access Insights that acts as a support system for your IG marketing. Therefore, always make sure to follow marketing vs. advertising traits when posting something on the IG platform.

Bonus Point: In the case of having an IG Business Account, you can get a chance to add a longer bio to your profile. Always try to make the best use of this advantage. With a longer bio, you can expect the audience to understand more.


2. Concentrate on posting product teasers

Concentrate on posting product teasersYou should never forget posting product teasers on IG. It can be in any form. However, they should always carry a manipulative approach, increasing the urge to purchase an item.

However, you should not make a post on any commodity/service in an overtly manipulative tone. This can result in the audience turning down on that post. Another thing you should keep in mind is choosing the right product that you can market adequately.

Bonus Point: Try making the Instagram reels for making the teasers for your products. If you are not aware of the process of making reels, you can check it on the internet. Moreover, you can get help from the influencers also. The best you can do is give the influencers a chance to make the Instagram reels for you. Expect IG marketing to take a dramatic boost in case you post reels for your products on a regular basis.


3. Choose the right products to market

Becoming an IG marketer can take a lot of time. You need to be very patient about learning things and appropriately using them. One of the basic things you need to execute perfectly is choosing the niche of products you can market.

This is choosing the field where you can improve your marketing skills. Once you have that, you can create the right marketing strategy. So, you should act dedicatedly.

Bonus Point: Always try to make a good rapport with the established IG influencers of your business niche. This can help you a lot as you can have outstanding authority for your products/services.


4. Diversify the usage of IG features

Diversify the usage of InstaGram featuresIt is vital to diversify the usage of IG features as a marketer. You should never stick to normal posts on your handle when marketing a product/service. The best you can do is use all possible features of IG to present a product to the audience.

You can use the story, reel, guide, and poll in the normal IG posts. All these can help increase the audience interaction with your posts, and they can know more about a specific product/commodity.

Bonus Point: Make use of all features given by Instagram. This can not only help you rule the market but also help you to enhance the aesthetics of your profile.


5. Collaborate with other marketers

As a new Instagram marketer, you should remember collaborating with other quite experienced marketers. As a result, you can improve your knowledge as a marketer and improve your face value. Repeated collaborations can also help you turn yourself into a brand.

As a result, expect a boost in the number of followers and the reach of your posts to increase dramatically. Consider this as the first step to monetize your IG account.

Bonus Point: To improve the number of marketers, you need to have patience and put all effort into communicating with them. Always consider the connection as a key when you are into IG marketing.


Final Words

Beginner Instagrammers can do a lot with their handles, but often, they lack the lookout for earning money from social media. However, you can always initiate the marketing process on IG and dedicate your efforts to becoming better. Being a comparatively new platform, Instagram can always come up with new features in the future;

You should be keen to look for them and learn everything as fast as possible. One thing that you must remember is to be an early adopter of all the features of IG. The best you can do is start following the best marketers working on your preferred niches right from today.

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