8 Email Marketing Trends for E-Commerce In 2023

Marketing through email is a tactic that has been around for decades. It is a powerful and effective tool for promoting eCommerce brands, getting loyal customers, and increasing sales.

One of the main reasons for its being so effective is that emails have an extended area for the probability of high engagement, storytelling, and various opportunities for standing out from other competitive brands. Certain trends are being followed to help enhance Email marketing and grow better.


Top 8 Email Marketing Trends For Ecommerce In 2023


1. Optimization Keeping Mobile Devices In Consideration


It has been estimated that around 81% of emails are read on smartphones, and 30% of potential customers will only subscribe to the email list if they are optimized for mobile viewing.

It is important to note that when emails are not specifically designed and optimized for mobile devices, they take a long time to load. It is also harder to understand the offers and discounts the brand provides, making them lose out on customers. Certain design choices come into play while optimizing emails for phones.

A single line’s maximum length before being cut off is between 25 to 30 words. For a better viewing experience, try using single columns. The interactive buttons one uses must be sized big enough for ease of pressing but not so big that they distract people from the information.


2. Automation Of The Process


Automated emails not only make the whole process easier and more efficient but also makes it so that companies never miss out on sending personalized emails to their customers. The emails can be automated to be set at the best time for more viewing and interaction. Along with that, analytics can also be used to send emails based on the customers’ behavior.

Some of the examples of the most effective automated emails are:

  • Welcome emails
  • Emails for transaction details
  • Birthday emails
  • Anniversary emails
  • Emails based on customer’s activity on the e-commerce website

Through automation, emails can be scheduled so that companies can engage with their customers regardless of weekends or closing hours. Follow-ups can also be automated to get decent results and conversion rates. Studies prove that follow-ups often guarantee engagement and interaction from customers.


3. Interactive Content


Email marketing can be made more effective by integrating interactive embeds into emails. With the growing competition among eCommerce websites, it has become necessary for companies to try out new ways to keep customers engaged and excited about new products or services.

There can be other benefits through interactive emails as well. Companies can get vital information out of clients through quizzes and surveys. This is a technique currently being used by many B2C companies to serve their customers directly based on their needs.

Interactive emails also help companies provide personalized services by understanding what they look forward to. Some companies have even started to gamify their emails to attract customers on a broader scale. Most genuine flutter app development services help make emails as interactive as required to boost traffic on your website. For example, certain companies conducted surveys via email to understand the delivery speeds expected by the customers. This helps companies to adjust and introduce delivery speeds accordingly, leading to better communication and trust between the company and the customers.


4. Welcome Emails


One of the proven methods to attract customers is using welcome emails. Whenever a person registers on your website or downloads a digital product, companies should send a welcome email to them. That ensures customers get a good first impression of the website.

Although other promotional emails work as well, welcome emails have been seen to get more than 3 times the transaction rate and revenue per email count than promotional emails. Welcome emails also have a massive impact on unique click rates and unique open rates.

Studies reveal that customers are 4 times more likely to open a welcome email because 74% of new subscribers already expect it. The average conversion rate from welcome emails is 2.24%. When provided with blogs or newsletters by the company, new subscribers find it easier to trust the company when they receive a welcome email.


5. Abandoned Cart Emails


Customers tend to add products to a cart and then abandon them most often. Approximately 70% of potential customers are lost if companies ignore these abandoned carts. Flutter app development services can help with identifying and informing companies about the carts that have been abandoned,

That makes it easier to send emails to those potential customers informing them about it or getting information as to why they changed their mind about buying the products or availing of the services.

E-commerce emails, on average, have a 15.66% open rate, whereas a simple follow-up email about abandoned carts has an opening rate of 45%. Additionally, it has also been found that more than 50% of customers end up buying the product or service because of abandoned cart emails.


6. Special Emails For Loyal Customers


Customers nowadays understand the value of being loyal to a brand. That makes them interested in knowing all the benefits they get from always being engaged and interactive on your website or emails. With the help of flutter app development services, companies can divide all their customers into groups based on their involvement to identify their loyal customers.

Special offers can be sent to those customers through emails specifically for them. Although sending offers all the time to a vast customer base is not advisable and ill-advised for business, it is often seen that providing benefits to loyal customers proves to be beneficial for the companies as well as the customer.

Special coupons can be offered through emails that get loyal customers discounts on your website. Emails that contain coupon codes have a higher chance of getting opened by customers. This, in turn, ensures more purchases and profits for the company.

Newsletters can also be used as a medium to inform customers about the offers or benefits and help them make decisions on your website. Such newsletters can contain information about the latest trends and forecasts, as well as new ideas that the company is working on.


7. Using Multimedia


Various multimedia forms are used to make emails look more attractive and encourage customers to interact with the emails. GIFs, pictures, and videos have been used for many promotional and welcome emails, ensuring great results. However, some companies have been using a new strategy to engage customers more. This is done by adding a narrative or storytelling device to make the multimedia come to life and have meaning.

The new strategy of storytelling within emails with the help of multimedia has proved to be successful. Existing users are becoming more interested in the company and engaging more and more with its products and services. They start becoming loyal customers and eagerly wait for more emails to come.

Embedding multimedia elements in marketing emails helps to showcase products or services efficiently. They can additionally be used to ensure that there is a higher level of engagement and conversion rates. There is a massive positive impact on conversion rates when rich multimedia elements are used for promotional emails.


8. The Subject And First Lines


When customers get email notifications, they first see the subject line. Some email apps also show the first line of the email along with the subject. That makes it crucial to be very careful of the words to be chosen for the subject and the first lines.

A clear and concise starting line that will always grab the customer’s eye. Making the emails in a personalized manner makes them click on them almost immediately. Companies use a little bit of urgency or curiosity in their initial lines, which increases the chances of customers wanting to read more. It is always advisable to use powerful words rather than spammy ones. This is because the average retention time has decreased significantly, and the usage of spammy words makes readers uninterested and distracted from the information the company wants to provide.

It is a matter of proper research and trial and error when it comes to the perfect subject lines. Companies must monitor and test out different ideas and styles before finalizing their tone for the emails.



To compete with other brands, it is necessary to be out of the box when it comes to email for marketing and communication. If the email sent is not up to the point and informative, numerous people will unsubscribe so that they do not receive such emails. People may find it displeasing, which will be a problem for the brands. It is now necessary to consider that e-commerce email marketing is very helpful in getting engagement and conversions started. Moreover, sending an email to keep the customers updated about sale announcements and various offers is also one of the quickest ways. Along with that, it also helps in reaching a more extensive range of people in minimal time.

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