Are you a frequent app user? According to the latest statistics around the world, 90% of mobile users are accessing the applications for various reasons. And when you have an android phone, you are bound to install different apps. As a result, billions of new users are installing applications from the google play store every day. Unfortunately, most of the users do not go through the details of the applications before installing them. And some of the users are installing the applications from unauthorized sources. The Bangladeshi app makers are inventing a satisfactory solution to shorten these problems.


So let’s see first what the Modern app LTD is and how to use it.


What Is Modern App LTD?

The Modern app LTD is a collection of different software programs and applications. Modern app LTD is a Bangladeshi app development platform where different types of android applications are available for the users.

A group of app developers is working on modern applications in Bangladesh. The Modern app is an app manufacturing company. This company is working on app developments. This group of app developers is working on modern applications in Bangladesh. The android users are now billions in numbers. And when android users are thinking of downloading any applications, the security matters. This problem is going to be solved in seconds.

When you are using the Modern App LTD, you are securing your access. The use of this application platform is easy. Just you have to install it from the google play store. Then you can start to use your desired applications without experiencing the extra hassle.


Why Using The Modern App?

The modern app LTD is a group of application developers who are working on modern applications. In modern days we all are surrounded by technology and using smartphones. When you have smartphones, you are definitely using multiple mobile applications.

And often, the users blindly download the application from unknown destinations. Installing from unknown destinations is not safe. But when you are using the modern app LTD platform, you will get an authentic platform to download.

This is the reason when you are searching for the safe app installation option. The Modern app is going to be a good option for you. The authentic applications are available here, and sources are safe.

So, the valuable question is what type of applications are available on the platform.

Now go to the next part of modern app LTD details.



7 Top Modern App Ltd Apps In 2022

MODERN APP LTD has many useful applications available on this single platform.90% of these apps are created by Bangladeshi app creators. The single creator group is developing the applications.

The target of creating of this platform is pretty simple. There will be no language barrier and getting over the bugs problems. The users can access all their necessary bugs-free applications from a single platform.

Here are the names of seven frequently used modern apps.


1.  USA Newspapers App

Are you a passionate reader? Want to explore the international news? Then this application is just the right pick for you. You are searching for the best application related to your books and documents. But you will get minimum options that are going to fulfil your exact requirements. When you start accessing this application, the USA updated news is opening in front of you.

By using this application, you can access any newspaper in the USA. You can read most of the US magazines. When you are reading global leading newspapers, your knowledge is getting updated. You also can download any newspaper and magazine from this single application. So you do not have to search down the individual newspapers by name.


2. My Sim My Service

My sim my service is showing all the greatest mobile data plans and packages. The most significant advantage of using this application is you can see all data packages in native Bangladeshi languages. Not only the plans and packages. Along with the data plan and packages, you will get many other available pieces of information sim-related, Like validity and sim dial codes.

When you are searching for sim service plans, you are searching on the internet. And as a result, many insecure search results come in fourth. It is pretty obvious. Every source is not authentic. And if you are paying from insecure applications, there is always a chance of data corruption. So, these problems are sorted out when you are accessing my sim my services applications.


3. Mvminerals

The Mvminerals is a fantastic application for business start-ups. When you are starting a new business, you have requirements for multiple resources. Especially; when you are setting up a manufacturing unit or civil building materials. The building material manufacturing business is profitable. But for manufacturing the right products, you have to get the right number of products from authentic resources.

And this application is the smartest solution for you. Access the Mvminerals applications and see all the available resources. Then select the suitable one according to your budget and amount. You can search for the resources available from the entire country. And then select the best one. Most of the prices of the resources are on the affordable side.


4.  Property Vara Bikri

In the modern days, property buying and selling are no longer coincident. If you seek help to purchase or sell any real estate property, use this app. You can give the property buying advertisement in this app without paying any additional fees.

Not only the property buying and selling for renting, but you can also give the advertisement. Maximum of the properties are situated in Dhaka city. You can search for a place for rent and purchase from this single application. From these applications, you also get many contacts of the real east pageants who are experienced in real estate property handling. Therefore, you can find any type of house to buy and rent from this application.


5.  Adds free Waz Mahfil

This is another great application by which you can listen to Muslim religious talk. Being a religious Muslim person, the Waz time is the most precious time for you. And during this modern-day schedule, Waz attending in Masjid is tricky. But hearing the Waz during your prayer time is such a good moment even when you cannot attend the Masjid prayer.

You can simply download this modern app and listen to the updated Islamic news around the region. If you like to get updated Islamic religious news, this single application is enough. There is no boundary. So, you can hear the international Islamic spiritual speaker’s seminars. So, from this single platform, you can explore the whole world’s Islamic religious talks.


6.  All Newspaper Bangla English

The newspapers are a great source of information. And when you like to get the news of your local and global areas, this application is the best solution. 80% of the newspaper readers are referring to reading the newspapers in their native languages. And this application has the best collection of all the newspapers.

Along with the global English newspapers. You will get many more local Bengali newspaper options. Such as Prothom Alo, Bdnews24, Bd Pratidin, Jugantor, etc. The best part is you do not have to separately visit the individual newspaper’s websites. From this single platform, you can gather international and global news.


7.  Business Card Design

Having an online business is a fascinating experience. But are you thinking of getting more business exposure? It is a common and efficient way to search for a professional designer to design your business card. If you do not create your business card in a suitable way, you cannot take the lead and beat your competitors. Your business card is the recognition of your brand. This is the reason you should not design your business card with your expert opinions.

You are making money and investing in getting the best result. But how to get your expected outcomes. The solution is easy: just book the designer service from this application. You can order the cards for any service and enjoy the creative ideas for your brand. So, keep the contract with the designer only after exploring the specimens copy and designing samples.


Bottom Line:

The MODERN APP LTD is in one solution. The most extensive facility of using the modern app is you do not have to search the individual items by their names. All are segregated there. You just have to install it and then access your desired documents. And all are available in a safe and secure format.

All of these seven applications are the most popular seven applications. And after seeing the functions of the application, you already know each of these applications is essential. Are you a MODERN APP user? Do not forget to share your modern app using experiences in the comment sections.

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Is Picuki Safe? Picuki for Instagram: Is Picuki really anonymous?

Did you know that you can browse instagram and view almost all types of Instagram content using Picuki? For your secure and safe Instagram viewing Platform, Picuki is the best there is.

You can browse instagram stories, articles, and posts using the Picuki app.

Picuki is your go-to instagram viewer and instagram photo editor. It lets you browse Instagram without logging in. So, you don’t have to worry about your login info getting compromised.

You also get competition and tagged location from the Pickui Insta viewer app. You don’t need to create an account to view instagram stories. Picuki is free and is great for researchers; it lets you search using specific locations and hashtags and modify them online.

Be it for showcasing your talent, following your passion, or getting an audience for your social media marketing purposes, Instagram offers tons of opportunities. However, if you want to view instagram and make instagram searches, you can indeed use the Picuki Instagram viewer app.

The Pickuki app runs on all browsers. You can also edit Instagram pictures and use them for your advertising campaigns.

So, if you are thinking about using the Picuki app, this article will help you with some questions that you might have regarding the app.

What Is Picuki?

What Is Picuki?


Picuki is an Instagram editor and Instagram viewer app that lets you view and edit instagram profiles anonymously. Moreover, you can download almost all Instagram images without logging into an account. Isn’t that amazing? Besides, the app offers you all sorts of filters, cropping options, and tweaking options for image saturation, contrast, and brightness of your desired Instagram photo.

Pickuki is an anonymous instagram viewer and Instagram editor. You can view the instagram posts of your desired instagram profile. For instance, you want to check out the Instagram post of your friend or a celebrity. But you want to do it without logging into an Instagram Account; in that case, the Picuki app can help you a lot.


Is Pickui Safe?


Picuki is safe. Since the Picuki users can view Instagram content without any login, they may feel Picuki is unsafe. However, on Scamadviser, Picuki has a high trust rating. You need no login or give away any of your info when using the pikuki app. Trend Micro confirms that Picuki is devoid of any scam.

However, if you download any picture that does not belong to you, you may run into some trouble; but that is highly unlikely. Some of these problems are not directly associated with Picuki itself. For instance-

  • If you download any copyrighted content from Instagram using Picuki and use it for commercial purposes, you may face some legal trouble.
  • Editing or manipulating any image may cause the owners to file legal reports against you. You can always ask the owner’s permission if you want to edit.
  • If you are reposting someone else’s images as your own, you may have to face legal consequences.

So, generally, there are no safety issues to worry about if you are using Picuki. Instead, the issues you may face are related to what you do with the content you download from Picuki.


How Does Picuki Work?


Using or the Picuki app is pretty simple. You can download the app from the Google Play store or head over to the Picuki website.

Picuki lets you do your anonymous instagram search in three categories. You can search using locations, tags, and profiles. If you are still wondering how you can use Picuki, then the following step-by-step method can help you-


Instagram picukiPicuki Instagram Search And Image Download


  1. Download the Picuki Instagram viewer app and open it.
  2. Once you are on the Picuki homepage, you can see a search box.
  3. You need to put the username of the Insta Id you want to view in the search box and click search.
  4. Once the Insta Id you are looking for appears on the search result, you can locate the post you want to download.
  5. You can now select the post you want to download and click on the download option.


Picuki Hashtag Search


  1. Below the Picuki search box, you can see the hashtag option.
  2. You need to click on the hashtag option.
  3. Next, you have to search using the particular hashtag you are looking for.
  4. Once you search using the hashtag you are looking for; you can see the Instagram posts related to that hashtag.


Picuki Location Search


You can also search a profile using their location on Picuki. Here are the steps.

  1. You need to open www picuki com.
  2. Click the location option below the search bar.
  3. Now you can type the location’s name and click on the search icon.
  4. Once you click on search, you will see search results of profiles based on the said location.


Benefits Of Using Picuki


As an anonymous Insta story viewer, Picuki offers you several benefits.

  • The anonymous Insta viewer lets you see Instagram accounts without signing in.
  • You can also view the search history of a specific profile.
  • Your activity does not get traced.
  • It is secure, and you can download posts and Instagram stories without hassle.
  • The app is free, and you can use it for an unlimited period.


Frequently Asked Questions


If you are looking for an instagram viewer without an account, the Picuki app is a great option to look at. If there are any more questions related to this app, the following questions may help you.


– Is Picuki safe for using Instagram?


Yes, This is absolutely safe tool to access and view Instagram profiles and posts. Picuki uses Instagram’s official API to show the realtime content you are searching for. It is absolutely free of cost and does not exploit anyone’s rights, and does not even ask you to register for an account for uses.


– Is Picuki Anonymous?


Yes, Picuki is anonymous. You can view instagram stories and instagram posts without any of your search history getting recorded. Since Picuki does not require you to create an account, you can stay completely safe and protective about your user info.


– How Can I View Instagram Without Logging In?


You can view instagram without logging in. Picuki lets you browse instagram posts and instagram stories without any login info. This IG viewer is free and legal. You need to go to the Picuki app homepage and type the Instagram username in the search box. Now you can view the Instagram Id without logging in.


– Why Is Picuki Not Working?


Due to the amazing features of Pucuki, the app acquired immense popularity. As expected, the traffic on the Picuki website skyrocketed. For that reason, some of the features of the Picuki app were not working. If Picuki is not working, you can resolve that issue by clearing your web browser’s cache or the Picuki app.



Instagram is great for following trends and unique and new content. This is an intuitive platform for marketers and content creators. However, if you are not an Instagram user but still want to view an instagram post or story, you can use a free instagram viewer app. Of Course, there are Picuki alternatives, but the easy and flexible features of Picuki make it the number one instagram story viewer app.

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