6 Useful Tips for Off-The-Chart Instagram Growth

If you’re looking to take your Instagram game up a notch, you have to keep up with the latest trends and find a way to connect with your audience on a deeper level. Instagram is not just about pushing promotions and publishing content without any strategy whatsoever; it’s about engaging, communicating, and educating your audience.

Very few business owners understand that and that’s why they struggle to reach substantial success on this visual social media channel. Instagram gives you all the tools to succeed, and you just have to deploy your strategy properly. Luckily for you, we will show you exactly how you can do that.


Make Use of Tools


Thanks to tools like hashtag and font generators, embellishing your posts with a unique flair is now easier than ever before. Not only do they help make your messages more recognizable but they can also help you reach a wider audience by increasing the visibility of your post.

Furthermore, hashtag generator tools offer suggestions for commonly used hashtags according to your industry that will fetch you more engagement, while font generator tools let you choose from an array of fonts that make your message stand out. Choosing the right combination of tags and fonts when posting can be the key to success in this digital age.

So if you are looking to wow your audience, make sure to find reliable tools online, such as Pathsocial free IG tools to help you out. In addition to the hashtag and font generators, they also offer other tools that enable you to download and view content anonymously, helping you to keep an eye on the competition without a hitch.

Connect, Connect, Connect


You are not a solo player in your niche; other brands are striving to succeed, just like you. And there’s nothing better than achieving greatness with someone who understands your challenges the best.

Engage with other brands and incentivize them to work with you on a collaboration project where both of you can showcase your niche expertise, provide consumers with previews of new products and work together to conquer the industry. For this type of project, there needs to be a lot of trust involved. Select a partner you know will stick by your side and will not use you just to obtain exposure.

Carefully organize with your collaborator in regards to the content—which pieces will land on your Instagram Story and which will land on theirs. After that, ensure that the content is always new, relevant, and informative.

If you have a hard time finding collaborators, take to LinkedIn and start networking. You will be surprised just how much brands are looking to find a partner to join their journey.


Post Only High-Quality Content


You probably heard “focus on quality” so often about your visual content, but that’s not exclusive to that type of content. Instagram allows you to delight and inspire your audience with the caption features. Each visual experience can be elevated with the right copy, so don’t forget to focus on the written part, not just on the cameras and lenses.

Going on, it might be a good idea to take a break from launching promotions from time to time. In fact, 81% of consumers need to form a bond and develop trust in a brand before they make a purchase. With that in mind, you would be making a big mistake if you failed to communicate on a human level with them.

Try to share your thoughts on a particular trendy event and join a fight for a social cause. Your Instagram audience will love that you take the time to focus on real real-world problems rather than just pushing promotions.


Stories Are Still the Bread and Butter of Instagram


Instagram Stories are still one of the best ways to engage with your followers. They allow you to make polls and Q&A, and add location tags, hashtag challenges, and quizzes, making it easy to interact with your community. In addition, Stories are a great way for people to get a behind-the-scenes look at what you’re up to in real time.

Using quirky stickers, color filters, and captions that show off your personality can be fun to bring viewers into your life. Experimenting with various strategies in Instagram Stories can help enhance relationships with current followers as well as attract new ones.

Take Advantage of Instagram Live


Instagram Live is a fantastic way to engage with your followers in real time. With Instagram Live, you can start a Q&A session that encourages consumer engagement. Additionally, you may offer special discounts or giveaways while streaming live, making followers that connect feel valued and appreciated.


Use Influencer Marketing


In today’s rapidly advancing digital marketing world, using influencers to promote your brand as a way to gain significant visibility and recognition is unparalleled by other marketing efforts. You can partner with individuals or companies that have worked hard to cultivate strong relationships with their followers and leverage that community support to boost your own business growth.

Doing so will allow you to extend your reach and maximize returns by tapping into established networks of potential customers who enjoy engaging with your chosen influencer.

That being said, be wary of influencer and their fees. The higher the following they have, the higher the price you will have to pay for their services. In most cases, opting to work with a micro-influencer is the option, as they will dedicate a lot more time to your brand and develop a comprehensive strategy to help you boost your online presence. Still, if you have the budget and think you will benefit from a macro influencer, enlisting one is your prerogative.


In Conclusion

If you want to conquer the world of Instagram, the tips we outlined above will greatly benefit you and set you on the right track toward success. Always have the right tool at your side, and if you want to grow rapidly, consider enlisting a professional Instagram celebrity to help you with that process.

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Instagram Demographic Statistics: How Many People Use Instagram In 2023?

It’s no overstatement to say that a lot of people use Instagram and that it’s only growing in popularity. There’s a constant influx of new users keeping it fresh and that’s why it’s always a good idea to get engaging Instagram followers for your accounts. These are users that, not only follow you but interact with your posts.

Instagram is one of the best ways to share your content and products on the internet and that’s not going to change anytime soon. It’s a readymade audience and it’s easy to target the types of users you want. All you have to do is take a look at how many people use Instagram in 2023 to know that it’s a powerful tool for your business.


Billions of Downloads


The easiest way to start understanding how popular this app happens to be is to simply look at the number of downloads. It’s currently sitting at a full 3.8 billion downloads across the world! That number is difficult to comprehend because it’s so large!

You can compare it to similar apps to understand it a little bit better. TikTok is one of the newest apps around and it’s already so popular that it’s been downloaded 2.6 billion times. Then there’s Facebook, which has been around for almost two decades, sitting at a massive 5 billion downloads.


What Downloads mean


While the number of downloads an app has doesn’t directly translate to the number of active users, it gives you plenty of information about its popularity. For instance, looking at downloads for Twitter will show you that it’s on a downward trend. That information is echoed in its daily user counts and interaction numbers.

Instagram is continuing to grow and its audience is only getting larger. That means that anyone using the app will have instant access to a major audience that’s more likely to engage in your content than on a less popular platform. This is why it only makes sense to get engaging Instagram followers that will interact with your content and share it.


Active Monthly Users


The next set of data to look at is the active monthly user number that Instagram has to offer its users. They’ve previously announced that they have over 1 billion active monthly users and that’s a really impressive number. You can add up the active monthly users for Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Twitter and it won’t reach 1 billion.

An active monthly user is a person that actively opens and uses the app at least once a month. That’s why the number is so important. These aren’t simply people who downloaded and never used the app, they’re active users and that’s what matters.


How it gets used


We also have to consider how the app is being used if you want to fully understand it. Instagram is largely a photo and video-sharing app and that’s how it gets used. There are over 95 million videos and photos being shared on the app every day.

That translates to some fierce competition when you create an account to share your content and products. While you can take full advantage of their keyword system, you’ll need to understand how to effectively use the app to your benefit. That’s where the ability to get engaging Instagram followers will help you stand out from the crowd on a highly populated app.


Active Time spend on Instagram


Another data point to consider is the amount of time that users spend on the app, daily. If most users simply open the app, look at their home page, and close it, it’s not going to net you very much engagement. That’s why it’s a very good thing that most people using the app will actively engage with it for 30 minutes at a time.

The majority of Instagram users spend about half an hour a day on it and that’s a decent amount of time. It gives them plenty of time to consume content from multiple posters while they’re using it. That can give you a good idea of the best way to strategize your marketing to get the most out of it.


Instagram Stories is a Hit


Instagram recently released a feature called Stories and it’s been a major success so far. If you’re unfamiliar with it, this feature allows users to post photos and videos that get deleted from their accounts after 24 hours. It’s very reminiscent of another app, Snapchat, and users are taking advantage of it.

Any person or company that’s interested in increasing their reach needs to take advantage of Stories as best they can. It surpassed 400,000 daily active users in 2018 and it’s showing no signs of slowing down. If you want to get the most out of this app and what it can do for your content, utilizing Stories is a must.


Many Companies are on Instagram


There was a recent study from eMarketer that looked at U.S. businesses and Instagram. They found that, nationwide, a full 71% of businesses are already on Instagram. What’s impressive here is the fact that this number was only 32.3% in 2015.

That’s a huge amount of growth but it becomes even more important when you compare them to the percentage of businesses using the competitors. Only 67% of U.S. businesses are on Twitter. That means that companies vastly prefer the interaction they get on Instagram and they’re driving its growth at the same time.


Instagram Users Interact with Companies


With all of this information in mind, it still gets better for businesses on Instagram. It turns out that 80% of Instagram users engage with companies daily. That same number of users also follows at least one company with their account.

That is why it’s so important that you get engaging Instagram followers for your content or business. You’re going to have a built-in audience that’s not afraid to interact with your posts and follow your links. It’s one of the best ways to drive traffic to your web platform and get dedicated users interacting with your site.


Hashtags make the Post


Anyone using Instagram regularly has to know how important hashtags happen to be. These are used in any post that gets viewed by large numbers of people. What most users don’t realize is that most of these hashtags are also branded.

No matter what the hashtag happens to be, there’s almost always a company behind it and that’s driving traffic and interaction right to their door. It’s a very good idea to come up with a hashtag strategy to get the most out of your Instagram account. There are also going to be other uses for adding them to their posts for you.


Instagram Ads Make Money


The most important feature that’s been added to Instagram is the ability to buy ad space from them. These ads are then put in front of users that are most likely to engage with them and drive traffic. They work very well and it’s easy to see that when you take a look at how much money they make the company.

Instagram ad revenue is currently sitting at $9.45 billion. That’s straight revenue going right to Instagram and there’s a reason that companies are willing to pay it out to them. The ad system works and it drives business for the companies that use it.


The Ads are Far Reaching


What makes these ads so successful is the fact that they have the ability to 928 million people at any given time. That’s the best reason to spend the money to advertise your business on Instagram. That kind of reach is next to impossible to reach on any other online platform.

These ads are also much less expensive than traditional media ads. Buying ad space on TV or radio can cost a company thousands of dollars and end up being completely ineffectual. Buying ad space on Instagram is a much smaller risk with the potential for a much higher payout in the end.


Posting doesn’t have to be Constant


With so much interaction and so much money going around, it seems like companies have to share multiple posts every day, just to keep up with the other users on the platform. That’s simply not true, though. It turns out that only 5% of Instagram accounts post at least once a day.

It’s simply not necessary to constantly churn out content on Instagram. Users will continue to interact and engage with their posts a few days after they’ve been posted. That’s a bit different from other platforms that force you to post multiple times a day, just to stay in the public eye.


7 Posts per Week is the Key


If you want to get the most out of Instagram and take full advantage of its huge growth and popularity then posting 7 times a week is the key. Once you get engaging Instagram followers, 7 posts a day is going to be enough to keep them interested in your brand and interacting with your posts. Anything more may be helpful, but not necessary.

That makes Instagram the best option for any business to drive traffic and interaction. It has a larger user base and more engagement than its competitors. It also takes less work, so it only makes sense to take advantage of it!

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Popular Ways to Level Up Your Influencer Life

The word “Influencer” might ring a bell for those who spend time on social media. They can be anyone from your friends, family, or, secretly, your own co-worker. But, of course, everyone wants their own time to shine on the Internet.

When you want to have a taste of the influencer life, do it step-by-step. The difference here is that everything is done online. While the algorithm says otherwise, you need to have some form of identity. In this article, here are the popular ways to level up your social media in this article. Let’s get started!


1.  Know your audience

Each social media platform has its own audience. Marketing on the platforms has changed drastically from paid ads to organic word-of-mouth marketing. Some people love to see the content by their favorite creators. On one site, Instagram marketing brings better results. 83% of users were able to discover new products and services, especially with the help of an influencer.


2.  Prepare a mood board

A mood board is the general guide of a brand. Think colors, fonts, icons, images, etc. Mood boards can vary on the aesthetic. Each person has their preferences, and they will be drawn to the style. If there is no direction in the aesthetic, it can be bad for the brand. Be sure that the mood board is aligned with the vision you have in mind.


3.  Engage with anyone

In other words, interact. Engaging is the best way to reach out to your audience. If one gives a comment on your post, thank them in your words. You can also engage in pages that share similar interests. When you keep it up, you can have a network of people. But, do be careful. Some brands or pages can be deceiving. Think before you post.


4.  Collaborate like-minded influencers

Collaboration can reach more people. If you are starting out, try to find an influencer who shares similar interests or principles. Be sure that you need to communicate with them properly. It can start from a small comment to an email.

Once it goes smoothly, grab the chance. Remember: be kind. Compassion can go a long way.


5.  Be true to yourself

There is a reason why people follow you: It’s yourself. How you present yourself can impact a person’s impression of you. If you know what you stand for, walk the talk. Social media is another world compared to real life.

When you post anything on social media, it will create a domino effect. Influencers can also bring in unwanted users, whether they like it or not. What you do on the site will show your personality.


6.  Understand your influence

Influencers thrive on their niches. When the niche is reaching more people, do note if the followers are real or not. There are bot accounts created for the sole purpose of following the content. It can be draining for the influencer. So the moment you look at an influencer with many followers, do a quick scan. You have your own niche; they have theirs.



Influencers have the power to start a trend. The moment one posts, it can go anywhere. Recognize that it is up to you when you want to finish what you started.

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How to Get Verified on Instagram in 6 Simple Steps in 2021

Do you want that blue tick? We get it. In fact, we all want to be Instagram famous.

To be honest, not everyone qualifies for that on Instagram, and If you’re not famous, it’s a hard road to tread to get verified on Instagram. Think about it. If it were as easy as a walk in the park, everyone would have got it on their profile.

But don’t get worried by these words, I’ve got the advice you can follow. I’ll also tell you the criteria based on which Instagram decides to whom they should give a tick and whom not to give.

I’ll be covering more on that later, but first…

What does that Blue Tick represent, it’s not what you think? 

If you think that having a blue tick on Instagram is a sign of success, oh boy, let me shatter the illusion for you.

It’s just a myth…

The tick symbolizes Instagram’s stamp of approval, that this is a legit famous account, not a fake one.

It helps businesses and influencers to establish trust with their followers, but will not help you in becoming more popular.

You may have seen many people building their accounts on Instagram for the same person. Different accounts for the same personality. Fan or meme pages can’t get verified on Instagram. It’s really next to impossible.

Here is one exception with meme pages, that they can build or register their company on their meme page name, and then they can apply for getting verified.

By the way, there is no trickery here; Instagram itself explains how you can get verified, they have certain criteria. Let’s take a look at it.


Who can get it? Are you eligible?

If you can meet the requirements of Instagram as mentioned below, then you’re likely to have what you’re looking for in this article.

Authentic – You need to have an Instagram account that represents a real entity, person, or business with some brand value. You can’t fabricate a fake account and expect to get that tick.

Unique – You can only have one verified account for a particular entity, person, or business. Instagram won’t verify a fan page of different interests.

Complete – Make sure your profile is completely set up, and that includes your bio, which shouldn’t ask people to follow you on other platforms. You can link to your other platforms from your bio, but you can’t ask people to follow you outside of Instagram.

Notable – You should be found on Google. You need to be featured on different websites and in news articles. It’s simple, to get that blue tick on Instagram, you need to be famous. You must be a well-known person. Startups often need to be full-fledged businesses first, before they can get verified.

NOTE: Be sure that Instagram profiles that represent a personality as well as businesses, get verified very quickly. Example: Dan Lok. It’s a company but it’s also closely associated with a famous person.


If you’re eligible, Follow this step?

After reading the criteria above, you have understood that getting a blue tick is difficult, and it probably won’t happen soon. However, that does not mean it won’t happen ever; Give it a try and see If you qualify or not.

How to Get Verified on Instagram in 6 Simple Steps

  1. Open Instagram, and hit your profile image at the bottom.
  2. Then click the three-line menu button at the top right.
  3. Now, Click setting and then click Account.
  4. And then on request Verification.
  5. Now, Fill out your full name, what you’re known as by another name, and select a category that describes your Instagram account.
  6. Now, upload any governmental document (e.g. driving licenses), if you are a business, upload your company registration document.
  7. Lastly, hit the send button.


What will happen after you drop in your application

Only two things could take place: you’ll either get verified or not. If you didn’t get verified, you should make sure that you’ve provided all the relevant information to Instagram.

Additionally, you can use the same 4 criteria as explained above to take a look at your profile.

Overall, getting featured in different magazines and other places where you could build your authority is the best way to establish your credibility. 

If you’re a business, then market your business more, blog, do press releases and get a feature in an interview.

Do these things regularly, consistently and you can apply for a blue tick after every 30 days. Below I have shared a few ways to build your credibility.


What If – You Get Rejected Regularly – 6 Simple Steps

Don’t take this as a promise or encouragement that it will work for you, but if you follow the steps mentioned below, it might happen. 

  1. Be Authentic (not for your Instagram but for your audience) – If you want to increase your Instagram followers, it’s important to create content that appeals to your potential audience. There’s no magic trick for Instagram success. Just follow best practices and keep producing good content.
  2. Get a website & Rank High -You can attract more people to your site if you provide high-quality content related to your business. Just be sure that whenever someone types in your name, you get ranked at the top. Be unique. Don’t get buried at the bottom of the search results.
  3. Do Interview – Are you a renowned expert? A revered affiliate? Give interviews to others and build your authority. Interviews are a great way to share your knowledge and build your reputation.
  4. Get Featured in News – Getting featured by news organizations is one of the best ways to spread the word about your business and about your personality. Apparently, you can get verified quickly if Instagram found You featured on a news article. 
  5. Follow IG Rules & Guidelines – If you can’t follow the platform guideline, you’re out of luck, because nobody wants to work with someone who can’t follow the rules. Don’t cheat and don’t lie; the truth is the most important quality in an online space where everyone has a voice.
  6. Read This Article Again – Every sentence in this article is important, so be sure to read it again. If you already read this article, you may want to read it again!


Wrapping things up

Look, I have outlined all of our strategies for getting that blue check on Instagram.

You have to accept that not everyone who wants a blue tick will get one. If it starts giving blue ticks to everyone, then it will not be of any importance.

Instagram doesn’t care how many people follow you on your profile. What they need is that you are famous. 

Make sure you use the strategies that I told you and you can apply once every 30 days for getting verified. when I say to apply every 30 days, I just mean be sure to apply once every month.

You have to keep trying different tactics and remember that getting verified on Instagram takes time.

I hope that if you do this, you will be verified.


I’m Ritesh, a copywriter who loves to write articles & blogs, email for businesses, and anything creative that drives people to take action. I have over 4 years of experience in writing, and I am able to deliver high-quality work within the set time frame. In my spare time, I love to study the world’s diplomatic relationships.

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