10 Ways To Use Video Content in 2022 For Marketing

The year 2022 is approaching, and video marketing has become one of the most effective digital marketing tactics. If your business is not using any video content, you’re already missing out on its many benefits and potential clients.

Video marketing has changed the way not just how businesses market themselves but also how consumers purchase. It has changed the way salespeople communicate with and convert prospects and how customer service teams assist and delight them.


Why video content?

As video content should be produced in a conversational, actionable, and quantifiable manner by all teams, video marketing is a holistic marketing approach. Most consumers consume video content by brands before they avail a product or service.

Video content can do wonders for your business. It increases brand awareness and engagement of the audience and helps in gaining organic traffic, leads, and sales conversions.

Ways to Use Video Content in 2022


Vlogs are one of the most effective ways to connect to your customers, build brand personality and get your audience engaged through the method of storytelling.

Through vlogs, you get to tell how your business came into being, events, experiences, perspectives, etc. This helps the consumers to develop an understanding of your brand.

Customers can learn more about how your product is created by watching behind-the-scenes vlogs. It’s an excellent method to engage with your customers emotionally.


Animated videos

Animated videos are an excellent method that helps viewers to get a grasp of technical or sophisticated products. As a result, it’s no surprise that animated videos are frequently utilized as explainer videos, particularly effective on a sales landing page.

2D, 3D, and stop-motion animation are the three types of animation. 2D animation is similar to a comic or a cartoon in that it is flat. Like most recent animated films and video games, 3D animation has dimension and depth. Individual frames of real-world objects are captured in stop-motion animation.



Your brand will benefit from testimonial videos. They feature delighted consumers from the past or present commenting about how much they enjoyed using your product or service.

Customer feedback that is candid and personal is more potent than anything you could say about your firm. These are the kinds of videos that can be shared all over the internet.


Live Videos

Your audience will get a unique experience of knowing first-hand information about your business via live videos. It can give your customers a chance and lead them to enquire about anything in real-time, and you get to interact with them too.

Live videos also attract longer streams and more excellent engagement rates. Interviews, seminars, and events should be streamed live, and viewers should be encouraged to ask questions in the comments section.


Social Media Short Videos

Short video clips are often consumed on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn.

They’re usually lively, playful, and entertaining, and they’re meant to be shared. They could be lifestyle images, product or service videos, sound clips, educational, etc.

These are effective mediums for marketing as more people consume social media regularly. Moreover, it is an open and transparent platform that will help the consumers know more about the authenticity of your brand.


Motion Graphics

Motion graphics videos are a type of animation that communicates with text and forms. These videos usually use music, sound, and voice-over to convey simple information.

Complicated ideas are efficiently communicated using motion graphics in an easy-to-understand manner. This makes them the type of video that can be great for describing a product or service.



Interviewing internal experts or industry thought leaders is a superb method to establish trust and authority with your target audience. Find industry influencers, whether they share your point of view or not, and bring these dialogues to your audience.

This type of video also establishes the authority of your brand. You not only demonstrate your knowledge and experience by answering the questions, but you also give your brand a voice that your target audiences can relate to.


Instructive videos

Instructional videos can teach your audience something new or help them gain the core knowledge to understand your company and its products better.

These could be educational or ‘how-to’ videos. Your sales and service representatives can also use these videos when dealing with customers.


Product Demos

Demo videos demonstrate how your product functions. It could be anything from utilizing your product to unboxing items, among other things.

The primary objective of this type of video is to attract new clients who are just starting their product investigation. You’ll want to highlight not simply the product’s beauty but also its function and necessity.


Explainer videos

Explainer videos are designed to explain why your audience requires your product or service. They should convey your company’s mission and why it is essential in a short amount of time.

Explainers are short videos that end with a solid call to action and provide a simple answer to a complex problem.


Wrapping up

It is feasible to master video content for marketing initiatives. Videos incorporate several elements to address a specific marketing funnel obstacle, such as raising awareness, piquing the audience’s attention, influencing decisions, and eliciting action.

Customers prefer video to other methods for brands of all sizes and industries to communicate with them. Platforms favor video content more than ever before, and even new devices like phones and tablets are more video-ready than ever before. That means that to be competitive, you must fully utilize this fantastic marketing tool.

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Effect of IPs on SEO Strategies

IPs are the addresses that every device connected to the internet has. The addresses are the ones through which most of the devices are back-tracked. In internet marketing there is a myth usually the webmasters are the strong believer in this myth. The myth goes like this “Every link must be made on a unique IP otherwise search engine penalizes”


After thorough research and going through the views of John Mueller it is confirmed that IPs have little to no effect on the SEO of your website. Be it the link building or moving to the new server. Below is the aftermath of the changing IP.


Effect Of IP On SEO After Switching To New Server:

Every website has a unique IP address. This IP address is assigned by the server they are stored on. If a webmaster switches the server the IP address changes. But in this scenario, the SEO optimization of the website remains the same. The links referring to your website remain the same. Due to which nothing affects the SEO strategy of your website.


Yes! One should be concerned about the business but even the best digital marketing agency in Oshawa confirms that there was no effect of the switching. They switched several websites from one server to another or the hosting of the website. All the websites performed better due to a better server response time. But none of them suffered a loss in ranking or traffic.


Effect Of Dedicated IP Addresses for eCommerce SEO:

Most eCommerce websites prefer a dedicated IP or server for their website. Having a dedicated hosting server for your eCommerce website is expensive but serves amazingly. As the SSL certificate protects your customers when they approach the shopping cart page.


Also, you won’t have to worry about your website being laggy. There is one server that is just hosting your website. The traffic landing on your website won’t feel any delays. The eCommerce websites mostly choose such services due to the huge chunk of images and bulky content.


Things To Make Sure Before Switching IP Of Website:

Always make sure that your websites’ all files are working properly on the new server. Have all the website’s files tested and prepared before switching to the new server. Also, do not change any URLs, this will affect the SEO and will make the search engine re-index the page and its content. That means you would need to restart all your SEO work from zero.


Some servers are case sensitive, this means that the links being referred to your web pages might not work if the server is case sensitive. This is not a common scenario and most servers don’t mind the upper case of lower case letters. But it’s always better to play safe than sorry. So make sure that you check all the links using any link checker. Spend some time and if you find the case-sensitive scenario use the 301 redirects to navigate better.


Sometimes the search engines take time to update their cache. Now the time for the search engine’s cache updation varies from search engine to search engine. Some experts recommend a day and some recommend a month. To prevent a de-ranking you must keep the files accessible on the old server for some time. This will ensure smooth server switching.


How To Secure Your Website IP From Hackers?

Let’s be honest here, no matter where you are in the world or how secure you might think you are, you are still vulnerable to hackers. Even the tiny piece of information can be useful to the hackers to harm your website. Most people don’t take it seriously as it is nothing more than a tiny piece of numbers but it does need to be protected properly.


One thing that needs to be done foremost is that you must obtain unique passwords. By unique passwords, it’s meant that you need hexadecimal passwords. Not just your birthdate or telephone number you need to give those hackers a tough time.


Also, add layers of security to your website do not leave it open. Any vulnerable gateways can be accessed by hackers easily. Also, the hackers use the age-old SQL-Injection method to access the database of your website. Nowadays there are several reliable solutions that are very affordable that webmasters can use to secure their websites.


Always install security plugins to the website. There are plenty of them and all of them are serving multiple functions for the security of your website. Webmasters can also use the free ones if the budget is tight for them. But all of the plugins are great to have an extra layer of security for your website.


Using HTTPS For The Website:

HTTPS is the guard that holds all the financial information of the website user secure. The information remains between the user and the server of the website. It uses an SSL certificate for the protection of the user’s information. Also, if you are waiting for the traffic to land on your website, which is the primary goal of SEO optimization. Not having an SSL certificate will immediately bounce back the traffic due to updated security protocols.


Some of the SEOs have experienced a great deal of loss in traffic due to not having an SSL certificate. Not having an SSL certificate can even further drop down the rankings of your website in the SERPs washing down all the SEO work in the gutters. Also, many webmasters don’t take it seriously but the updation of the website also matters a lot for the good SEO of your website.


Final Words:

Having a secure website and hosting it on a secure server should be the primary goal of webmasters. If they want to rank their website and want the traffic to land on their website in a smooth elevated graph. Also, the traffic may bounce back if you won’t give them a safe environment to surf in. Making sure that your IP is safe and strong can help you a lot in your web rankings making the monetized income increase.

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10 Benefits of Using SVG over PNG

Communicating through graphic content with the audience has become the most powerful thing in today’s time. From education to E-commerce websites, everything uses visual content in different formats like SVG, PNG, JPEG, GIF as per the demand of the content.

SVG and PNG are the formats used these days.SVG has two main components, Scalable and Vector, wherein scalable; these are scaled without losing their quality at any dimension. Vector is the computer graphics used to design the images by using computational methods.

With the growth of the internet, SVG offers different avenues for its application. It attains popularity due to its accessible, open-source format, versatility, and ability to be edited and modified with software such as Adobe Illustrator without any cost. As icons are being used on various web pages, designers search styles and many associated opportunities. This may help you to create a new set of icons for your digital products.PNG is a different image format used as an alternative to JPG, GIF, or BMP.

PNG has the feature to get compressed in a lossless manner. Another thing is it supports Alpha Channel transparency allowing the control over what kind of content the end-user see on the screen.

How is SVG different from PNG?

There are so many differences between the SVG and PNG formats; this article will focus on some of the advantages of SVG over PNG.


1. Type of image:

SVG: Vector image is XML-based generated by two-dimensional graphics supporting interactivity and animation. Since it’s a vector image, the pictures are geometric shapes with a high geometric precision interpreted on the Cartesian plane. It can be points, curves, lines, or any geometric shape.

PNG: A pixel-based raster image that supports palette-based images. These are used in digital photography by professionals as well as non-professional. The photos are 2-D in the rectangular matrix.


2. Transparency:

In photography, the term “transparency” refers to the ability to support transparent areas in an image or layer. Layers, filters, and effects can all have their opacity adjusted so that more of the image shows through.

Both SVG and PNG support it, but in the case of SVG, the background is transparent only if rect or graphic fillers are not used. Also, in the case of using CSS for setting the background color, the transparency is lost.

Whereas, as in PNGs, a transparent background is common and used to make changes as needed.


3. Editable:

SVG’s has coordinates, making them easy to edit by changing the values of its coordinates and making the SVG as per need. For editing, simple text editors are used, or you can work with various SVG editors like adobe illustrator or you can manually type the code and get the unique product.

On the other side, PNG is made up of pixels that mean changing them will alter the image quality. It needs to be converted into a more compatible form for editing, or tools like adobe photoshop is used.


4. Animation:

A technique that manipulates figures to make them appear to move. The majority of animations in today’s world are created using computer-generated imagery (CGI).SVG graphics are animated by using animation elements.

In comparison,simple PNG does not allow any animation but animated Portable Network Graphics file format extends the PNG specification allowing the animated images to function and supports 24-bit images and 8-bit transparency.


5. Lossless compression:

It’s a method of data compression that doesn’t result in any data loss. By indicating redundant data with an internal shorthand, it bundles data into a smaller file size. Lossless compression’s main benefit and advantage are that it preserves image quality while reducing file size.  For PNG files, lossless compression is used.

Lossless compression maintains all of the data in the file during the compression process. Lossless compression is required when working with images that are still being edited. However, Like PNG and Gif  SVG’s also supports lossless compression.


6. Scalability:

SVGs comprise pixel-independent geometrical drawing instructions, such as shapes, paths, and lines. From the standpoint of file size, it makes no difference what size the image is rendered because the instructions remain the same. This is the reason while zooming them; the image quality does not change. This is because SVG scales have an unlimited resolution.

On the other hand, png comes with limited pixels, which means whenever the PNG images are zoomed, their pixels start showing up. The image gets pixelated, causing lower image quality.


7. Loading Speed:

The webpage load at a specific speed at a given time is referred to as page speed. Factors affecting the page loading speed are page file size and image compression. Smaller the size of the image on the webpage, the faster the loading speed.

SVG is considered better because the image size is small and quicker to load than PNG, where the image size is more, which increases the page rendering speed.


8. SEO importance:

SVG files are text-based, including the keywords and descriptions. This means Google can understand them and index them. By reducing loading times, can significantly improve website performance. SVG minimizes the number of HTTP requests because it is embedded in the HTML of a web page and does not require any external resources, allowing pages to load even faster.

On the other hand, PNG is pixel-based, adding depth to the image giving the real looking images. The images have a large file size which can reduce the page speed. Along with that, they consist of attributes like title and alt for SEO purposes.


9. Usage:

SVGs are used on devices with high resolution images.SVG can also be used to create complex illustrations like graphs, charts, and company logos. All of these graphics have the advantage of being scalable and CSS-style able.

PNGs best utilization is for business charts, line drawings, signs, logos, and so on. It is an alternative to GIF andis quite common in Web pages and used in image creation.


10. Logo and color:

Logos are in high demand in today’s world because they are versatile and help with SEO. The same is possible with SVG and PNG.

SVG is superior because it is a vector format that can be used to create logos for websites, mobile devices, and computer graphics. The SVG’s color palette is limitless, allowing the user to select from a wide range of vibrant options.

PNG, on the other hand, is a raster format that can only be used to create logos for the web. Color palettes such as PNG 8 – 256 and PNG 24 – Millions are included in PNG, limiting users’ color choices.


The wrap up:

SVG and PNG are the two most popular image formats used in digital media these days. There are so many differences between the two, but this article will focus on some of the advantages of using the latter over the former.

As icons are being used on various web pages, designers search styles and many associated opportunities. PNG is a different image format used as an alternative to JPG, GIF, or BMP. Since it’s a vector image, the pictures are geometric shapes with a high geometric precision interpreted on the Cartesian plane.

SVG graphics are animated by using animation elements. For PNG files, lossless compression is used. SVGs comprise pixel-independent geometrical drawing instructions, such as shapes, paths, and lines. This means when zooming them, the image quality does not change. SVG is considered better because the image size is small and quicker to load.

PNG is pixel-based, adding depth to the image giving the real looking images. It is an alternative to GIF and is quite common in Web pages and used in image creation. The images have a large file size which can reduce the page speed. So SVG are better than PNGs in many factors.

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Winning Ways of Digital Marketing for Local Business

The owners of local businesses are aware of the importance of digital marketing in today’s day and age. The reason why many face the unfortunate circumstances of insufficient growth is they either run out of ideas or are unable to maintain the consistency required. However, the significance of digital marketing is more evident than previously it ever was. Youcan gain access to a variety of fresh ideas according to the changing trends, thanks to social media advertising, search engine optimization, pay-per-click marketing, and content marketing.Several fresh people in the field of digital marketing believe that it is a time wastage to focus on making money online. Hence, they step away from the world of marketing, as they are faced withnonstopblunders, and become frustrated.


What is Digital Marketing?

If you want to promote business via online platforms then email marketing, internet, website, blogs, social media platforms, mobile marketing, and video marketing are the most recommended channels. This is what digital marketing is all about and how effectively you can promote business online. There are several techniques and strategies related to marketing including content marketing, SEO, Social media, paid ads, Facebook ads, and email marketing. These are crucial as far as the growth of business is concerned and essentially known as brand development services.


Reason to Avail Digital Marketing Services

Internet is not anything new in the market, and so does the term digital marketing. Whether people are those who go through digital content consumption, Internet users, or mobile phone users, all of them fall in the category of digital marketing. Hence, this is the reason why popularity continues to grow in numbersdailyas far as users are concerned. The number of people that are benefiting from the Internet are increasing day by day and adults are mostly the ones involved in it. As per Pew Research, there has been a 5% increase in Internet usage among adults, in the last three years. There has been a significant amount of change in the way people buy and shop for things.


Is Digital Marketing a Valid Approach?

For brand development services, marketing involves several aspects; however, nothing is as effective as digital marketing. Regardless of the business, you are engaged with; it is beneficial for the companies that you own. To make sure your brand marketing is an effective one, there are several tools that you can make use of. One of the highly recommended tools in that regard is Clipit, used for making highly effective marketing campaigns. As far as online advertisements are concerned, Clipit shortens the URL and enhances it beautifully. Hence, it helps in several aspects including retargeting the audience, using marketing campaigns on different channels, and tracking your audience. As far as amplifying your reach or knowing your targeted audience is concerned, this tool can turn out to be effective to boost efforts for local business digital marketing.


Beginning the process of Digital Marketing

The inclusion of several topics and sub-topics has made the subject of digital marketing complex and vast. As far as being an expert in digital marketing, you should be familiar with how giant corporations or local businesses deal with issues surrounding digital marketing. Below are the channels related to digital marketing to kick-start digital marketing for local companies:

CommonChannels for Digital Marketing
  • Social Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • PPC Advertising
  • Content Marketing
  • E-Mail Marketing
  • Google Ads
  • YouTube Marketing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an aspect that involves Search Engine Marketing and inbound marketing and is known for a better return on investment (ROI) as compared to the other channels. As far as brand development services are concerned, proper implementation of SEO can generate guaranteed results. However, the process itself is time-consuming, difficult, and complicated. SEO is the most significantdigital marketing chunk, particularly for local businesses. As far as marketing digital marketing channels are concerned, nothing can come close to effective channels for digital marketing than SEO. Hence, for acquiring traffic and website visibility, no one can ignore or deny its importance.


Search Advertising

Besides SEO, search advertising is another channel for digital marketing, however, confused frequently with PPC. It is paid approach to advertise on the search engines, andamong the well-renowned search advertising platforms besides Google AdWords.


Social Media Marketing

Another common channel for marketing via digital platforms is social media marketing. With the rising users on the Internet, its popularity keeps on increasing daily. If you are looking for promotion of your business in today’s day and age then social platforms for instanceare the best choice. These include LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google, and Quora, which are ideal for marketing your business online.


Email Marketing

Email marketing is another common channel for digital marketing ideally used for brand development services.As compared to other channels of marketing, it has significant experience and is known as mass mail or bulk mail.The channel of email marketing is mostly preferred for digital marketers, second to SMS and other channels of marketing.


Google Ads

The paid advertisements introduced and offered by Google are known as Google Ads that are mostly displayed on other websites. It is known as display advertising and marketing strategies, letting advertisers create the following:

  • Search ads
  • Display ads
  • YouTube video ads
  • Shopping ads
  • Mobile app download ads

The platform of advertisement ofGoogle Ads is a versatile one, hence the reason why many brands take advantage of it for lead generation.


Content Marketing

The broad term of digital marketing is incomplete without the existence of content marketing. A diverse platform has wide-ranging content assets includingvideos, blog posts, infographics, eBooks,etc. It is essential to improve assets of content including driving sales, improving brand awareness, driving clicks, or generating leads. Furthermore, the content can be promoted via various other channels including social media, Search engine marketing, and Search engine optimization.


YouTube Marketing

Last but not least is YouTube marketing, where users are allowed to watch and search videos. It is acknowledged as the second largest search engine after Google andanowned product of Google. To generate leads and market the brands, YouTube is preferred mostly by giant corporations.Furthermore, to promote and market your brand, YouTube marketing is effective and beneficial, and you can upload videos and create a channel without any cost.



As far as marketing your brand is concerned, the effectiveness and versatile approach to digital marketing have no limits. Hence the reason why new and experienced brand development services make use of these platforms and reap effective results out of them.

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You Are Not An SEO Expert Without These 7 Techniques

Everybody has heard of search engine optimization (SEO) and most people know that it is all about implementing strategies. But, no matter how intricately devised any strategy is, if you are not following the basics, you are probably not ranking where you want to be.

So, here are some tips & tricks that will help you learn the basics & will also induce a feeling of being an expert in you.


1) Google Your Brand’s Name

This step is extremely important as a brand name which is present on google as any company, brand, or industry that ranks on Google.com must have a staggering reputation and presence in the market. If the website of the brand ranks at a higher position, then the chances of positive PR are high.

Further, besides Google, there are various other places on which the listing of your page can be done to improve its popularity & reputation. Their names are given below-

  • Google My Business
  • Bing Places
  • Yelp
  • Angie’s List
  • Trip Advisor
  • Home Advisor
  • Wikipedia Page

If the listing exists in any of the above-mentioned names, then you must check whether all the below mentioned details are present or not-

  • Name of the brand
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Website
  • Company Overview
  • Images


2) Keep a Track of Your Competition

In order to be ahead in the ranking, it is extremely important to be aware of what your competitors are doing in the market. For accomplishing this task, you need to go to Google & search about the activities of your competitor.  You can accomplish this task by checking out-

  • What type of content they are producing
  • How frequently do they post
  • What are the topics that they post
  • Which type of keywords do they use
  • Where do they stand in terms of ranking
  • Check out their online reviews


3) Curate As Much Content As You Can

To become a good SEO expert, it is extremely important to create good quality content that ranks high in Google. Various types of content need to be mastered by the SEO expert if he/she wants to hit the top slot of SEO experts. These different types of blogs are mentioned below-

  • Blogs- They are one of the easiest ways to keep the content fresh on your site as the blogs if written well are engaging & informative for the audience.
  • Articles- The articles form a major part of content & if well crafted, they are a vital tool for an SEO expert or a content writer.
  • Infographics- They are a way to present information graphically and they can also be used as a lead gateway.
  • Offsite Content- This type of content forces the audience to think outside the box. In offsite content, you can use website content as social media content & vice versa.


4)  Use Definitive Target Keywords

There are different types of keywords such as-

  • Primary Target Keywords
  • Secondary Target Keywords
  • Long-Tail Target Key Phrases

Initially, you need to brainstorm a lot for defining target keywords. It should be clear for the SEO expert about what he/she wants to rank in & what people are searching for in the current trends. Further, SEO experts must do test searches to insert appropriate keywords related to the industry.

To make sure that your website/content ranks on the top, the SEO expert must be aware of what is trending on Google trends for identifying keyword variations. This will help the SEO expert in developing ideas for your content calendar.


5)  Have an Understanding of How the Search Engines Work?

The SEO expert should be familiar with the functioning & working of the search engines. There are some aspects of SEO that are mentioned below which the SEO expert should be familiar with-

  • Crawling– This means searching for good quality content on the internet space.
  • Indexing– It means adding & organizing content in the search engine index.
  • Ranking- It means making a decision about which websites are the most relevant & how they rank in SERPs.


6)  Have an Understanding Of Key Ranking Factors

Three main strategies act as the key ranking factors for an SEO expert. They are mentioned below-

  • Relevancy
    Relevancy means how well the web page matches the query of the searcher. This topic goes very deep as matching your content type to what the audience wants to visualize.
  • Authority
    The website authority generally is about backlinks. The authority of a website is high if it ranks high & the higher the website ranks, the better is the quality of backlinks.
  • Utility
    Utility depends on the search query & it means to capitalize on the search intent of the user & having an idea about the intentions & motives of the user.


7) Selecting the Right SEO Tools

SEO as a process is so complex that it cannot be done alone. There is so much data that he/she needs to process and there are multiple decisions to be made. Further, there’s a lot of analysis to be done as there are a lot of figures generated when working on actual tasks. So, to accomplish all this, the SEO expert must know the best quality tools in the market used for generating organic traffic on the website. The best quality SEO tool is BiQ Cloud. It is an all-in-one SEO tool that helps SEOs in achieving their ambitions.

BiQ provides the below-mentioned tools to improve the ranking of web pages-

  • Content Intelligence
  • Rank Intelligence
  • Rank Tracking



So, above were the seven techniques which are needed to be mastered if you want to excel in the field of SEO. Hope you liked the article.

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The Most Essential Web Development Trends: Motion UI, Chatbots, and More

The tendencies of web development alter almost annually, and each decision-maker should stay up to date concerning these trends. It helps the deciding authorities survive a competitive struggle, engage more customers, and refine their knowledge in the particular business sector.

We evaluated market needs in several domains of the IT business and compiled this list to provide you with a focused piece of information on web development tendencies in 2021.


8. Motion UI

Every product attempts to be as appealing and engaging as possible to provide customers with the best user experience. An attractive interface is an essential part of each application (as well as the website). The Motion UI tool is a great way to draw in users with attractive animations. Its library is capable of gracefully animating design elements and allowing developers to play around with them as they choose.

Motion UI

Motion User Interface (UI) capabilities sample


You can hire JavaScript developers, and they’ll match Motion AI with any JS framework, proving its versatility for a variety of scenarios. Some of such scenarios are the following: greeting new customers (by sending an attractively designed welcoming message), confirming the non-reversible site activities (and attracting users’ attention for them not to make an error in a choice), adding funny elements (to make the site display more pleasant to use) or upgrading a content.


7. Chatbots

A substantial number of businesses operate in various time zones and have offices in different regions or continents. This complicates decent customer service and increases the operating costs, especially given the necessity for 24-hour help in this scenario.

Web development trends have moved towards automated day-and-night client support. For this goal, chatbots powered by AI and machine learning have shown to be a worthwhile long-term investment. They can reply to frequently asked questions, connect with the appropriate human client assistant, or take orders. Customers can also use chatbots to get quick responses in case of an emergency, resolve a complaint, and so on.

According to Gartner’s study, 70% of companies will create their own business bot. It’s not surprising due to the set of the above indisputable chatbot benefits. So, how to build it and obtain all the advantages? You should perform different operations, including a bot building type choice (rule-based or the AI one), thinking out the bot architecture and integration possibility with external platforms, using bot building technologies like Dialogflow, Microsoft Bot Framework, or Facebook Bot Engine, etc.


6. Push Notifications

Push notifications are personalized messages that can be used in web apps to convey various types of information to final users (e.g., new blog posts, articles you liked back in stock, etc.). They are available without the need to register or leave credentials such as an email address.

If you build-in push notifications in your web solution, new communication ways with the target audience (as well as additional marketing chances) would be available. Undeniable fact: delivering push notifications to mobile apps can increase app engagement by up to 88%, and 65% of users return to the app within 30 days in case the push notifications are enabled.

Such technologies as ZoPush, OneSignal, PushEngage, or PushCrew would be practical tools to implement push notifications into your app. Companies like PetFlow, Sivvi, or SportsCafe have already done it and boosted their sales a lot.

A tip to consider: applying push notifications, use such a technology moderately and provide your customers with an option to switch notifications off.


5. API-First Approach

Given the growing number of devices that need to communicate with one another, web solutions must be well-prepared for integration with other applications. This is where the API-first development approach originates from. Such a building tendency is in marked contrast to the traditional one, and we’re going to explain why.

API-First Approach

The traditional method of software development demonstration


Traditional building workflow is characterized by the company’s main focus on building a web or mobile product rather than API. Moreover, the team performs their work sequentially (R&D staff prepares a product interface, the prototypes are also prepared, and the rest of the team members are waiting, then QA engineers and front-end devs can continue, etc). In case of a bug, all the processes would be repeated.

API-first building approach illustration

API-first building approach illustration


API-first building approach supposes that API is already built and the development workflow is simultaneous. Building-in API-first approach to your development workflow, you can use such tools as API Blueprint or Swagger.


4. Voice Search Optimization

Another building trend that can’t be ignored is voice search, which has gained its popularity: according to Gartner, by 2021 year-end, nearly 30% of all searches will be conducted without the use of a screen, not to mention the growing number of smart speakers year after year.

As a result, voice commerce sales are predicted to significantly increase, gaining $5 billion in the United Kingdom and $40 billion in the United States by 2022.

Early adopters are always one step ahead of the pack: so, voice search optimization should be incorporated into your technical and SEO strategy as soon as possible. To make your app recognize voices, reply to questions and make a speech synthesis, use Web Speech API, a powerful instrument for working with voice information.


To optimize a voice search in your app, you should follow many rules, including:

  • Defining key questions
  • Simplifying keywords and making them clearly understood
  • Regarding idioms, speech patterns, or local words while working with voice data
  • Trying to forecast customers’ queries and replying to them, etc


3. Responsive Websites

Such a technology is relatively old compared to AMP or PWA; however, it is also widely used.  Years ago, it was a nice-to-have feature; now, it’s a requirement. Why?

Mobile devices are more prevalent in use than all others. In this regard, Google intends to implement mobile-first indexing, which means the ranking of a website will be determined by how effectively it is adapted for mobile devices.

A couple of world-known examples of responsive web design implementation for you to be inspired. The New York Times site is like a typical newspaper, but the number of columns may vary due to the device of the customer. Amazon, as one of the global e-commerce leaders, has also cared about its website adaptability to different customers’ gadgets.

2. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs)

AMPs from Google are another way to improve the mobile browsing experience. This technology was intended to stimulate the creation of websites that are loaded quickly and function well on mobile devices. AMP pages take roughly 2 seconds compared to non-AMP ones that need about 22 seconds to load.

Accelerated mobile pages (AMPs) versus non-AMP landing pages

Accelerated mobile pages (AMPs) versus non-AMP landing pages


If you decide to create accelerated mobile pages, apply to a special AMP HTML open framework. You can quickly and easily learn how to use it, as Google has cared about all the necessary documentation and tutorials for a smooth building process. Keep in mind that your website equipped with AMPs will have obtained additional bonuses such as visibility and higher rankings in search results (which is effective for SEO) because Google favors websites that can be loaded quickly.

Different world-known retail businesses (like Campmor, eBay, or Eventbrite) added AMPs to their websites. Accelerated mobile page implementation to the Campmor site, for example, has led to a 28% boost in per-order revenue and a 20% decrease in bounce rate.


1. Progressive Web Applications (PWAs)

Various industrial stats prove that mobile gadgets are more popular than all others, so people desperately need to use mobile devices with comfort. Progressive web apps can help here: with their optimal performance, they help to improve UX, speeding up site performance, customizing UI, and offering offline access.

What is PWA? It’s a website that contains not just the site functionality but one earlier available only for native apps (e.g., offline and hardware access, push notifications, etc.).

Famous progressive web app samples: Twitter and Alaska Airlines

Famous progressive web app samples: Twitter and Alaska Airlines

Due to its effectiveness, world-famous companies like Twitter, Washington Post, Forbes, or Alibaba have already adopted PWAs for their businesses and obtained favorable results (such as conversion growth and loading time reduction). Tinder, Pinterest, YouTube Music, and Trivago Hotel Booking are other well-known PWA examples loved by users.


If you also want to create PWA for your company to gain such an effect, you need to use widely known technologies like React, Angular, or Polymer. Progressive web apps need less development time than native solutions for Android or iOS; however, the PWA building time may differ according to the complexity of the tasks.


Wrapping Up

We overviewed web development trends the most common for 2021. If you want to obtain a more broad picture of what is happening on the web market, the skillful software development team can assist you. The specialists will consult you as to the most annoying business questions, choose the latest web technologies fitting your business and help you build a product that would be modern, flexible, and competitive on the market.

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Easy Tips For Growing Your Cleaning Business

There is an app and service for every possible thing on this earth. Did you know? There are 2.8 million apps on the Google play store and 1.96 million apps on the Apple app store! These numbers just say one thing: that is you don’t have to worry about doing anything yourself. And this includes cleaning too!

People are more interested in getting services for simple tasks, such as cleaning their homes, than doing it themselves. Hence, we’re seeing many budding entrepreneurs who aren’t afraid of getting their hands dirty to make a niche and money! But how would you set yourself apart from the rest of the competitors?

Here are some simple solutions that are economical as well as impactful,


The primary focus

No matter how hectic your schedule is or how difficult the task is, your primary focus should be customer satisfaction. Primarily focus on the customer in every aspect of the marketing cycle. Always remember that no lead is a dead lead. Some might not work out right now, but it doesn’t mean it will not in the future.

Right from creating awareness of your service to the customers to convincing that your brand is better than the competitors, all the stages require special attention towards the potential client. Even after successfully closing the deal, you need to keep up with the promises so the business can flourish.


Email is the key

You are the expert in your genre and let the people know about your expertise. Start a blog or a social media account and provide simple tips for easy maintenance. People these days are in love with deep cleaning videos. Make shorts for Youtube or reels for Instagram and get the creative juices flowing!

Though social media engages with the general public, it is email marketing that fetches your business as well as money. The investment here is far lesser than any other means of marketing. And these days, finding email contacts has become really simple with websites like GetEmail.io. This freemium website answers your question about how to find someone’s email address for free!


Complimentary businesses

Every business is directly or indirectly dependent on each other to thrive. Let’s take an example of a food truck. The food truck owner has to purchase his supplies from a wholesaler from time to time to get the ingredients for the food he sells. Either of them – when new to the business – will have to find each other and that is how complementary business works.

For your home services, find a realtor or a real estate agency. Many of the real estate agents provide free cleaning services to their clients as a token of appreciation. You can collaborate with such professionals and create new opportunities. Builders and home flippers are also potential candidates for the proposal.



In the end, after using all the right marketing strategies, what matters the most is the quality service you provide to your clients. Because a good word of mouth becomes the best kind of advertising than any others put together!

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Pocket-Friendly Facebook Plugins for WordPress Website

You would surely have heard of Facebook, right? Yes, the king of social media, Facebook. What if we tell you, you can use it to enhance the beauty of your WordPress website, would it interest you? If yes, then this blog is especially for you.

In order to increase the visual appeal of the WordPress website, businesses are actively opting to embed Facebook feed on WordPress websites using Facebook Feed WordPress plugins. We all know that Facebook is known for providing entertaining and engaging content. You can easily display them using the Facebook widget on WordPress website.

You can easily get a Facebook widget for WordPress website from various plugins. These plugins are available on the plugin store, but we list the best Facebook feed WordPress plugin for your convenience. These plugins ease the embedding process and provide various features that make it an ideal marketing strategy.


Best Facebook Feed Plugin That Fits Your Marketing Budget

Many marketing practices involve a high marketing budget. But here are some cost-effective Facebook feed plugins that might easily fit in your budget. Moreover, they provide great results with amazing ROI, making them one of the best marketing strategies. So, without further ado, let’s get into it.


1. Facebook Feed WordPress Plugin by Tagembed

Tagembed is already a well-established social media aggregator that helps its users to collect and display social feeds on websites. It maintains its style and quality on WordPress plugin as it brings Facebook Feed WordPress Plugin. The plugin is easy to install and you can easily find it on the WordPress plugin store. Alongside Facebook it is also compatible with 18+ social media platforms, providing you with a huge variety of content to display on your website.


In addition, it provides a customization feature that helps you to personalize your widget as per your requirements. Here, you can change the font size, font style and more to showcase your artistic side. Also, you have multiple options as layout and themes; you can choose the one that matches the style of your website. All these measures help you to make your website more appealing and make it look more professional.


Moreover, it has a moderation feature that helps you to remove all the irrelevant and unwanted content from your website feed. Thus, it helps you to maintain the quality of your website and showcase the content related to your business. And with responsive feed, you can display the feed on any screen size. You get all this and more – Free of cost. Yes, you read it right. The plugin is free of cost and hence fits in any marketing budget.


2. 10Web Social Post Feed

10Web Social Post Feed makes integration with Facebook easy. It allows a smooth embedding process that allows you to display Facebook feeds on your website. It is a powerful plugin that allows you to collect Facebook posts from your desired source and easily display them on your website.


As it is compatible with displaying all types of media, you can showcase specific photos, videos, statuses, and links on your website with ease. And as the photos and videos stream from the source, it does not affect the website’s speed. You can even customize the feed as per your need and as per the style you want. It eventually helps you in increasing the charm of your website. There is no feed limitation; hence it helps to make your website more engaging for the users. And as your website will be more engaging, it will eventually increase the website traffic as more people would like to visit it. More traffic will result in better brand awareness and a strong search engine ranking.


3. Flow-Flow Social Feed Stream

Flow-Flow Social Feed Stream provides you with various layout and theme that allows you to showcase your feed attractively. The responsive design helps you to display the feed on any screen without any hassle. Also, it provides a sharing button that increases user engagement on the website and eventually helps in enhancing the search engine ranking.


The user-friendly admin interface makes the embedding easy and assists you in operating the plugin like a pro. Moreover, the plugin also allows you to display social media counters like comments, likes, and views. It helps you to market your Facebook page and showcase your presence there. And with a rich design setting, you can bring an appeal to your widget and add a charm to your website.


4. Widget for Social Page Feeds

In this era where social media strength often determines a brand’s reputation and quality, it becomes vital to develop social media handle awareness amongst the people. And this is where Widget for Social Page Feeds comes into play, and it helps you to embed Facebook feed without any hassle and provides a sneak into your social media presence to your visitors.


The plugin supports shortcode and makes your embedding process easy, and within a few steps, it makes your website more vibrant by adding Facebook feeds into it. Moreover, it provides you with authority to show/hide posts from your timeline. And even if you get stuck somewhere, the fast and helpful support resolves your issue with ease.


5. EmbedSocial

Embed social is another well-known social media aggregator that is quite popular in the market. It brings its WordPress plugin that helps users to compile social feeds from various social media platforms and then displays them on your website with ease. Moreover, the plugin saves tons of user time as, within just a few simple steps, it allows users to embed Facebook feed on the website.


EmbedSocial WordPress plugin is a coding-free tool. That means you don’t need any technical background, coding knowledge, or skill to embed and run this plugin. Furthermore, you can win your visitors’ trust by embedding social reviews on your website with the help of this tool.

6. Social Feeds


Social Feeds is a powerful plugin that helps you in displaying social media feeds on your website. It provides you the facility to choose Facebook as your source and allows you to showcase timeline/events/messages on your website.


Social Feeds WordPress plugin is very simple to use and maintain and does not require any coding knowledge. Moreover, it allows you to change the language option for Facebook. The plugin also allows you to display a Facebook like button, which eventually helps you increase likes and followers of your Facebook page. And as you will be displaying the feed from your Facebook page, so even if someone is unaware of your Facebook presence, he gets to know about it and has the option to follow you on the platform. We all know how important it is to have a strong social media presence as it helps to increase brand awareness and boosts reach beyond geographical boundaries.


In Conclusion

We all know Facebook has turned out to be a game-changer for businesses. As it has opened gates for smooth and effective marketing. You can stand out from the crowd by using the platform beyond its boundaries. And that is by opting to embed Facebook feed on WordPress websites. The plugins mentioned above provide you with a smooth embedding process, and also, as they are pocket friendly, they provide great ROI., so what are you waiting for? Try these plugins now.

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10 Innovative Graphic Design Tips For Better Social Media Engagement

Over 3.6 billion people, or 49% of the human population, use social media worldwide, and this number only continues to grow.

With this trend, social media has become a vital and almost indispensable part of marketing.

Advancement in technology and the internet has led social media to become a powerful platform used by businesses to reach their audiences and promote their brand, products, and services. If you’re not adequately tapping into the potential market composed of billions of people scrolling through social media apps for countless hours, then you might be doing something wrong.

Nowadays, having a successful business depends on a robust online presence and customer engagement. But it’s not all that easy to build a reputation online. With 81% of small and medium-sized businesses using social media today, you need to get creative in capturing people’s attention.

So how do you get your target audience’s attention on social media? Simple…give them something nice to look at.


Why is Graphics Important When Starting a Social Media Campaign?

“A picture is worth a thousand words” – this old idiom dates back to the early 20th century, but it still holds, especially now in the age of the internet and social media.

People are highly visual creatures – our brains are hardwired to absorb visual information faster and more efficiently than plain text. It’s no surprise that the trend towards visual social media continues to go up.

Every effective social marketing campaign requires good graphics. Having visuals on social media not only increases brand awareness but also encourages user engagement. Posting an image along with your captions can increase the number of clicks, shares, comments, retweets, or reposts up to 3 times – this is why picking the right graphic is essential.

When you create a brand, it is crucial to stand out. Graphic design alone does not build a brand, but it will make you recognizable.

Social media graphic design is not merely a nice image with sprinkles of text on the sides. It is more complicated than that. Your design must be reflective of the information you want to convey. To do that, you must use certain font styles, color palettes, or layouts; otherwise, your design might not get the attention it deserves.

So how do you create social media graphic designs that will ensure better engagement? We’ve got ten tips to help make your designs stand out and leave lasting impressions.

10 Innovative Graphic Design Tips For Better Social Media Engagement

There are a few things to consider when creating impactful and striking graphic designs. Here, we give you ten innovative graphic design tips to help you make better, more engaging visuals for your social media posts.

Let’s begin!


1. Set your goal and work towards it

Before you even select your canvas, pick your colors, or compose your caption, the first thing you need to do is to set your goal.

Goal setting is the most critical step in the entire design process. It is where you envision where you want to be and how you want your audience to perceive your content.

Consider your goal as your north star – the basis for creating all your designs for your content. All ideas you might have and their execution must always reflect your goal.

Having a goal will aid your design process and allow you to deliver your message more effectively.

So how do you determine your goal? Start by answering the following questions:

  • Whose attention do I want to capture?
    • – What social media platforms are they using?
    • – What devices do they usually use?
  • What message do I want to communicate to my audience through my social media graphic?
  • What is my purpose for posting content?
  • What do I want users to do after seeing my graphic?
  • Do I want more user engagement?
  • Do I want to increase my sales?

Basically, answering the who, what, where, when, how questions before jumping the gun will give your creative process organization and structure.

Remember to keep your goal narrow rather than overbroad. Having too many goals can impact your design negatively as it can lead to an overwhelming graphic.

Now that we have the first tip out of the way, let’s move on to visuals!


2. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

In the world of graphic design, less is more. This is why you must always try to keep your graphics as simple as possible.

Social media graphics require you to work with a relatively smaller canvas. With such limited space, overcrowding can quickly be a problem.

Image Source: Example of Simplicity in Design from Designstripe.com – illustration creator tool.

To avoid overpopulating your canvas with elements, remember to use large, scroll-stopping illustrations, minimal texts, pleasing yet straightforward fonts, and fewer but contrasting colors to keep the visuals cohesive. Focus on the aesthetic appeal of the design and the message you want to convey to your audience.

Do not be afraid to leave white spaces in your canvas. It might seem daunting, but if done right, this technique can enhance the design and pull your viewers’ attention to the exact message you’re trying to flaunt.

Place every element with careful intent. Your hard work will only go to waste if you fail to make your message clear to the audience.


3. Respect the Hierarchy

People are naturally drawn to BIG, BOLD FONTS. So if you want to draw attention within milliseconds, create a visual hierarchy.

Visual hierarchy is the use of color, typography, type size, and strategic positioning to emphasize more important information on a page.

To effectively highlight significant messages in your post, texts of higher importance must be made dramatically bigger while other information can be added in smaller fonts.

Compel your audience to take action by keeping their focus on what’s important. Think you can do that? Then START NOW.


4. No beauty without color

Around 92.6% of people believe that color/design is the number one factor influencing their decision to purchase something. This is the reason why color is a vital element in graphic design.

Color has the effect of evoking certain emotions, feelings, senses, and even memories. Social media engagement is almost guaranteed once you’ve learned how to integrate the psychology behind color into your graphic effectively.

Social media is a busy place, with millions of people competing for a split-second of attention. One way to get a slice of the pie is to have a good color theme.

Finding the most suitable color scheme is crucial to the success of a graphic design. To make a captivating design, you must pull your audience’s attention through color alone. But how do you do that?


Image Source: Nazmul Sarker Siyam

Make sure that your colors reflect the goal you’ve initially set and will create the reaction you want to get from your audience. Your color palette needs to be consistent with your niche and the message you want to deliver.

Be mindful of contrast, balance, and hues and how their pairings can influence viewer perception. Once you’ve picked out your color scheme, take note of the hex codes. This will help you in ensuring consistency in your subsequent posts. Keep in mind that consistency establishes your brand’s identity in the long run.

Keep abreast of the latest color trends. Ride with the competition by knowing what’s “in” in the industry. This will help you select colors that will best resonate with your target audience.

Finally, choose colors that you are comfortable with but don’t be afraid to bend the rules. Once you’re familiar with the rules – color wheel, contrast, balance, etc., go ahead and play around! There is no room for playing it safe when it comes to social media graphics. Sometimes the best way to get engagement is to go out of the box.


5. TXT

When creating social media graphic designs, you want to limit your text to avoid overcrowding.

While text plays an essential role in communicating your brand’s message, too much text can make your design look busy – this is not good as it might overwhelm your audience.

A good rule of thumb for social media is to limit text to one to two liners. Keeping your text short and sweet while finding the right font size and color will improve readability and increase the chances of your content being consumed on mobile phones.

Pairing a light-colored font with a dark background and vice versa is an ideal strategy.


6. Make it legible

A cardinal tip for graphic designing is to make sure that your text and content are readable.

No person would want to squint their eyes or decipher cryptic codes to get your message. While fancy typefaces are pretty to look at, sometimes it is unnecessary and might only lessen legibility.

If you want user engagement, make sure that your text is easy to read. Please don’t overdo it. You want your audience to read your message through easily. You can do this by ensuring you have a good background, decent colors, classy fonts, and a carefully thought-out typeface and overall texture.

Play around with brightness and contrast so your message is easier to read without exerting too much effort.


7. Typography

Typography is an art in itself. Choosing the perfect set of fonts that best reflect your brand’s personality can bring your social media image to life.

Like color, typography sets mood, tone, and ambiance. When choosing the right font/s, think about the desired tone you want to depict through your graphic.

Image Source: Focus Lab


Usually, the font/s you use can either make or break your design. Make sure that you maintain the readability and appeal of your design by limiting the number of typefaces to a maximum of three,  selecting the appropriate font size to match your canvas, and carefully aligning fonts with your images. The fonts you choose must tie up seamlessly with the overall aesthetic of your design.

Know which fonts match the type of industry you’re designing for. Don’t shy away from newer fonts; just like with color, take the opportunity to experiment with different fonts.


8. Crank up the contrast

Give your design the extra “pop” it needs by cranking up the contrast.

Contrasting provides a clear line between elements, making one emerge above others. Using contrast effectively is an excellent way to make your social media graphic design stand out.

Note, however, that you need to find the right balance as too much or too little contrast can leave your design looking either too “flat” or too “cluttered.”

One of the ways to effectively implement contrast into your design is through the use of colors; use light-colored background while adding text in the darker color spectrum and vice versa.

Another way is through the use of shapes. Symmetrical shapes tend to stand out when placed alongside asymmetrical figures.

Lastly, add contrast with sizes. Make certain aspects of your design larger and bolder, whole mixing in smaller and more subtle elements.

Contrasting elements add a little “oomph” to your design and will help your brand stand out. Just be careful not to overdo it!


9. Consistency is key

Consistency is the fundamental building block of social media graphic design as it helps establish and strengthen your brand.

Lock in your desired elements such as fonts, colors, typeface, and illustrations, and use them repetitively in your designs to maintain consistency. Remember that everything must coincide and produce a distinctive and immediately recognizable look.

If your graphics look and feel related, it will help your audience form a clear association of your brand in their minds.


10. Keep innovating

The world of social media moves at a swift pace, so be sure your graphic designs can keep up with the changing times.

Always study the market, identify user behaviors,  and look at the latest trends.  What may get people’s attention now might not work in a month.

Image Source: Soft Crafts


An exceptional strategy to find your latest graphic inspiration is to take time to browse through social media accounts of the big players in your industry, such as successful businesses or up-and-coming social media influencers. Adopt elements you like or innovate from there.

Don’t be afraid to do the research. Venture onto new platforms and keep on evolving.

Speaking of innovations, revamp your graphic designing experience by integrating text-to-image API in your app or software.

Text-to-image API uses AI technology to create images based on your caption or text description. Looking for the best images that fit your aesthetic, niche, and design goal cannot get any easier with this revolutionary image-generation tool.


It’s your time to shine!

Now that you’re equipped with our ten tips and tricks to make more engaging social media graphics, get ready to make scroll-stopping, awe-inspiring, and share-worthy content!

Remember to always strive to come up with new and exciting design ideas tailored to your target audience. At the end of the day, authentic designs that show personality are always appreciated!

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Different Ways to Add Pinterest Widget on Website

What makes a business or marketer smart? The answer is simply their ability to make maximum use of the provided resources. While we are spoilt for choices when it comes to social media platforms, there is one platform that never fails to deliver is Pinterest.

Even though Pinterest is amongst the most popular social media platforms, it is still underutilized as businesses often use the platform within its boundaries, but there is a way which helps you to make great use of the platform and that is by opting to embed a Pinterest widget on the website.


What is a Pinterest widget?

After reading the above statement, you might be wondering, what is a Pinterest widget, right? Allows us to explain it in simple terms – the Pinterest widget is the functional block on the website that helps you to showcase Pinterest content on the website.

Now, you must be wondering, out of such a social media platform, why are we choosing Pinterest, right? Well the explanation is simple, we all know the power of visual-based content. Visual-based content helps to express in a better way, appeals to the audience, and stays in the viewer’s mind for a longer time. And Pinterest is known for visual-based content. So wouldn’t it be amazing if you could display them on your website, and that is possible by simple strategy to embed a Pinterest widget on the website?

There are various ways to do it, but as we respect your time, we have listed some simplest ways to do it for your convenience. Even if you are from a non-technical background, these ways are so manageable that you can still perform these methods with ease.


Easy and effective ways to add Pinterest widget on the website

Who doesn’t want an appealing and good-looking website, and with minimum effort, you can easily embed Pinterest posts on your website to enhance the visuals of the website. And here are some simple ways to do it :

1. Using social media aggregators

Social media aggregators are amazing tools that help you in collecting social feeds from various social media platforms, you can then curate and customize the feed, and then showcase them on your website. Tools provide you with a dedicated Pinterest widget that helps you collect Pinterest posts from the platform and then display them on the website. And as most of these tools are compatible in streaming visual content from the source, hence they do not affect the speed of your website.

While using the social media aggregator, all you need to do is, collect the Pinterest feed for your widget, generate the embedding code, and paste that code into your website.

Moreover, the tool provides you the authority to personalize your feed, under the customization feature, you can change the font size, font style, card style, and more and make your widget more appealing and graceful. In addition, you have various themes and layouts as your choices, so you can select the one that suits your website’s style as it helps to enhance the grace of your website and produces a professional look to it.

It also provides you with the moderation feature that helps you choose the post you want to make public on your website and what all posts you want to hide. You can either manually remove the post from your website widget or opt for automation. And as these widgets are 100% responsive, it adjusts itself according to different screen types.


2.   Using WordPress plugins

If you are using a WordPress website, you have an easy to embed Pinterest widget. WordPress is one of the leading website-building platforms, and many businesses often use WordPress websites for their respective business websites. Moreover, WordPress is known for providing a variety of plugins that adds beauty and functionality to the website. Hence, on the plugin store, you can find various Pinterest widget plugins that help you collect Pinterest posts and display them on your website.

All you have to do is install the plugin, collect the Pinterest post, and copy-paste the shortcode on your WordPress website backend, and that is it, your website will be displaying Pinterest posts through Pinterest widget on your website.

Like social media aggregators, these plugins also provide various features that add great significance to this strategy. But keep in mind that this method is only restricted to WordPress websites, which means you can only use this strategy when using a WordPress website.

3. Pinterest embedding code

Pinterest itself provides the embedding code for each of its posts, you can copy the embedding code and paste it on the backend of your website. This is a simple technique but is the most time-consuming process out of these three methods. As you have to go through the whole process each time you decide to embed a particular post on your website. Also, you cannot customize the widget as per your requirement. Therefore, we recommend you use this method if you want to avoid using any tool for your website.


In this day of digitalization, everyone wants to have an upper edge by having a charming website under their name. Adding visual content to the website is a smart way of adding charm to the website. By opting to embed Pinterest widget on the website, you can easily add visual appeal to your website and, at the same time, promote your social media presence in front of your visitors.

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