Angular HTTP Interceptors


As the name indicates, interceptors in Angular are a simple procedure delivered by the framework to intercept and modify the application’s HTTP requests globally before they are sent to the server. That comes in handy, allowing us to configure authentication tokens, add logs of the requests, add custom headers that our application may need, and much more. Being among the significant Angular features, interceptors seamlessly simplify the App requests at ease.What are HTTP interceptors?

What are HTTP interceptors?

  • Interceptors can represent a variety of implicit tasks, from authentication to logging, in a procedure, standard way, for every HTTP request/response.
  • Without interception, developers would have to apply these tasks precisely for each HttpClient method call.

Usage of HTTP interceptors

  • HTTP interceptors are used for attaching custom logic for authentication, authorization, session/state management, logging, modifying Response, Error handling, caching, inserting a custom header, timestamp in the request/response, encrypt and decrypt the request and response information or operate the request and response data above the request cycles.

Implementing interceptors

  • To implement an interceptor, you need to create a class that implements the intercept method of the HTTP Interceptor interface.
  • So let’s suppose you want to log in to the console for every single HTTP request made by the application.
  • Below, I have created a simple interceptor that would achieve the following.
  • The intercept method converts each request into observables, which later are going to be set by calling next. handle().
  • So, for our implementation it is totally easy:

– You take the request,

– log its URL

– call next.handle()

– and send it to the server without making any changes to it.

  • The next object represents the next interceptor in the interceptor chain since you can have multiple interceptors in your application.
  • Then the final next in the chain is the HttpClient backend handler, which sends the request to the server.

Providing the interceptor

  • Since interceptors are dependencies of the HttpClient, you must add them to providers in the same injector (or parent) that provides Httpclient.
  • For instance, suppose you have your HttpClientModule imported in the app.module.ts, you must add the interceptors to the providers there as well.
  • The multi: true option gave tells angular that you are applying multiple interceptors and is needed if that is the scenario.
  • It wouldn’t be necessary in our example scenario, since we’ve only implemented one interceptor, so I’ve applied it just to highlight this bit of information.
  • It is also important to have in mind that angular applies interceptor in the order that you have provided them in your module’s providers.
  • Now when we make an HTTP request, the user’s token will be attached automatically.
  • This request will include an authorization header with a value of Bearer…
  • It should be pointed that Angular’s new HttpClient from @angular/common/HTTP.
  • When we try making requests using traditional HTTP class, the interceptor won’t be hit.

Looking for Unauthorized Responses

  • When the token expires we will generally get a 401 Unauthorized response back from the server.
  • This provides us a mark that we need the user to log in again to take a new token.
  • We have some options to make at this position. Do you want to redirect to a particular route that has a login form? Do we want to show a modal? Do we want to try to restore the token?
  • Either way, we need to set up the interceptor to handle responses.
  • The intercept method returns an observable which implies we will capture the success and error channels for a response and care for them however we like.
  • This is that the ideal place to try does of the logging we’d have to do.
  • We can even check for 401 Unauthorized responses and prompt the user to log in again.
  • This is also a prominent point to cache any failed requests.
  • This comes in first if we have token refreshing in place and we want to retry the requests when we have a new token.
  • The collectFailedRequests method can now be used in the interceptor.
  • With this in the situation, we have the possibility of calling retry Failed Requests after the user’s token is refreshed to trigger off the previously-failed requests.
  • This is just a small introduction that can help to substantially improve UX, largely if you have tokens with a very short existence.


Using interceptors can be very helpful for multiple aims on all types of applications. Hence it is important to know how it works and what you can accomplish with it to be able to apply it whenever you might require it.

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Web App Development: Benefits and Types

Do you remember the days when web pages used to be static with some images and videos to look attractive? The concept of web app development was still a dream back then. It was around sixteen years back when Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML), a set of web development techniques, brought a significant revolution creating faster, well-performing and more interactive web applications in 2005.

It might be surprising to know that although web apps are so popular today, we overlook them because of their commonness. However, we are still using them all the time. But why? Because these apps function smoothly and quickly like native apps, and you can easily access them on a web browser from any device.

Today, several renowned organizations like Facebook, Mailchimp, Basecamp, etc., have their web applications to offer their users an interactive, personalized and mesmerizing experience just like what they get from the native applications and that even directly from their web browsers. This nature of web apps makes them a sought-after choice for developers to enhance their skills and an ultimate solution to all kinds of businesses, such as e-commerce, entertainment, educational sectors, banking sectors, and much more.

If you are a business owner and looking for a tutorial to get an insight into web app development, you are in the right place. In this article, you can learn about all the aspects related to it from the primary level. So, let’s dive right into web application development.

Web app development: A brief overview

In a simple definition, web app development is the process of planning, designing, and developing a web application. A web app is like an application software that runs on remote servers, and users can access them through the website using the internet. The web development process involves both client-side and server-side programming essential for developing an application that will be accessible over the browser. The developers design a basic structure of the app, select a framework, use specific tools, insert the required programs, test them and eventually deploy the application on the server.

Web app vs Website: What’s the difference between the two?

Well, the line of difference between a web app and a website is paper-thin. However, the real difference between the two is that a website is mostly a static page that only provides information to the users that may or may not have the options to enter inputs. On the other hand, a web application is dynamic that can respond to the information users enter and allows them to perform specific tasks over the internet. In simple words, any website that enables a user to carry out an activity using the client-side components is a web app.

Web app vs Mobile app: What makes the two different from each other?

As the name suggests, mobile apps are applications developed to work on mobile devices. Mobile apps can be Native or Hybrid. Native apps are the platform-specific ones. It means an android app can not run on a device that supports iOS and vice versa. These apps are available separately in their dedicated app stores (Android apps in Google Play Store and iOS apps in Apple App Store). Although these applications offer a top-class, more personalized experience, their building cost is relatively higher than other types of apps. Also, these apps take up the storage area in the user’s device.

Hybrid apps are not platform-specific and show decent performance too, but they also occupy space in the user’s device, and the user needs to download them in order to use them.

On the contrary, a web application user can use it on any device as the app needs a browser, and it does not matter on what device the browser is available. Besides, a web application does not take up the memory space in your device, and the cost of developing an app is pretty low compared to native and hybrid apps.

Benefits of web app development

In the present scenario, when the competition in business is at its peak, having a method through which you can reach the maximum users is a must. Web application development is one such technique that will help you spread information about your business to your target audience. Below are some of the points that will tell you how web app development can be advantageous for you:

  • A cost-effective and profitable solution for your business: In web apps, the programming languages that a developer generally uses are JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. These languages are easy to understand, and hence no higher expertise is required in writing codes and making programs. It saves hiring experts’ expenses, and thus, web applications become a pretty affordable solution for your business requirements.
  • Platform-independency makes it available for everyone: One of the best things about web applications is that they are not platform-specific. Due to this, the users can access these apps on any device, no matter whatever operating system they use. This nature of web applications cuts the cost of developing separate apps for different platforms and devices.
  • Requirements of web apps, even having native apps for the same purpose: Some users do not use mobile native apps to access any particular service or platform. Therefore, the organizations require an equivalent well-performing web app for such users who only access websites. It helps the businesses reach out to the maximum target audience available on both websites and specific mobile apps.
  • Advancement in technology makes web apps better and better: Web app technologies are growing immensely day-by-day. The developers are constantly working on the web apps’ User Interface (UI) and UX (User Experience). In fact, over the last few years, web apps’ performance has been almost the same as that of native apps.

Types of Web Applications

There are various types of web applications that are different from each other based on how they appear and what they do.

Static Web Applications

As the name suggests, static web applications are the less flexible ones. These are like a collection of static pages on which all the visiting users get the same information.

  • Interactivity is pretty less in these applications compared to other types.
  • There is no room for personalization for the users since interactivity on the client-side is less in static web apps.
  • Changing or updating a web page is an arduous task. One needs to reload the whole web page to observe the changes.

Dynamic Web Applications

A Dynamic web app includes two-way interaction. It means when you enter some information in a dynamic web application, you can get different results accordingly.

  • These are interactive in nature.
  • It contains both server-side and client-side programming.
  • Users can interact in many ways while using a dynamic web app. For instance, they can search for something on the webpage, make a user profile, submit feedback or comments, and much more.

E-Commerce Applications

E-Commerce web apps are helpful when you wish to sell or buy anything through online mode. These apps are business-oriented and bring web app development to the next level.

  • E-commerce web apps can help businesses manage orders, govern transactions, and update the available products’ databases.
  • These applications offer an interface resembling the native apps to provide a smooth experience to the customers.

Portal Web Apps

Portal Web apps are the type that redirects you to a secure area from the home page where users need to log in for payment or transaction-related matters. For example, when you use a shopping website, you might be searching for your required products on an e-commerce web app, but when you proceed to make the payment, the system will land you to another payment web portal for safe and secure transactions. Those portals in the form of a web application are known as portal web apps.

Content Management System (CMS) Web Apps

If you are a non-technical user and want to create content online, this web application is for you. A CMS web app will help you in developing content and updating it online. It is a system software that creates and manages the digital content of a web app. A CMS web app can also assist a business in its Web Content Management (WCM) that plays a major role in reaching out to your target audience.

Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps (or PWA) are not precisely a classification of a web app. In fact, these are the transformed versions of web apps that use the best and latest in the market frameworks and web technologies to produce apps that perform somewhat similar to native apps.

  • A ready-to-access web app that you can save on your home screen without even downloading them.
  • You can access them whenever you want, just with a click.
  • PWA has a large pool of plugins, web development technologies, and tools to compete with the best-in-class native apps. However, the development cost of PWA is much lesser than that of the native apps.

Wrapping Up

In the upcoming time, when the competition in the market is rising, hiring web app development services can prove to be a business advantage for you. The advanced features in the web applications are giving a solid contest to the native apps. However, in contrast to them, developing a web app is much cheaper and more manageable. As already mentioned, the most significant advantage of having a web app is that it does not occupy space in your device, is easily accessible, and is platform-agnostic. These exciting features and superb performance make web app development a sought-after option in the forthcoming time, both for the developers and product owners.

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Why Should Product Owners Use NodeJS?

It wouldn’t be wrong to say JavaScript (JS) is one of the widely used web development languages of all times. However, with the introduction of NodeJS in 2009, the popularity level of JS reaches the next level. The reason for it is the multiple features and functionalities offered by NodeJS that makes it suitable to build complex web applications with ease.

This article is all about NodeJS and its features, due to which it emerged as a dynamic technology for high-quality web development, resulting in enormous profits for the product owners. So, without wasting any time, let’s learn about the merits and demerits of NodeJS so that you can make a calculative move for your business.

A brief about NodeJS

The first question that will come into your mind is what exactly NodeJS is? So, in layman language, NodeJS is a free JavaScript runtime environment through which you can execute JavaScript code on the server-side. Developed on Chrome’s V8 engine, it is highly efficient and fast for the web development process. Moreover, since it is an open-source technology, NodeJS API development is cost-effective and does not impose a burden on your pocket.

But still, what’s so special about NodeJS that makes it one of the most preferred choices for web development industries?

Well, for that, you need to follow this article to understand the benefits you can have after using NodeJS as your web development platform. Here they are:

Advantages of NodeJS

Scalability and Flexibility

The first point that comes in the list of the advantages provided by Node JS is easy scalability to the applications with microservices architecture. Since NodeJS is a lightweight technology and offers cutting-edge technology, breaking the application logic into tiny modules or fragments becomes easy. As a result, it allows better flexibility and scaling an app vertically or horizontally becomes extremely simple. By adding extra nodes, you can scale it horizontally. On the other hand, you can add additional resources to the single nodes during the application’s vertical scaling.

Top-notch Performance with Chrome’s V8 Engine

When you get features like non-blocking and event loop I/O operations, asynchronous and single-threaded nature, the application’s response time reduces significantly. Fortunately, NodeJS comes with all these features that result in high performance for your applications and websites. Moreover, being a creation of Google Chrome’s V8 engine and written on C++, you can naturally expect a supercharged application when using NodeJS for its development.

A cost-effective Full-stack JS platform

Since NodeJS provides a full-stack JS environment, developers can write codes on both front-end (client-side) and back-end (server-side) with ease. It cuts your additional cost of hiring two separate developers for both front-end and back-end. Moreover, you can also save your time and energy that you would waste in reaching and hiring an additional team of developers for the overall completion of your project.

Quickly adaptable and easy to learn

As already mentioned, JS is one of the most popular and universally recognized web development languages. The reason behind it is that the developers find it easy to grasp, and with interest in learning JS, even an amateur can quickly adapt to JavaScript. Since NodeJS is a part of JavaScript and powered by Chrome’s V8 engine that makes it highly performing, beginners like working on it. Also, being widely used, one can easily get learning resources to learn and adapt NodeJS for web app development purposes.

Simplified Development with community support

With millions of developers constantly working on NodeJS and actively contributing to the NodeJS community, you can get extensive support from them whenever you are stuck on anything. Many leading tech giants support this large-scale community, such as Netflix, Amazon, Google, Facebook, PayPal and many more. You can quickly get solutions to all the problems you will face while working on your NodeJS API development project with the assistance of these experienced and active developers constantly contributing to the community.

Disadvantages of NodeJS

Undoubtedly, NodeJS is a top-class web development technology in the present time, but as they say, nothing can be perfect. Therefore, like any other technology, it has some demerits too that can make you think twice before choosing it as your web development platform. Here they are:

Lacks performance with heavy computing tasks

Although NodeJS being single-threaded and event-driven, helps in providing high performance, yet when handled with sizable CPU-based computing, it falls short. The reason behind this is that it uses all its CPU strength when a heavy computing task occurs. As a result, deceleration of the overall event loop happens, which further hinders the performance of the application’s interface. Therefore, it reduces the overall functioning of the application and badly impacts its performance.

Lacks strong library support system

In comparison to other programming languages, NodeJS lacks well-equipped and strong library system support. Due to this, the developers get no choice other than to use the standard library. However, there is no problem in using it if you are an experienced and high-skilled developer. But if you are a beginner or have no such expertise in NodeJS web development, using this poor quality or improperly documented library will make it challenging to implement even the common programming tasks.

Inconsistent API

One of the significant drawbacks of NodeJS is that it poses inconsistency. It is because the API is unstable in NodeJS and keeps on frequently changing at regular intervals. As a result, the developers have to make changes in the existing code according to the latest version of NodeJS API to make the API consistent.

Time-consuming for inexperienced developers

There is no doubt that NodeJS is an easy to learn and pretty comprehending web development platform, but when you develop an app or website, you have to write the code from scratch. This process is quite time-consuming and needs consistency and precision to write the codes correctly. In that case, you have to hire NodeJS developers who have expertise in developing and maintaining code. However, it can have an impact on your project budget and can cost you beyond your expectations.

Difficulty in maintaining codes due to Asynchronous Programming Model

The asynchronous programming model is one of the essential requirements that make scaling in applications possible. However, this programming model seems pretty complex among many developers than the linear blocking I/O programming model. Also, codes tend to become gawkier in asynchronous programming, and developers need to rely on nested cells for coding.


There is nothing in this world that has no flaws, be it a gadget or a technology. NodeJS is an advanced JavaScript platform that proves to be highly beneficial for developers in web app development. However, there are certain disadvantages of NodeJS, too, that can make you think about considering your choice once again. But these demerits are relatively less than the advantages you can have while developing your application or site with NodeJS.

Over time, people rely more on NodeJS for the web development process. Its best-in-class performance, high scalability features, and property of using it at both front-end and back-end servers are the primary reasons behind this popularity. Therefore, if you are also looking for a high performing, scalable, and productive application or website, it is better to hire NodeJS developers and get an app or site that best suits your business. An expert NodeJS team of developers will not only design an application for you but will also consult with you and suggest the possibilities for the best results for your business.

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Why Prefer Cake PHP?

At first, made in 1995, PHP is one of the noticeable worker facet scripting dialects that actually assists 7 with the experience of 10 web sites succeed. As indicated through Google Trends PHP virtually dominates every certainly considered one among its rivals, nearly 25 years after its advent to the world. There is an extensive scope of PHP frameworks to browse — Cake PHP, Laravel, Codelgniter, Symfony, and Zend, to offer a few examples—that accelerate development, and all are remarkable of their methodology.

Laravel development services had been growing in prevalence, with the Laravel structure often being contrasted with Cake PHP. This article will inform the high-satisfactory manner to select out the high-satisfactory system to fulfill specific enterprise or association necessities withinside the high-satisfactory manner.

Laravel and Cake PHP is each fantastically well-known PHP frameworks. PHP is regularly utilized for making dynamic websites or building very good pleasant applications.

About Cake PHP

Cake PHP is an open-supply internet development machine, which accompanies very dazzling highlights. This machine allows a Cake PHP development organization to increase quick, extraordinarily adaptable, and complex websites and web applications. This web application shape relies upon the model-see regulator design and is known best for making stable and strong websites for a huge variety of businesses, regardless of their size.

A Brief Introduction

Cake PHP is an open-source PHP shape for constructing net packages quicker. In particular, it allows simplifying the assignment with the aid of using proscribing the want to manufacture your utility with none preparation.

The Cake PHP model’s benefits and ubiquity have encouraged it acquires an awesome deal of assist from the local area—more than 8300 stars and 3500+ forks on getting Hub, similarly to a discussion, and legit simply as casual docs. On account of this assist, Cake PHP builders get roused to strive virtually and concocted the cake PHP maximum current version to live privy to the gradually advancing PHP web development environment.

Version 3 of CakePHP

This survey depends on the alpha arrival of Cake PHP 3.0, which fuses various new highlights and developments including.

  • Improved session management

With model 3, you will now be capable of getting to the session from the request object $this->request->session (). This extrude moreover makes the session less difficult to check and empowers Cake PHP to utilize PHP Unit 4.x.

  • Themes and modules combined

A critical objective of Cake PHP 3 changed into to make subjects all of the greater impressive and vigorous. Pursuing that objective, it has become clear that what changed into genuinely required changed into for topics to present similar capacities as modules. Appropriately, any module can also add now be utilized as a subject, which likewise works on bundling and rearrangement.

  • ORM Developments

Most strikingly, it is presently much less hard to suggest a profound relationship for saving tasks; several conventions were changed to diminish the expectancy to absorb information and disarray amongst new adopters.

Choosing PHP to develop Web applications

The extraordinary authority of PHP over web developers settles on it a characteristic decision for online application improvement. Notwithstanding, you shouldn’t settle on choices exclusively dependent on raw numbers. You should know about the five most vital reasons why choosing PHP for creating web applications is the best thing to depend on.

  • Cost Efficient: PHP is open-source and free. Therefore, it decreases the general advancement cost. Despite the ease, be that as it may, the norm and nature of an application don’t lessen.
  • Amplified Efficiency: PHP is known to accelerate the improvement cycle. Because of its enhanced speed, PHP has gotten profoundly efficient in creating dependable arrangements in the blink of an eye. The significant degrees of usefulness and power of web applications additionally harden its place at the highest point of the stepping stool.
  • HTML Integration: PHP supports HTML5, the most recent rendition of the HyperText Markup Language. This implies that application developers can play with a wide exhibit of intuition and drawing in components, for example, streak activities and PDF documents, which are offered by HTML5.
  • Enhanced Security: PHP has a strong center and an extremely protected engineering. Normally, online applications created utilizing PHP are exceptionally steady and secure. As an additional measure, developers can likewise add programming like PHP Intrusion Detection System (PHPIDS) to forestall outer outsider dangers.
  • Cross OS compatibility: PHP is the most favored scripting language in web improvement in light of its cross-working system (OS) compatibility. A web application created in PHP is ensured to run easily across all working systems like Windows, UNIX, and LINUX.

Range of services offered by web development outsourcing companies

  • Cake PHP Web Development Services
  • ASP.NET Development
  • Web Development
  • Content Management System
  • Development of Web Applications

Many companies everywhere in the world have been noticed utilizing these services which from an expansive perspective saves their time as well as the significant expenses connected to it. While developing a web application, the developers do mull over the customer’s necessity, worker side scripting, network security setup, and web worker setting also. To make the website look more intuitive, the developers attempt to chip away at the customer’s point of view. They work in close contact with the customers which causes them to comprehend their objective region, points, business model, and desires. This trade of inputs from both the web developers just as the customer side assists with designing applications in like manner.

Interfacing the web improvement services with the above idea, it is truth be told consistently suggested that the seaward customers should buy services as a total bundle. Buying the assistance bundle will assist the clients with getting away from the problems of selecting assets without fail. There are many reevaluating companies in India that offer quality services going from oversimplified static page design to the most unpredictable internet applications. Consequently, while picking any organization, the customers should keep their determination standards high and ensure that they are recognized with the best specialist co-op. Truth be told, while re-appropriating various services they should give more need to quality as opposed to amount.

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6 Python Tools for Developing Applications

Python is known for its stellar productivity through multiple frameworks compared to other languages like Java and C++ over and above the simplicity of its syntax. According to the PYPL Index, Python was the most popular language among developers. Although it consists of incredible frameworks for simple mobile or web apps as well as complex data science and AI-based applications, let’s take a look at six most commonly used and extensively documented Python tools for developing applications


Django is the most popular and secure framework for development. It’s highly scalable and offers extensive documentation. An SEO-optimised tool, Django is ideal for quick development as it’s tried, tested and approved by software developers at large. It’s also great to achieve error free results while complex coding. It can address various project needs and build versatile applications. Some of its special features include MVC (Model-View-Controller) core architecture, Object Relational Mapper); HTTP libraries;

Middleware support; and a Python unit test framework. It has a REST framework for APIs. A simple syntax lets users focus on rapid development, while creating multiple iterations at the same time and reuse existing code. It’s known for its speed and quality at representing your models in depth using the data model syntax. It’s a trusted tool for giants like Instagram, Pinterest and NASA. It has thousands of packages for coding, testing, debugging and profiling with ‘batteries included’ approach that essentially makes it the only framework developers need to accomplish a successful full cycle development. Developers can choose from a wide range of templates, reusable code, tools and features from across projects, and out of the box libraries. 


BeeWare is a collection of tools and libraries for building and distributing native applications in Python, according to its official description. Its tools are multi-functional to develop for iOS, Linux, Windows and any other. The tools offered by BeeWare are BSD licensed and can be availed and modified since it’s an open-source framework used by a big developer community. There’s enough support and documentation as well as debugging solutions to readily use. 

Developers can write the app once on BeeWare and deploy it anywhere across platforms with rich, native user interface; and the libraries and support code features, tools and resources to create native-looking apps with native UI toolkit for mobile and desktops. Its popular tools are Briefcase – for converting any Python project into a native app, Batavia for implementation of the Python virtual machine written in JavaScript and Cricket the graphical tool to run test suites. Instead of a theme-based approach, BeeWare uses native widgets, useful for either new developers or seasoned experts. BeeWare is capable of enabling Python to run on different devices and has the tools to package a Python project so it can run on those devices. Python users can simply install it in their virtual environment, import it and start using it. 


Based on WSGI(Web Server Gateway Interface) toolkit and Jinja2 template engine,

Flask is an easy to learn light framework to build web applications, equipped with a built-in development server and fast debugger. It has RESTful request dispatching with secure cookies and a robust dynamic url routing support and restrictions for the use of databases. Unlike Django, it’s more appropriate for smaller projects but does have tools and functionality for multiple extensions. It does have the capabilities of scaling up to complex programming in applications if needed. It operates on a small core but transforms as per easy to extend approach. It’s explicit and more Pythoic as opposed to Django and easier for beginners. Once you’re familiar with its curated list of best extension packages in the Flask Extensions Registry, using Flask extensions, developers can deploy their code and integrate web APIs. There’s plenty of documentation available with active developer community troubleshooting. It’s a microframework that doesn’t include an ORM (Object Relational Manager). But developers aren’t limited to one single Python file for building a whole app and can use many files for larger programs to handle complex tasks and functions. 


With easy to run multiple HTTP servers and object-oriented web application framework, CherryPy is a reliable tool for simple and complex projects alike. It features a HTTP/1.1-compliant, WSGI thread-pooled webserver with Built-in profiling, coverage, and testing. Some of its important technical features include native mod_python adapter, a configuration system for developers and deployers, built-in profiling and a complete test suite. Developers accustomed to basic Python can quickly develop with CherryPy as it’s a highly intuitive and easy to learn framework, hence ideal for beginners. For enterprise, CherryPy is available as part of the Tidelift Subscription. It’s a well designed tool for speed and build an API in a clean, organized way. If you want to develop simple applications with ease and speed, CherryPy is the right option for you as it’s minimalistic. Testing too is easy since you can test your development in-live with the preview mode. It’s incredibly easy to set up a web application and test ideas as well as to build prototypes quickly. It may be on a web server itself or can be launched via any WSGI compatible environment with efficient tools for syntax and configuration of APIs, caching, encoding, sessions, authorization, static content, etc. 


The GUI framework is described as “as an open source, cross platform Python library for the development of applications that make use of user interfaces such as multi-touch apps.” It’s an ideal rapid development platform with multi touch user controls for application development. It features a graphic library using only OpenGL ES 2, and based on Vertex Buffer Object and shaders as well as a huge number of multi-touch supportive widgets and the ability to design custom widgets through Kv language. Developers can create multi-platform mobile and multi-touch application software with a Natural User Interface and run them on Windows, Linux, Android, macOS, iOS, and Raspberry Pi. Some special features of Kivy include multi-touch and gesture library, attractive UI features, visual effects and extensively documented APIs. Programmers can simply design application UI just by some simple Python codes. While it’s highly popular as a mobile app development tool, it works well for developing desktop apps as well. Another great feature is expansive library support for building stunning UI. Tying the UI elements to your own functionality is also an intuitive feature. Its architecture is based on Core Providers and Input Providers that abstract core tasks.  Kivy supports various input devices such as a mouse, keyboard, TUIO, among others. 


A general, open source, web application development framework, Pyramid describes itself as a ‘minimal request/response web app’ – “the start small, finish big, stay finished framework.” Its core framework is based on Zope (principles of extensibility, traversal, declarative security). It assures that developers can start as a single-file module and then use a convenient scaffold to generate a sample project with a combination of subsystems while enjoying the benefits of simple graphical representation of data and easy implementation of configuration and URL management. It allows for having more control over templating styles and database administration quickly and without enforcing decisions. Simple configurations can control the entire development environment with stability and flexibility. 

Each tool should be used after considering its pros and cons with respect to specific project needs and size.

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How To AI Affect Web Development And WordPress Website Building?

Big companies are using AI technology to grow their business. AI is taking over the world and in few coming years, it will be widely used for every purpose. The role of artificial intelligence is growing as per current requirements. All the devices we are using are based on artificial intelligence. AI technology is playing a key role in the development of our society. It provides a better user-experience and human connection. Companies are using AI technology to build a relationship with customers. But how does AI affect web development and WordPress website building? Web development outsourcing company provide all the services at a lower cost. When it comes to web development AI is playing a key role in the development of websites. Adaptation of AI technology in web development could be promising. AI improves the overall user experience and provides a smooth searching experience. Let’s see how AI is changing and contributing to web development.

Chatbots for Better Service

Chatbots are something based on AI technology. Companies are using chatbots on their website to help a customer with any queries they have. Details given by chatbots are more accurate and are quick. Whenever a user is visiting a website, if they have any queries or questions to ask, they can simply type in chatbot and the bot will help the user to solve their queries. Chatbot replies are quick and secured. This makes communication easier and users can understand a website much better. Moreover, chatbots are available 24*7 so a user can solve their queries whenever they want to. This builds a better relationship between users and AI technology.

Improves User-Experience

As business companies are more focused on improving the user experience to improve their business AI is supporting to improve user experience. Websites that use AI power understand the customers better and the chances of any error reduce. AI technology can understand a customer’s need better and this improves the user experience. What a customer wants to see and how they like a product or services? AI will collect all the user data and will only show those products and services that are liked by a customer. This makes it easy for the customer to search for their specific product or services and improve their experience on the website. AI can store a user’s data and information for further use in the future. 

Voice Search

You have already heard about Siri, Alexa, or Cortana all these are powered by AI. It uses voice search and you can search anything by just using voice command. Voice search is becoming a trend in website development as it makes it easy for a customer to search anything, they want just by using the voice search command. You will find the best possible result by voice command. This technology is helpful for those who don’t want to type. Voice search will soon take over the website search option. It is one of the best investments one can do while developing a website for the future. It makes it easy for a customer to search for something on the website and improves customer experience.


AI technology can improve your marketing strategy by knowing what a customer likes to buy. AI can improve business marketing by understanding the behavior of a customer. What is the ideal time of a customer to buy a product, what kind of product they like to buy, what a customer doesn’t like to buy or see while searching for something on a website? AI can track all the details about a customer and will improve the marketing for a business. You can bring the gap close to customers and businesses by implementing AI on your website that will understand the buying nature of a user. AI technology is something that every business user should use to increase their sales and improve the marketing tactic. 

Content Producing

You know how important it is for the writer or for a website to post valuable content so their customers can enjoy good content. Keywords play an important role while writing content as google work in a matter where it will show specific content with a keyword. AI technology can help you find the best content for a writer. In the future, you might also see AI written contents. AI written contents are accurate and are focused on human delivery. AI can create contents that are more focused on human rather than keyword based. 

Website Design

Websites have to store lots of data these days and these days could get lost easily if not organized. AI technology makes it easy to keep all these data safe and secure and organized. It will save the data in a pattern that makes it easy to identify the user data. All the data are collected into models that make it easy to classify each data. It also improves the website design theme and the way it functions. 

WordPress AI Plugin 

Not only website development but WordPress website building is also changing with AI technology. AI technology can save time and improve the performance of a WordPress website building. There are lots of WordPress AI plugin that you can use while building a website. But there is a difference between AI plugin and non-AI plugin. AI plugin can improve your WordPress web design and could improve user experience. It will make your website more responsive and improve security. AI plugin will improve your content and make it more accurate for your users. 

Artificial Intelligence is rapidly growing and improving and contributing a lot to web development and hire a developer. AI helping designers to make the work more organized. AI is also producing content for websites Soon AI will develop the whole world completely. Web development outsourcing company is helping web developers to make their work easy and affordable. AI technology helping designers and developers to make their websites more responsive and user-friendly. It gives an improved user experience. AI is developing the medical, food, and all other industries and soon it will change the face of the world in every way. 

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Why Should You Choose Magento for E-Commerce Development?

Magento is among the most credible CMS choices for eCommerce development. It provides every feature topical to the needs of leading eCommerce businesses.  More than 250,000 eCommerce enterprises across the world are using Magento as their preferred platform.

Magento is considered an ideal choice for those planning a serious, customer-oriented, and fully-fledged eCommerce platform. It is considerably more efficient and effective than many of its contenders in the market.

The platform is packaged with upgraded features and functionalities for the eCommerce development community. With its powering cloud, it has sustained its place in the world’s top-most eCommerce platforms.

From theme customization to interactive module development, Magento has been the one-stop key to transform any eCommerce idea into reality. Acquisition of Magento in Adobe Experience Cloud led to a new sense of transition where it became easier to develop elegant eCommerce apps.

What Makes Magento the Best Choice for eCommerce Development

There are plenty of reasons for choosing Magento over any other platform. The most crucial and one-line reason for them is, Magento is dedicatedly developed for eCommerce platforms. It has every feature, plugin, tool, functionality, and many other things to help you create a competitive and effective eCommerce portal.

Let’s have a look at some of the significant offerings of Magento making it stand out from its contenders.

1. Easy Customization

Magento provides specialized customization features that allow developers to create interactive eCommerce solutions easily. It indulges in fundamental features for template tuning. It has simplistic drag and drop tools that engage in smooth development. It allows developers to customize and enhance the existing Magento template to a more classified form.

Developers can customize and add new logos, images, banners, and many other things inside the existed template. Such tools have been proven remarkably useful for enterprises of all scales including startups and well-established eCommerce companies.

Moreover, Magento store enables eCommerce website development services providers to indulge in a greater degree of user experience through its applications.

2. Streamlined Pricing and Promotions

With many new upgrades, it has become more efficient and feasible to manage pricing and promotions on your eCommerce platforms through Magento. These features are helping not only developers but also facilitating businesses by engaging an interactive way to outcast promotions and gain more sales.

Developers want to indulge in lucrative pricing and promotion features while offering Magento eCommerce development services. The inclusion of precise and specific pricing and promotion protocols has led businesses to indulge in good conversion rates right from the beginning of their journey as an enterprise.

So you can say that Magento helps the eCommerce business to leverage the best configuration conditions on pricing and promotions.

3. Cost-Effective & Competitive

To be honest, eCommerce development with Magento can be costlier than on WordPress. However, if we count it on efficiency, Magento indulges in a fully-fledged platform for creating go-to applications for the end-users.

If you ask an eCommerce website development company to choose a platform that can help you create a competitive eCommerce portal, there is a staggering possibility that they would prefer using Magento over any other CMS or framework.

Magento offers a range of additions that allow developers to create solutions of their choice of features and budget. Thus, it is up to the business professionals how to cope with the needs of the Magento development company they hire.

4. Versatile Editions

Magento is probably the most versatile eCommerce development platform. There are different editions of the platforms available categorized on the basis of their applications.

Magento Open Source or Magento Community Edition is a premier edition of the eCommerce platform that focuses on providing its free and open-source access. The primary adoption of this edition is by small-scale businesses to leverage Magento’s high-efficiency features at minimized costs. However, this edition provides access to basic features, developers can extend them to advanced features.

Magento Commerce or Magento Enterprise Edition is a superior edition developed considering the needs of medium to large-scale enterprises. This edition consists of advanced features such as hosting or integration of SaaS services. There are features dedicated to fulfilling the maintenance, testing, configuration, and troubleshooting needs of the eCommerce platforms.

5. Inclusion of Large Inventories

6. Fast Checkout

7. Third-Party Services Integration

Magento is flexible with third-party integration services. They can also adopt custom development and integration of plugins. Such functionality allows developers to engage in advanced features to their eCommerce application and indulge in a rich user experience.

Developers can integrate third-party APIs for payment, SMS and shipping, CMS, CRM, ERP, and many other advanced functionalities. It allows businesses to create effective shopping apps for the customers.

Such integrations help developers engage in maximum automation to the eCommerce apps. They make the eCommerce development more simplified, time-efficient, and cost-effective.

8. Cross-Browser Compatibilities

To engage in maximum usage of your eCommerce applications over different browsing environments, Magento allows developers to utilize browser capabilities detection features. They can use customize the compatibility settings.

The code developed using Magento are highly compatible to all platform and browsing requirements. Thus, your users can use eCommerce applications across all browsers.

9. Advanced Testing Facility

Magento’s testing have adopted revolutionary changes to the eCommerce market for responsive, adaptive, functional, unit and other types of testing. It provides the Magento Functional Testing Framework for performing end-to-end functional tests on your eCommerce application. It allows quality testers run highly readable, customizable, modular and manageable test cases.

Moreover, there are more advanced features to test code quality. Third-party testing platforms such as PhpCs, PHPStan and PhpMd can also be integrated to engage in interactive and precise quality analysis.

10. Community Support

There is large community hub which Magento developers or business professionals can utilize. There are developers, experts, and other professionals raising and answering queries. The community forum has been segragated in three main categories i.e. Magento Contributors for developers, Magento Masters for experts or contributors and Innovations Lab for futuristic upgradations.

Popular Companies Using Magento

  • Ford
  • Omega Watches
  • Christian Louboutin
  • Bulgari
  • Liverpool FC
  • Pepe Jeans
  • Land Rover
  • Harvey Nichols


Magento is considerably the best choice for creating reliable, effective, efficient, and future-oriented eCommerce solutions. Despite its many competitors in the market, it has set up its own unique image and significance.

With its evolving features, it tends to keep establishing its identity through sustainable, versatile and developer-friendly offerings.

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Which are the Web Development companies’ pros and cons?

The Internet has become a hub of economic and business activities. Now people spend most of their time using their devices such as laptops, cell phones, tablets and other devices. According to research, an average person spends about 8 hours and 41 minutes in a day. Even, they give less time to sleep, lunch, dinner, and physical activities as compared to the given time on the internet. People use the internet for multiple purposes such as educational purposes, business activities, entertainment, and much more. When we talk about business activities on the internet, it covers large segments which help people to grow their business. Web Making is an important thing regarding building a website on which people will land to avail services. Web development has core importance and central significance in making a website because what we see is the fully prepared website, but there are a number of technical stages which are passed and crossed with 100% perfection to make a site Live.

Brands and companies always look for the services for the purpose of outsourcing to make websites and for their maintenance in order to grow efficiently as compared to their competitors. There are in fact two types of availing services

  • ü Hiring Individuals
  • ü Outsourcing Project to Company

What is a Web Development Company?

Web Development companies are those which focus on the web development services. They offer different kinds of services regarding web development which can be summarized as

  • Front End Development
  • Front End Development
  • Web Maintenance
  • Web Designing
  • Fixing Errors
  • Removing Bugs
  • Web Making
  • Coding
  • Web Making in multiple languages such as CSS, JavaScript.

& much more in this field

In this write-up, we will focus on the pros and cons of Outsourcing Project to a company that provides services related to web development.


You will find a number of features and pros in web development companies which will attract you in order to hire their services regarding web development. These pros will be the source of saving time and money in significant manners. Find below some important features and pros and get to know the question of why you should hire web development companies.

1. Highly Technical Staff

Web development staff is highly qualified and has highly technical skills regarding development. Each team member has different technical skills which play a significant role in making a project of web development successful. It is important to mention here that projects are done in this way that is cost effective. Even individuals which you will engage will be doubtful whether they would be fit for the project or not. You would have to replace resources that will disturb the overall progress of your project. Thus, web development companies are perfect in this regard because they have full teams which manage their workload as per their skills. Thus, you must avail the services of any well reputed web development company for the sake of completion of your project in time.

2. Cost Effective

It will be really hard for you to hire a full development team individually to engage with your work. That will cost you much and will be a waste of money. But when you hire a company for web development, it will have a full team of development so it will charge less for the purpose of giving its services. That is the reason; it would be cost effective. But hiring a web development company would be an amazing decision which will not only save your money but will also complete work within a very short span of time. The work will be done as per commitment. So, always hire a well-reputed web development company at affordable and reasonable rates.

3. Usage of Latest and Updated Technology

Web Development is a highly technical field, and the person who is attached with the field must be updated about the latest technological innovations. They must keep their knowledge regarding development updated so that they could polish their skills in order to give their clients’ maximum perfect work. But on the other hand, if you hire a person or a person who works individually might have less potential as well as skills as compared to the working efficiency of a web development team. That is the reason; you must avail services of a development company because team members are always encouraged to learn more and more that indirectly gives benefits to clients’ working.

4. Working Efficiency

Every project needs working efficiency. And even clients desire working efficiency in projects. But the full efficiency could not be found in individuals. It can be found in team work because more than one person is engaged in a project which brainstorm and exert their energies together. Thus, there are a number of advantages of outsourcing.

According to an article with the topic “Advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing”, written by Gulzhanat Tayauova, there are a number of best advantages of outsourcing which focus on core activities, cost saving, accessing experience, improvement in performance, and much more. Firstly, you should always focus on hiring a company that has core and central values of professionalism. The second important point as discussed in the article is cost saving because of an important factor of outsourcing. Most people do not have enough time to give time and their efforts to their projects. They face lack of time. So, for such people who do not have enough time to give maximum potential to their work, they must go for outsourcing their projects which will be of course perfect to manage your projects. Thirdly, it is hard for a person to hire individuals who have extraordinary skills and specialties regarding web development and other skills because they charge highly and it will affect your cost. In this situation, it is important that you must hire a company for the purpose of outsourcing your projects because they hire highly experts and professional persons who have vast experience as well as exposure in their fields.

Thus, you will find a number of best advantages by hiring a web development company with no headache of work flow and burden. You will also enjoy efficiency of the team that cannot be attained in the engagement of individuals.

Cons of Web Development Companies

No doubt, there are a number of pros of hiring or engaging a web development company, but there are also a number of disadvantages of engaging a web development company which you must know so that you could grab the idea of which are the pros and cons of this sort of engagement. Find below some disadvantages which you must keep in mind while engaging a web development company.

1. Organizational Issues

Organizational issues occur within a company because of clash of interests and responsibilities. These sorts of issues directly or indirectly affect overall working of companies. Leg-pulling is normal in an office environment that can easily disrupt working. Your deadline could be affected that can spoil your post launching campaigns. Thus, you must keep in mind the repute and stability of the company to which you intend to hire it for development projects. You must check whether the company is stable or not, because mostly newly launched companies face severe issues including organizational issues between employees.

According to an article with the title “Advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing”, written by Sudawan Somjai, it is very important to choose the right company for the purpose of outsourcing. If you choose a wrong company, your project could be spoiled because of some technical points. So, you must set your priorities and according to those, you need to decide whether you should go to hire a company or you should hire individuals in order to make your projects successful by getting rid of organization issues which can disturb your working if you outsource your projects.

Organizational issues are the most important things which can help you to decide what you need to do regarding projects that you have to make them done in successful ways because your working could be spoiled and ruined. So, always consider this point during the decision of your projects’ outsourcing.

2. Project management issues

It is not easy to deal with the project management department, especially when a company has a large number of projects. In this situation, issues related to project management appear which can paralyze your projects by extending deadlines and lame excuses that will definitely exert bad impact on your business strategy as well as execution planning.

There are many other disadvantages of outsourcing web development projects such as losing control over projects and much more. If you are still worried about the right choice of company that can help you to make your projects successful, then  ZeeClick is suggested in this regard that provides you with the best and highly professional web development services to give you maximum output.

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Know the Best Way to Learn Web Development

Technological innovations revolutionized the field of information technology. Latest trends have been devised which are playing their roles in making the field of information technology more advanced. Many fields in the i.t sector have been introduced such as Search Engine Optimization, Web Development, and many others. But web development is considered as the most technical field in this sector because of a number of features which distinguish it from others. So, if you want to learn web development, then you will have to exert your maximum energies systematically to comprehend this field because it is a highly technical field.

Each day, thousands of websites are created. But what we see after completion is only a website, however it takes much time and technical efforts which pave the way to launching the final version of a site. So, if you intend to learn web development, you will find a number of websites for the purpose of teaching you. But we are here to teach and guide you in a better as well as easier way.

Who is a web developer?

Web developer is a person who creates a website by knowing the specific technicalities of his field to perform his role. The language of coding is really different from the languages which are usually understood by us. Coding language of computers is totally different and impossible to understand by a person who does not have know-how about development and its coding. So, developers understand the language and make websites in multiple languages which are perfect for a computer and internet to comprehend.

Embark on your Ambitious Learning Journey

The one important thing that needs to keep in mind as well as in plan when anything is to start is to determine end goals because the end goals in fact help you to improve your learning and keep on learning new things to achieve the set goals. That is the reason; you should frame up a brief plan in which you need to write your desired targets regarding learning web development so you could be able to evaluate your learning after a time.

Start with Four Web Development Fundamentals

After making up a plan about objectives and targets, you should prefer to learn the most important 4 things which are considered as the fundamentals of web development.

1. Get Know-how of Coding

Coding is known as the backbone of web development. So, you must have know-how of coding. Coding is done in multiple languages. So, you also have knowledge about the languages of the coding so you could grab and excel in a better way. You must be efficient in programming of languages which will in fact determine the success and learning rate of your efforts.

2. Learn HTML & CSS

In the field of web development, you will come to know about the best and very reliable tools which will help you in working by making your work more efficient. HTML and CSS are known as the best tools in the field of web development. So, you must learn the tools of HTML and CSS which will help you learn web development in organized manners professionally.

3. Know about JavaScript and jQuery

Addition of interactivity to your static web pages is an important thing when it is talked about web development as well as its stages. So, you can use JavaScript and jQuery for this purpose. So, you should also learn JavaScript and jQuery to be an expert web developer.

4. Engage yourself in Practice

Web development is a technical field. So, it cannot be assumed that you could be an expert in the field of development by not engaging yourself in practice. You need maximum practice of all the major and minor functions which will prove helpful in the womb of time. So, always focus on practicing what you learn because web development is the most technical field. If you do not practice, you may lose your skills or learning.

Widely, there are three types of web development which are as

  • Frontend Development
  • Backend Development
  • Full Stack Developmen

Frontend Development

Frontend is an important type of development. It is all about the interaction of end users with the display of the page. The efforts which are exerted to make sure the perfect as well as successful display of a web page or pages are done by a Frontend Developer. A number of things are added in this responsibilities or functionalities of frontend developers which are below

  • Page Layout
  • Adjustment of Images
  • Page Designing
  • Adjustment of Meta Tags
  • Addition of Pages Content


much more

Frontend developers are usually more creative visually because they have to make a website or its pages more attractive by examining them with the lens of users. There are also different types of technologies which are associated with the frontend development which are as

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • jQuery
  • JavaScript

Backend Development

Backend development is another important type of web development. All the data of a website is processed and stored in the backend. Its functionalities are all about the working of a website. Backend developers are good problem solvers who have very creative eyes to detect the issues which can not be seen by anybody else that keeps working on a website in a more efficient way. They are logical thinkers who utilize their skills as well as potential for the purpose of addressing the issues from the backend of a website which keeps the site running in a more efficient and user-friendly way. Backend development deals with servers, applications, databases, etc.

If you are really interested in web development, then you must learn the basics of HTML and CSS. You must keep in mind that it does not matter whatever the area is. But at least you must have know-how of basics of HTML and CSS that will entirely help you significantly. The basic know-how will also enable you to display web pages.

Full Stack Development

The full-stack development is the mixture of frontend development and backend development.

Developing Fastest Web

Fast website is the most important thing that is usually desired by every visitor or user. The speed of a website will ensure the maximum engagement of a person. Let’s suppose; you develop a website that has low speed, users will come but not land on your site properly. They will move on toward the sites which are faster than your developed site. So, that is highly important to build a website that engages maximum people. Build the fastest website by utilizing your refined skills.

Enhance Accessibility

Accessibility is another core factor that ensures the engagement of visitors to your sites. That entirely depends on you how much efficient you are and how much efficient a website you create. But the site must be developed in a way that gives access content to all without any geographical, device or other preference.

Usage of Tools & Testing

Development work is not a cup of tea because of the involvement of highly technical things in backend and frontend working. So, developers need different types of tools which can help them out for the purpose of completing their working within a desired and set time frame. Without tools, it seems really hard to complete the tasks. So, you must be efficient in utilizing different tools which are related to development such as cross-browser testing tools, linters, formatters, transformation tools, version control systems, deployment tools, and client-side JavaScript frameworks. These tools will not only save your time in significant manners, but you can also use the time for further learning.

Increase Responsiveness

Responsiveness is an important thing that is desired by visitors in the era of technological innovations. People have different types of devices in order to browse a site or visit. The devices include

  • Mobile
  • Laptop
  • Tablets

So, they always want to have a website that is compatible with all devices so that they could visit the site from their desired devices. So, you should be efficient enough to build a responsive website to all devices which will of course be user friendly.

Update yourself about UI and UX

UI stands for User Interface, and UX refers to User Experience. These are basic regarding the user experience design. Most developers do not have experience to design a template that can help them to make the interface of a website more impressive as well as user friendly. So, you need to have know-how of UI and UX but it is not mandatory to have full expertise on these because you can also get it from prebuilt template sites. But it is true that it is important to have knowledge about the UI and UX so you could build a better as well as user friendly website. This will help you to be an expert developer.

Grab the chance to be an expert web developer with the guidelines write-up of TopNotch Technologies.

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7 Bespoke Software Development Trends For 2021 To Watch Out For

The year 2020 has brought in waves of changes to software development industry. New innovations have surfaced, which have helped developers to build better software solutions for their clients. The year 2021 is expected to be even better for bespoke software development. Newer trends and technologies will again ensure the development of products that ready for the future.

This has been a unique year in every way you look at it. And it is now drawing closer to an end. The experts in the software industry have made their predictions about which trends will rule the bespoke software development market in 2021 and which one will not get toomuch attention. Our focus will be on the top trends that are expected to take the software development industry by storm.

Native Apps Will Rule The Market

The development of native apps has already seen a significant surge in recent years but this trend will gain more popularity than ever in 2021. Native apps are going to be the talk of every software development circle. And businesses will start looking for a custom software development company that has the required expertise in native app development. Companies that possess this expertise will be the most sought after ones.

Native apps are those that are developed to work on a particular device or platform. They can be designed to work specifically on a smartphone or a platform like iOS or Android. Being developed for a particular device or platform, these software programs are known to deliver powerful performance and improved user experience. This is why more and more businesses have already started moving from hybrid apps to native apps. A compromise in performance or user experience, especially in these times, could cost businesses dear. And this trend is expected to be there even beyond 2021.

Artificial Intelligence Will Continue Marching Forward

Whether you are looking for software outsourcing companies in the UK or anywhere else, you can expect them to suggest the use of AI in your project. AI has been the go-to technology for software developers for a couple of years and it will get even popular amongst developers in the future. It is a dream technology to work with and it has everything that can help businesses to refine the way they do business. Machine learning and AI are the two most preferred innovations for developers worldwide. However, 2021 is expected to see a change in the way AI is used. We will have to wait and see how this trend manifests itself but you can rest assured that it is going to be exciting.

Progressive Web Apps Will Gain More Popularity

One of the hottest trends in the software development industry right now is progressive web apps. These are web apps that run on smartphones and other mobile devices. What makes them different from your typical mobile apps is that they don’t need to be downloaded from app stores and neither do they require storage space on the mobile device. These come with accessibility of websites and function like your usual native apps. You can expect them to provide the user experience and performance that you get from native apps.

Progressive web apps are also similar to native apps in how they can .use the device camera and other device hardware for performing different functions. What makes them different from native apps is how easily they can be developed and maintained. You just need to install these apps on your desktop, laptop, or smartphone to start using them. You don’t need a browser to use them.

5G Technology Will Get Bigger

5G technology made a lot of headlines at the start of this year. However, most of the attention that it was able to grab was for all the wrong reasons. But it was later found out that it had nothing to do with the spread of the virus. So now it is expected to back big time amongst the biggest software development for 2021. The difference now is that it will take that spot because of the right reasons.

We all know that 5G technology is a lot better than 4G technology. It is a lot faster than its previous version and this why experts believe that it will becomes the technology of choice for data transmission more than a billion device across the world in the next few years. 5G technology is great for apps virtual reality apps and augmented reality apps amongst others. This technology will be useful for developers who want to build solutions that can enhance business performance. Software development is also very important to the growth and success of a company. Paying attention to the new trends in the industry is key to making the most of what different technologies have to offer.

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