6 Effective Tips to Write SEO Friendly Content

Do you want to grow your business without increasing your chosen budget? Then you should make sure to create SEO friendly content.

Here’s how it works.

SEO (Search engine optimized) websites with strong authority and a good backlink profile rank were higher in the search engines.

If your website displays on the top of the main page, you will gain more clicks, shares, likes, and buyer engagement.

If nobody ever discovers your webpage, then also the quality-written articles are pointless.

Obviously, if you want to grow your business, you should write SEO-friendly content.

I’m not declaring it’s smooth. There is a lot of thought and vision that goes into generating powerful SEO friendly content.

But once you study the basics and add them to your content production procedure, you will see it will produce attractive results without including your workload.

Power this up with some promotional activities, like sending email marketing newsletters to your touches list and a good marketing funnel, and you are suited to go.

But for today, let’s hold the point of SEO friendly content.

Here’s what you will learn about.

  1. Use your keywords wisely
  2. Use headings and sub-headings
  3. Optimize the length of article
  4. Do internal link
  5. Optimize your images
  6. Make the content shareable

Use your keywords wisely

Few writers like to just sit down and begin writing. They leave SEO for the last lines.

Others begin by noting down the keywords they want to include into their content.

That’s the approach I prefer.

You begin by recognizing keywords relevant to your topic. You either come up with them off the top of your head, use the keyword planner tools like the one from Google, use a more advanced SEO tool like Ahrefs or SEmrsuh, or hire an SEO firm to do that for you.

If you have not started this process just yet, you have to start with this pattern to good keyword research.

And once you begin writing, use the keywords in the title, H1 (Heading 1), meta descriptions, ALT tags, and main body.

Use headings and sub-headings

Using headers and sub-headers does various things for SEO.

First, it makes your writing skimmable and accordingly simple to read for your normal readers. People are more inclined to share articles that are easy to understand.

The same goes for search engine robots. When crawling through your site, they’ll recognize your Headings and utilize them to better know your content, like which parts are the most notable ones and so on.

Also, having Headings and sub-headings improves the keyword congestion, but remember not to misuse this to manipulate the algorithm.

Optimize the length of article

In the past, most blog posts you’d read would have up to a few hundred words. It was a figures match, the more posts you would publish, the more traffic you would get.

These days, This nearly impossible. Even on the current blog, you are reading right now, you will mostly discover content that is 1,500+ words, and published less frequently.

That’s because, in the last several years, Google has shown that it gives more priority to longer, higher-quality content. They intend to present their users with the best possible answers and this often heats down to having posts that provide the most thorough answer to the reader’s query.

It’s not good practice to write 300 words content anymore. But it’s also not about making your content too long.

Look at your Google Analytics reports and notice which posts make the highest engagement for you. Which are visited the most of time and which ones are read for the long period of time? And then, which ones generate the highest conversions, for example: newsletters or  sign-ups.

Do internal link

One of the main factor search engines ranks content is by the amount of backlinks they get.

Good content leads to get a high number of backlinks, both external and internal.

If you want to get high traffic and rank your old content higher, on SERP then you can’t forget to link to them from your latest posts.

This helps the search engine crawlers, and people, to find your most suitable articles.

Also, links to high-quality, reputable websites increase the efficacy of your website. The better the links, the higher your website will rank in search engine results page.

Also, utilizing reliable sources within the body of your text builds trust with your readers.

Optimize your images

Images are important to make your content engaging and shareable. People are far more likely to buy from a firm whose website has beautiful and related photos.

You can optimize the photos by including keywords in the image files and giving the ALT tags.

Make sure you also optimize the file size of the photo. Pictures that are too large will slow down the load time and damage the SEO.

Make the image size as small as possible without effecting the visibility or quality. Normally image editors will let you do that with their buit-in features. If yours has not got it, an alternative is the Squoosh app, a free tool that allows you to resize and reduce your image file size quickly.

Make the content shareable

So, you have successfully trained to write an SEO-friendly, content-rich, interesting article that people desire to read. The current step is to make it shareable. Websites like ShareThis make it easy to add social media buttons to your website so individuals can share the content easily.

Bonus Tips:

  1. Research suitable keywords.
  2. Know the right word limit.
  3. Allow Google to find the format for your content.
  4. Create an outline by analyzing Google’s first page results.
  5. Make a record of questions from the “people also ask” segment of the search.
  6. Post title for users & meta title for Google (keywords in titles).
  7. Post meta description (optimize it for decent CTR and use your target keyword 1 time).
  8. Image Alt text (use keyword).
  9. Interlink in the post using relevant anchor text.
  10. Post permalink (remove end words from permalink).
  11. Use proper heading tags (keywords in H1, H2, tags).

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Difference Between SEO and Digital Marketing

Many people in the marketing industry consider SEO (search engine optimization) and digital marketing to be similar. Yet, they have two unique definitions and are different. There are various ways in which SEO and digital marketing perform likewise and today they work in tandem. An SEO agency is outsourced to optimize a website so that its place in search engine results is increased. They will practice a wide category of techniques and SEO best practices to achieve higher rankings in the SERPs. SEO is a subset of digital marketing and many would define an SEO specialist as one who combines digital marketing and SEO best techniques to reach their aims.

SEO Manager and a Digital Marketing expert

It has already been stated that there are several connections in these two places and many circumstances they share some of the same abilities. An SEO expert has the expertise, experience, and knowledge to optimize a website to grow traffic and earnings. A digital marketing specialist may work with an SEO specialist in a marketing campaign to improve a company’s whole exposure using digitally based media. SEO is a tool that is in the digital marketer’s toolkit. The plans shared by SEO experts and digital marketing specialists include various marketing best practices such as email marketing, content marketing, social media marketing, and more recently mobile marketing. However, the digital marketing specialist will have a few other options at their control such as advertisements, SMS, Television, or radio sources. Since the two overlap pretty drastically, it can be hard to separate the two. Still, the SEO specialist is concerned about improving visits to a website and the digital marketing expert is concerned with expanding a company’s overall online appearance and visibility to customers.

Upcoming Trends in Digital Marketing

Trends are favoring nearer including digital marketing techniques with SEO tactics. The trends show that 2 are mixing frequently. In history, it was thought that SEO was acceptable for business promotion but as social media extended, and mobile phone and tablet use collapsed on the view it takes more than just SEO tactics to reach the customer market. To build an efficient online appearance and achieve your potential buyers before any other opponents, you will have to include digital marketing with SEO techniques. SEO is not wasted, and it will not disappear anywhere anytime quickly. The variety in the climate of today’s industry is that you are going to have to go past SEO and include many digital marketing strategies. SEO is all about generating high-quality websites that are organized for the user.

Connecting Digital Marketing and SEO

There is no doubt that the SEO world is in a situation of constant change. Search engines are continually upgrading their techniques of ranking websites and the SEO specialist is forced to keep up with the trends. One of the more recent changes in SEO tactics is the establishment of digital marketing. The new term that appears from this development is SMI (Search Marketing Integration). As search engines proceed to broaden their gaze and complete the specifics and methods they use to look at a site and measure an agency’s sentiment, content-quality, and overall relevance, it is obvious that search is growingly flapping with other marketing approaches. This is likely to completely transform an organization’s plan for approaching sales, PR, marketing, branding, and everything else for that matter. Success will need a mixture of SEO best methods and marketing strategies.

New Business Service Measurement

There have been numerous portions that moved over the last few years for both SEO and digital marketing which have obscured the line that separated the two. Even though they are still two solo entities with singular aims, they are growing more integrated into a single, appealing strategy. The most influential question now is how the combination of these two powerful and multi-faceted tools can be applied together for the advantage of a business or company. Since no two firms are equal, it can be a hard plan. Success comes from contracting a single campaign constructed from plans from both digital marketing and SEO best methods.


SEO and Digital Marketing are not totally the same. While similar, they are not the same. SEO specialists have a goal to optimizing a website to get higher rankings in search engine results (SERP) and thereby improve free organic traffic. Digital marketing specialists focus on improving whole online appearance and visibility for customers using their corporate budgets, using numerous digital tools plus paid promotion to reach their marketing goals. So now you know the distinction between SEO vs Digital Marketing.

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What Is SEO And How It Works On A Small Business Budget

SEO is a high-quality way to benefit centered traffic to your internet site. We’re experts at placing your internet site on the pinnacle of engines like google. Yazlo is one of the high-quality SEO agencies. We’ve got a team of notably qualified SEO experts at your disposal to boost your internet site with rapid-track techniques and value-effective methods.

Have you ever ever puzzled how small companies grow their SEO efforts on a constrained budget? It all comes right down to prioritizing your wishes and efficiently measuring your fulfillment alongside the manner. That is key to developing your online presence even as saving your business massive cash in the end. Right here at SEO. Com, we try to offer small business SEO this is tailor-made to your precise wishes. We work to attain this whilst at a rate that works satisfactorily in your business. In this weblog publish, we’ll display to you the way search engine optimization works on a small business budget.

SEO Audit To Helps Uncover Growth Opportunities

A detailed search engine optimization audit is our first step to determine which your internet site is status within and what areas need development. We use trendy techniques and effective SEO methods for thrusting your business into a brand new fold. With our thorough know-how of the e-commerce enterprise, we are able to scan your complete site and find wherein we will optimize and make technical adjustments to enhance ratings.

One fantastic advantage of the way small commercial enterprise SEO works is with aggressive analysis. Many corporations like yours are competing for equal keywords and equal customers. Studying your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses are important to the fulfillment of your commercial enterprise. This may assist discover opportunities for the increase that your competition is yet to tap into.

SEO Strategy To Helps You Reach The Right People

Our search engine optimization experts apprehend your demands. They put into effect progressed, effective, and efficient search engine optimization techniques to rank up towards your competitor’s. Doing this, will assist gain exposure for your enterprise and keep a very good reputation for your enterprise.

Our small business search engine optimization applications consist of dedicated content material strategists. Your content material strategist will take the studies finished via the keyword studies crew and apply them to your content material strategy.

Create Unique And Helpful Content For Your Customers

We create content that consists of articles, infographics, films, and newsletters, and so forth. Our expert content material writers make certain first-rate content material is circulated inside the most expressive fashion on the top which meets the needs of your targeted target audience. On-page user experience is essential in your small business SEO boom. Optimizing each web page detail from on-page replica to website online navigation helps customers locate what they’re searching out conveniently. This facilitates your internet site to convert your visitors into paying clients.

 In return, this facilitates your page to attain the quality page rating and make your website online extra credible on your target market. This is why it is no wonder that we list web layout as section 1 in ordinary online marketing success. Even as your internet site is an on-going mission, running bit-by using-bit to provide the facts your traffic is looking for in an easy-to-use style will assist guide your small business search engine optimization campaign.

Relevant Link Buildings For Drives Quality Traffic

One other vital component of developing your small enterprise through SEO is hyperlink constructing. Constructing links with websites that are applicable to your purpose is good for your SEO. For a small Airbnb looking to grow its online presence, they may want to work to build hyperlinks with journey websites. Applicable and excellent hyperlinks like those assist convey great site visitors to your site and assist growth your page rating.

Our small enterprise SEO packages start with at least three links per month. We will help write the content material and put up visitor articles that feature your business on an expansion of applicable sites. We try this by way of accomplishing out constantly with new subjects and content ideas to our backlinking companions. Backlinking can be a hard job.

Analytics & Reporting

We keep you inside the loop about all of the elements affecting your business. With our dedicated crew, you will be privy to something and the entirety, from erecting a website to creating it profitable.

SEO Strategies To Lead Top-Notch Results

The absolute confidence that the fine small commercial enterprise SEO efforts are strategies tailored to your genuine wishes. On top of that, aggressive analysis, on-page optimization, and constructing applicable hyperlinks also help attract the proper humans. It is also essential to constantly screen your SEO efforts to ensure success.

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5 Ways To See How Much Traffic a Website Gets

If you are thinking about performing competitive analysis on your competitors, then ‘spying’ about how much traffic their websites generate can be the most important thing to perform.

There are many valuable insights you can accumulate only by looking at the number of traffic coming to your competitor’s website. For instance, it can significantly help in gaining some insights about what strategies they are using to drive traffic, whether their content is performing well, and whether there are opportunities they’ve capitalized upon that you haven’t yet.

Of course, it will also help in assessing your current position in the industry in comparison with your competitors, and what you can improve.

What Is Website Traffic?

To put it simply, website traffic is the number of people visiting a specific website, measured over a limited period of time (typically monthly.) Website traffic is an important metric for any website, which is often the main measure of the site’s overall performance.

The higher the traffic, the more opportunities the website will get to convert people on this website. This can be anything from signing up for an email newsletter, downloading an app/ebook, or making a purchase.

Top 5 Ways To Check Website Traffic

1.   Check Their Pages

First things first, before you’d have to rely on premium software and third-party sites, check whether the website actually publishes their numbers on their site (or have mentioned it somewhere else online).

There are actually many websites doing this, and you can check for their “About Us” page or if they have a dedicated page for advertisers (i.e. an “Advertise With Us”  page). A high number of website traffic is effective in attracting advertisers, so there are websites like Search Engine Journal that lays out traffic stats for this purpose.

However, there are obviously many websites that don’t do this, so this can’t be a one-size-fits-all approach. Also, don’t forget that the figures these sites list on their site are usually not the most up-to-date and/or accurate ones. If this option is available, however, it can be a very cost-effective one.

If you are using this approach, don’t forget to check whether the site was recently updated (or if it uses a real-time counter).

A quick tip, you can use search queries “advertise with us+[your niche]” or “advertise with+[your niche]” to find these pages.

2.   Check Their Traffic Reports (If Any)

This one is relatively similar to the above’s approach, but there are key differences.

Many websites and blogs often publish their key statistics on their websites, which often also include their income (and traffic) reports. This is especially true for businesses where transparency is their main selling point, or if it’s a website about making money for blogging.

Again, this can be a very cost-effective method (even, totally free), but not all websites are doing this. When they do, however, it can also be a major resource for other information like advertising revenue, sources for external profits, and other information that might be valuable for you.

3.   Look at the Number of Social Shares and Engagements

This approach won’t directly show you the site’s traffic but can be a good indicator for the accuracy of your measurements using other methods, including if you are using third-party solutions (as we will discuss below)

There are websites (especially blogs) that show how many users shared the post on social media. Alternatively, you can also use tools like BuzzSumo—that offers a limited number of free checks— to get this number.

If you only want to check the performance of a blog in comparison to your own blog, then probably checking this number alone can be enough. However, you can also estimate the site’s traffic using this data. The greater the number of shares should translate into higher traffic and engagement.

If the blog also has a comment section, you can also check the number of organic comments generated. More comments mean that the website is generating a significant amount of traffic.

4.   Using PRNews Traffic Estimator

This one is a pretty unique trick that you can do for absolutely free. PRNews.io offers a free Unique Viewers Estimator where you can simply put in the target URL, and it will show the average views, social shares, and total audience.

While it doesn’t show the site’s real traffic, it can give you a pretty close estimate of your competitor’s traffic.

Also, PRNews also offers real traffic data for news publication sites, so if you are looking to check the traffic of sites in this niche, this can be a really good source.

5.   Using Third-Party Traffic Checker Tools

We saved the best for the last.

The best approach to see how much traffic a website gets is simply to use the right software, and thankfully there are many options available on the market with varying prices (unfortunately, there is no viable free option at the moment).

Yet, here are three best traffic analytic tools we’d recommend:


SEMRush is among one of the most popular marketing analytics and one of the best Ahrefs alternatives at the moment, and if you want to check how much traffic a website gets, you can simply go to the Marketing Insights menu on SEMRush, then go to Traffic Analytics.

Then, you simply have to enter the URPL of the website you want to analyze, and click search. Voila, you’ll get a detailed report for the URL, including the total number of visits, unique visitors, average pages/visit, traffic rank, and so on.


SEMRush’s (very) close competitor, Ahrefs is also very potent if you want to check the number of traffic coming to a website. You can use Ahrefs’ Site Explorer tool, enter the URL of the target website, and click the search button.

In Ahrefs you can also check traffic coming from paid search ads, by clicking on the Paid search tab.


Alexa is a web traffic analysis website and is also Amazon’s sub-company. Similar to Ahrefs and SEMRush, you can simply enter the target URL after you’ve made your registration to Alexa, and click the search button. 

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Seven Insightful Ways To Use Your SEO Strategy For Your Business

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a useful tool for concentrating on business growth related to content marketing aspects. The time tested principle for every content must be organic, but the content must have substantial viewers and reviews. When looked upon its possibility, many online giants have been using some tools and ideas to make the content look organic and, at the same time, have more attention on the web. 

Seven insightful ways to use your SEO strategy

Making the posts and the contents easy to read

The central aspect for a web user is to understand the content posted on a website as it is also proven to be one of the best possible ways to achieve maximum traffic. But to make the content readable, some prerequisites are to be followed. The requirements can be given as writing quality content, writing shorter paragraphs, creating content with all types of sentences, bullet points, etc. to the whole content making it more interesting and helping to create a perfect website.. An essential thing in the range is inserting sub headers, which can break the content into small parts. One of the analyzed facts is that content, divided into small pieces, is straightforward to read. In contrast, the content with significant features and no dividers or punctuations is challenging to use. 

Adding Bucket Brigades while writing sentences

Expert writers, to maintain the flow, use bucket brigades to connect the concept of two sentences which prevent their website sales from falling. Bucket brigades initially have the meaning of a bucket being passed between people to pull out a fire. Since the word is idiomatic and has a similar purpose, it proves to be successful as they use any sentences to connect or start a sentence. Some of the general bucket brigades are: 

  • Let’s get started
  • Let me explain:
  • Do I have your attention?

Including voice search as one of the leading factors in SEO

Adding a voice search style in creating content is also one of the possible ways where the website can drive more viewers compared to others. Many companies such as Amazon Alexa, Google Echo, etc. have started to use Artificial Intelligence to provide information and interact with speakers regarding various matters. So, adding voice search would be a great SEO strategy for many firms. According to recent statistics, more than 20% of the US people have started to use Artificial Intelligence, otherwise known as smart speakers, to give commands.

The same percentage will soon increase to more than 50%, where everyone will have a smart speaker in their homes. For example, suppose a web user types American president. In that case, he will have more information about American presidents, whereas if they use Artificial Intelligence, they will start with “Who is the president of America?” The above example proves that the voice search uses a snippet that retrieves information from the texts already written. Hence, the writers should also focus on writing through snippets to prevent the sales from dropping.

Making the content mobile-friendly

Another critical perspective for web writers is to make the content more mobile-friendly than ever. In the global market, the most purchased electronic accessory is a smartphone, which is relatively cheap and has all the features. More than 50% of the users buy their mobile phones from e-commerce websites, so writers need to understand that even selling electronic merchandise, you need to have mobile-friendly content seen from other accessories to increase your web-traffic.. As per the data, more than 70% of Americans use more smartphones, and 40% frequently change their smartphones to have the best user-friendly technology. Mobile-friendly content needs to have more focus than the web version as it is easily accessible by everyone. 

Understanding audience genres

Another important characteristic for the writers is to understand the genre of their target audiences. This can be made possible by analyzing various factors of their target audience, such as location, taste, department, neutrality, article level, complexity, etc. All the elements need not be used in one place; instead, the factors can suit the audience’s genre. This is possible for all kinds of writers so that a lot of people will click the content and look into it. If the writers couldn’t understand the reader’s mindset, it will be a collateral waste as the content will lie in a corner and they won’t be able to create a perfect website to attract viewers.

Maintaining the structure of the content

One of the essential ingredients in creating content is maintaining its structural ratio to read it conveniently. The current demand for readers is to make the content longer to understand what they are reading. But it is also not necessary to elongate a sentence with a word count capacity of 2000, 3000, etc. Writers must understand that word count is an unnecessary topic in creating a long article or content. Brevity in the content must be maintained so that readers will not be bored. The content must also be perfect as per your SEO strategy and must not have any repeated words. 

Recreating older contents and subject matters

One of the possible ways to generate traffic through SEO is by regenerating older content and having more visitors since the subject matter will be new to them. Recreating older content refers to bringing out archaeological facts and ideas that are more exciting and educational, where readers will train themselves with adequate knowledge from time to time. According to the latest content modules, some of the famous web developers and website holders have invested in recreating older scripts.

Importance of Market Research

Market Research is an essential aspect of tracking the measurement of a company’s involvement in projected growth. With the advent of SEO in market research, an organization’s primary and secondary data is calculated in a new analytics method since the data became SEO driven and considered a reliable one. Nowadays, the increase in business transactions is due to the reliability of SEO content. These contents will satisfy the buyers to purchase their goods and services. In short, SEO in market research facilitates B2B transactions more quickly and conveniently. 

Market research is beneficial to know about the demographics of website data, market trends, competitive sectors, strengths and weaknesses, substitutes to ensure the organization’s growth, etc. Market research through SEO organically institutes content development so that it has a positive impact on the sales funnel. Many e-commerce websites have tie-ups with content providing companies who also offer a brand solution by conducting market research on various aspects. Through market research, the potential customers for a website can be deducted, including the company’s traditional customers, and focus on the company’s future growth. 


Insightful ways to generate revenue and customers through the SEO strategy are proven to be successful and have received a green signal from many experts to use these development methods. SEO is undoubtedly useful in generating web traffic irrespective of the prevailing situation in the market. 

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How To Prepare Your SEO Strategy After COVID 19

The prevailing situation of the Covid 19 has toppled down the entire functional progress leaving every sector scratching their head before making the next step. Many companies are affected due to the loss of clients, and business functions are questioning their ability of quicker recovery through a strategic plan.

Since, customers and clients are forced to use online data to carry their activities, along with online commercial activities; search activities conducted online are also changed. Customers have become health conscious and are engaged in a continuous process of updating themselves with Covid measures and Covid related announcements. 

How to prepare your SEO strategy

Creating engaging content

The first step to any marketing campaign is to create content which is engaging and relevant to the target user. In fact, even SEO deals with this aspect. And while there is more to SEO than just keyword optimization, it is a good place to start.

Writing original, unique, and creative content strategies would get you a long way. Put in the effort to make your website readable and easier to navigate. Also, while we are at it, let’s also talk about plagiarism. Google and other search engines have heavy penalties for content duplication or plagiarism. It is always better to run your content through a plagiarism checking software first.

Google always prefers to highlight unique original and value-driven content, ranking it on their top results page. It makes your brand more visible and accessible to the end-user, resulting in better sales and an overall successful performance.

Increasing the SEO traffic through trending searches

The indoor lifestyle has forced people to browse the web space for specified and favourite results, and so Covid 19 has disrupted the balanced deductions of SEO analysation. There is a comprehensive cyber hunt search to know about user trends and their customized wants. Simple ways to gather what users want; SEO analyzers use the help of Google Trends. Google Trends is used to know the top, famous searches and hashtags on the web. The SEO analyzers can observe and do extensive research on trending topics and can use the same to create similar but different trending content to increase their web traffic. 

Remodifying the keywords

The Google keywords index analyzes search results only through search keywords related to pertaining topics. For example: if your website is about marketing and designs, keywords like “design thinking” would be most frequently searched. Right now, the current trending search results available on the search engine platform are about the Covid 19 safe practices. The recent media also started to pour their contents about Covid 19 due to the reason that search results showed more numbers of Covid 19 related information. 

Upgrading the website navigation

When searching for results on the search engine platform, users will always be in an instant to know answers. The common practice for internet users is to go for the first result available on the result page to reduce time consumption. Apart from the keyword, the search engine will also look for the fastest website available on cyber space and will project the same as the results. Web service providers should increase the web speed, which in turn will be shown as the first result. According to recent statistics, a web page must not take more than 3 seconds to load when accessed by the user. This is one significant way to prepare your SEO strategy during the virus.

Use of Schema Markup to increase the traffic

One of the ways to increase or update the website traffic can be done by using Schema Markup. Schema Markup is the official micro data of the Schema.org also called as a coding tool used by many companies in their websites to get additional traffic. Schema Markup is compatible with many search engines where a separate URL is created in the micro data. The particular URL will have sufficient information with proper keywords within the coding language. Schema Markup is considered to be one of the essential tools for increasing web traffic and your Google ranking as well. 

Publishing Covid 19 related information on the website

As the current pandemic has led the mass public to check the website about health issues and health-related tips regarding Covid 19 infection, the web companies have forced themselves to write about the Covid 19 problems and health tips to safeguard both humans and the environment instead of normal topics regarding marketing and designing. Web owners should focus on what the user search wants and on Covid 19 related content. 

Web owners should focus on broad-gauged contents

A pandemic attack is very vulnerable as many people have lost their jobs, so many unemployed people will have a primary mission, i.e. to get an employment opportunity. The broad-gauged content should have articles and posts in various areas that might help businesses such as topics relating SEO and how to handle your business during the virus. Particularly, topics such as employment opportunities must have important focus and many useful contents related to it as well. The contents will be helpful for unemployed people who will receive a lot of web traffic for the website. 

Update the site to get a My Business Page

One of the possible ways to generate viewers’ traffic is to claim My Business Page on Google. This method of SEO strategizing is beneficial for small scale business people in the time of a pandemic situation. Receiving reviews from the customers is one of the most positive impacts the web owners can get from My Business Page. My Business Page speeds up the results making the website a top priority in the works. This way, the SEO analyzers can establish the website on the first page of the search result column. 

Tie up with micro-influencers

To gather support for their websites, the owners can have a franchise with micro-influencers all over the place. These micro-influencers will use their skill to attract even more viewers and can establish their identity all over the area. The SEO tactic behind this is the promo code and the product description used by website owners where a promo code will be given to micro-influencers, and they invite people for better offers through the promo code. To simply put it, it is propaganda through SEO. 

Know your competition

The market is pretty competitive, with demands soaring and businesses trying their best to attract the most customers. Porter’s five forces is an essential framework which can be used by SEO developers so that they can analyze the SEO competition in the sector. Porter’s Five Forces was initially founded in 1979 by the Harvard Business School. It is regarded as one of the most influential concepts of analyzing business competition along with its substantial growth. Like SWOT analysis, Porter’s Five Forces is differentiated into five points. The five classifications of Porter’s Forces are Entrants, Suppliers, Buyers, Substitutes and Competition. 

Entrants in Porter’s Five Forces are subjected due to the new entry of keywords. Some of the keywords will be unused, so that keyword research is fundamental, and researchers can drive more traffic and conversions for the content will be more efficient. On Porter’s Five Forces, the buyers on SEO refer to the buyers who are drawn due to the impact of it. Substitute refers to the alternate way or the productive way where the focus will be on a higher ROI. Competition refers to the rivalry of other sectors and the subsequent strategy used to contain the market.


Although the pandemic destroyed many businesses, strategies acquired through SEO are not exhaustive as the contents are infinite in numbers. The writers who are engaged in the process of SEO analysis have many routes to stabilize the usage of SEO applications. Through this situation, SEO analyzers have a chance to look after data trends periodically.

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Why Local SEO Should Be A Priority For Small Businesses

Although there is no silver bullet to soar the search engine, a few smart strategies can help you climb the charts gradually. And local SEO is one such tactic.

With today’s modern technology, more people are using Google Maps and associated business listings to find local companies. According to eMarketer, eight out of ten consumers prefer to use search engines to find local products/services.

Therefore, dominating Google search these days is critical for a business. If you are one of the big corporate gurus, you probably have many resources to do so. However, if you belong to middle or lower corporate strata, you should opt for local SEO practices.

Local SEO is, unfortunately, not always focused on by many business entities. This is why their original customer base dwindles. In fact, a bunch of recent studies has confirmed that most online purchases happen after people search for these products locally.

  • 72% of consumers who did a local search visited the store within five miles. (WordStream, 2016)
  • 28% of searches for something in surroundings result in a purchase. (Google, 2016)
  • 78% of local-mobile searches turn into offline purchases. (Search Engine Land, 2014)
  • 30% of mobile searches are linked with a location. (Google, 2016)

A local presence is your way to go if you are a start-up or a new entrant in the field. Below, we have some reasons to convince you even more.

Greater Local Visibility

In a lot of ways, a local presence is easier to obtain than a national one. Once you learn what you are doing, you can understand your local market much better than anyone else. Or you can take locally reputed professionals on board. For example, SEO experts in Seattle can bring more valuable insights if you want to pursue your venture in Seattle.

They will devise strategies to promote your products/services to potential customers by scrutinizing the current trends. Signals such as social profile pages, links, local content, and citations are local SEO information. This allows the search engine to bring relevant results for the users, improving rankings and escalating sales.

To start with, get yourself on Google my Business listing. Plus, there are plenty of others like Yelp, Yellowbook, Bing Places to improve visibility. Chatmeter states that if the first position of a local listing gets 30% of the clicks, local listings after the sixth ranking get fewer than 2% of clicks. And this is for search results that are still on the first page.

So make sure your local SEO strategies are in place to retain a higher position in the list.

Establishes Business Credibility

Google handles more than 63,000 search queries each second. (Quora)

This staggering search statistic reveals how critical it is for a small business to strive for the higher ranks. It gives the audience a reason to check you out.

Users find local listings that pop up on the top of a search engine more authentic than paid or organic search. As per Hubspot, SEO is 5.66 times more effective than paid search advertising. Be sure to use long-tail keywords with local modifiers and semantic variations to expand your keyword coverage.

Steps like including directions on Google Map on your contacts will allow the customers to find you easily. The local algorithms will have further data to confirm your location.

Along with this, having customer reviews is another factor in enhancing your authenticity. Research by BrightLocal revealed that about 88% of local users trust online business reviews. Hence, it is essential to ensure you get your regulars to share their experiences. After all, word-of-mouth is the best form of marketing, and it’s free!

Better Return on Investment (ROI)

Brian Halligan, the co-founder at Hubspot, staunchly believes in an organic-first strategy for its strong conversion performance and longevity.

Spending money on advertising may appear like throwing your bucks down a dark pit as you struggle to calculate the return on investment. On the contrary, targeting a local audience allows you to find the exact audience you are looking for. You can select the target audience based on search terms like gender, age, interests, and location.

SEO ROI accumulates with time as content creators establish visibility and authority of your platform. Potential buyers tend to visit a website more than once before making a purchase or filling a form. Thus, ranking higher for more keywords increases the likelihood of conversion as time passes. Acknowledge yourself with Google Ranking Factors in the upcoming years to maintain your SEO plans.

In the past, local companies had to operate traditional marketing routes, such as newspaper adverts, leaflets, and radio ads. These methods are in steep decline (given how the local newspaper agencies are gradually shutting down).

Research from Poynter found that local newspapers have lost about 80% of their readership over the last two decades. The internet allows people to consume news when and how they like. Local SEO makes sure prospects find you when they need your solutions, not when they don’t.

Let’s Wrap it Up

Knowing that consumers are looking for local brick and mortar stores for instant purchases, it is more crucial than ever to have a solid local SEO strategy. For this to work, it comes down to 3 main categories:

  • Reviews
  • Online Business Listings
  • Local Search Rankings

As search engines notice a growth in “near me” searches with urgent words like “open today” or “now,”  companies should ensure their local visibility is in line with their customers’ needs. Remember understanding your market is the primary factor to uncover what they require. Make sure you have a strong team to evaluate the market and upgrade your virtual presence accordingly.

We hope our blog will help you jumpstart your Local SEO tactics. Let us know what would be your first step!

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Your Complete Guide to e-Commerce Link Building

Today, the eCommerce industry is saturated with hundreds of options, each trying to have a piece of this lucrative pie. But, only a few have cracked the code of running a successful eCommerce store.

Amid the cut-throat competition, you have to develop out-of-the-box strategies to rise above your competitors and make your store the preferred shopping destination for the customers.

If you feel like you’re drowning in the sea of sheer competition, or don’t have the heart to compete with multinational companies holding onto huge ad spends, think again.

What can you do that hasn’t been done before? What is the most inexpensive way to beat your rivals? The answer lies in your link building strategy.

After all, it’s a crucial aspect of SEO. Experts believe that link building can contribute 50% to your SEO success.

Sit down and take a moment to read this blog. I’ve compiled a guide to help your eCommerce link building campaign get off the ground.

1. Set the bar high

You’ve got to understand that link building is all about offering value to the target audience so that at the end of the day, someone will link back to you.

So what do you have in mind?

  • In-depth information

Blogging is the easiest way to get backlinks. According to HubSpot, businesses with blogs are getting 97% more backlinks than those without it.

Content full of fluff is not going to get you anywhere. But you already knew that, right?So, provide additional value through interviews, quotes from industry experts, citing research statistics, etc. The most important advice- keep information current.

More importantly, identify trending topics and products. As soon as you find something, contribute to or create content around it ASAP. You can get links by answering questions on forums and Q&A networks.

  • Onboard visually appealing content

KISSmetrics has a secret to share. Photos can get you 53% more likes, 104% more comments, and 84% more clicks on links than text-based posts. Sure, visuals are a great way to enhance engagement.

But stock photos are boring. How about investing in custom-made images to make them more unique? Remember, leveraging image SEO can increase organic traffic to your website and earn links over time. Image search comprises 27% of Google searches in the US.

  • Don’t forget to add videos

Many eCommerce brands don’t understand the true potential of video marketing. With over 3 billion searches per month, YouTube is the second largest search engine – bigger than Bing, Yahoo!, Ask, and AOL combined.

Have you considered promoting your brand through video? You can attract quality links by producing tutorials, instructional videos, how-to guides, and much more. And since video content is more popular than text, you have a better chance of acquiring links.

Sephora got over 1,000 backlinks to their video section. Consider embedding videos on your shop page or including them in your blog. After all, it’s a great way to boost SERP rankings.

2. Email outreach

Link building via email requires developing a relationship with customers. Even though acquiring links through email outreach can be time-consuming, it is a useful strategy to secure more leads.

Most link building relationships start by sending a cold email to a prospective customer. However, an average cold email has only a 15.22% chance of getting opened. Yikes!

You need to backtrack and try a smother approach. Start with your contacts and people who have a positive attitude towards your product.

I recommend using a two-step process. In the first email, introduce yourself with a personalized email. A link prospect will want to see your credentials, so mention one of your best blogs. Showcase how you can bring value to their audience.

Present your pitch in the second email. Make it attractive for the link prospects and convince them how they benefit from your offer. In this way, you can demonstrate the mutual benefits of publishing content on their blog.

3. Get social

Everyone knows the quickest way to reach your target audience is through social media exposure. You can easily amplify impact and extend reach, primarily through an influencer campaign.

The comments and social shares convince people that you’re valuable and famous, and therefore link-worthy.

Remember that you need to reach out on all your social media networks. However, you may need to publish content multiple times to get more engagement.

But there’s something else you can do as well.

You can create sponsored accounts just like ASOS did for selected influencers and established fashion bloggers. They posted pictures wearing branded outfits and offered fashion tips. Customers were inspired to “buy the look” by clicking on the targeted links.

4. Consider brand ambassadorship

One of the easiest and most effective ways to get links is to get people talking about your e-commerce brand, whether that’s by meeting people, guest blogging, contributing to charities, engaging on social media, or gifting giveaways.

Ann Smarty, the founder of Viral Content Bee, claims she got links to her site by building many connections. But don’t confuse influencer marketing with a brand ambassador program.

Influencers are contributors, motivated by what they receive in return, often money or discounts.

On the other hand, brand ambassadors are unpaid loyal customers. Their passion for a brand is what drives them to tell others, whether through word-of-mouth (WOM), reviews, user-generated content (UGC), etc. It helps generate more traffic and sales to your eCommerce site.

More importantly, as your ambassadors mention your eCommerce store in their videos, social media posts, and blogs, you’re getting precious backlinks. Yeah!

But remember, it all begins with developing a strong relationship with your customers and maintaining that relationship. I bet you didn’t know happy customers could be part of your link building campaign.

Ready to give it a try?

Link building is a process that requires extensive research and expertise to get results. Therefore, hiring the services of a reputed link building agency will ease the job for you. The agency will bring their expertise to the table and curate a link building strategy for your e-commerce store to earn maximum leads.

However, e-commerce stores have hundreds of product pages, and doing link building for an e-commerce store can be an overwhelming task even for a reputed SEO company.

So, if you’re an SEO company who is finding it tough to deal with the burden of e-commerce link building, you can reach out to a white label SEO company and delegate some of your link building tasks to them.

For example, Growth Proton provides whitelabel SEO services in Delaware; similarly, various other SEO companies provide area-specific link building services. You can acquire the services of these companies to do link building for your client in some states and ease the burden off your shoulders.

They can create high-quality, industry-relevant content that can significantly improve the customer acquisition rate of your client.

Final word

It requires considerable effort and hard work to run a successful eCommerce store. You need customers to keep coming back to your website. For this, you have to be there, not only in people’s minds but also at the top of Google search results.

You’ll be surprised to learn that human psychology can be used to sell your products and build backlinks. With content that is unique, relevant to your audience, and evokes a strong emotional reaction, you’re off to a good start.

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Need to know Google Ranking Factors in 2021 for All the Marketers

Do you wish to know that which is an important Google ranking factor that directly influences the SEO practice? If yes, you can find the right information here.

What the year 2020. The formation of the new history is going around? Moreover, Google stays on smartening its search algorithms. In the last years, there have been several major algorithm updates, as Google put the efforts on the toes. There is nothing different; we got the news related to the AMP news and Page Experience update. However, the debate about whether or not you require E-A-T for ranking rages on.

How do the prime Web Vitals locate in changing the game of search in 2021?

Simply look ahead with the right innovations and check the things which will modify the techniques of handling the SEO and which will lighten into darkness sooner instead of later.

1. Significance of core web vitals for SEO

Core Web Vitals are the rest of the definite factors that Google considers essential in a webpage’s overall user understanding. Core Web Vitals are prepared with the three main specific page speed and user interaction dimensions: major contentful paint, first input holdup, and increasing shirt layout.

There’s something more to learn about the Core Web Vitals, but they keep the three biggest problems on the webpages:


The term ‘LCP’ is referred to as the Largest Contentful Paint. It deals with the speed of loading on the biggest single object associated with the webpage.


The term CLS ‘Cumulative Layout Shift’, it is a right calculation of how much the content of the page bounds while loading content, regularly visual content, after loading.


The term ‘FID’ is referred to as the First Input Delay. It implies that the time of the reaction of the page to the first user input after clicking, tapping, and pressing the keys.

How core web vitals influences rankings

Finely, it’s going to directly affect the regular search results, mobile, and desktop, depending on the specific condition. However, it is an essential point; Core Web Vitals are going to turn an important condition to look in Google Top Stories. There are the news results that normally appear at the best of the search results.

Earlier, AMP was an obligation to add in the top stories. AMP is going away. Therefore, you still have to answer the needs for regular Google News addition, but AMP is not going to be a necessity anymore toward appears in Top Stories. However, you are going to have to meet the least doorstep of Core Web Vitals.

The verdict

Meanwhile, it would be early to tell and more work by SEO’s around the web requirements to be completed here. However, it appears that if you aren’t utilized on technical SEO, Core Web Vitals turning ranking signals might not pressure your everyday work at all. If you are performing the complex technical SEO, then Core Web Vitals will surely change the way you work in as-yet unforeseen ways.

2. Significance of AMP for SEO

The word AMP implies for “Accelerated Mobile Pages.” It is an Open Source Framework that was introduced as a joint proposal by Google and numerous other technology and publishing firms. With the help of AMP, it is easy to make a simple mobile web portal that loads almost immediately.

The importance of AMP’s is significantly increased. It is considered as a good option to boost the speed of the page, the concern about privacy has been voiced constantly as the technology’s very setting up.

How AMP influences rankings

Do you think AMP influence SEO? Yes, meanwhile, it is essential to keep in mind that it is not a magic tool that will assist you in getting better the user experience overnight.

However, the SEO strategy is aimed to improve the website’s ranking. However, Google has mentioned multiple times that now, Accelerated Mobile Pages are not a ranking issue; things are expected to change in the future. Google has previously pinched its algorithm to make use of mobile sites as the main account to index. AMP assists you to make mobile-friendly sites that can enhance the ranking of the website.

3. Significance of E-A-T for SEO

Proficiency, Trust, and Authority, all ideally positive words and rather we should all endeavor for in our specialized lives. However, what about search optimization?

Coming directly from Google’s Quality Rater Guidelines, E-A-T has been the talk of the town for a good moment now. Let’s jump in and see how they might modify the way we optimize for hunt.

How E-A-T influences rankings

The majority of us consider that it doesn’t really. Sure, Quality Rater Guidelines give precious insights into Google’s ranking procedure. Meanwhile, E-A-T is one of the lesser-essential factors we must be focusing on, partially since these are nebulous, theoretical concepts, and partly since Google doesn’t precisely wish us to. The official Google’s representative added E-A-T is not in itself a ranking issue.

Receiving follow-up queries, Google’s John Mueller then repeated that point, and Ben Gomes, Google’s VP of search engineering corroborated that quality raters don’t power any page’s rankings straightly.

Meanwhile, in practice, we frequently see that the supposed YMYL web portal previously can’t rank without having some proficiency and authority recognized. A good example is that it’s virtually not possible to rank a website offering medical advice without a definite doctor writing the editorials.

Here, the difficulty is that authority, expertise, and trustworthiness are not simply understood by the search algorithms, which just appreciate code. And at the time, there seems to be no reliable way for Google to change these signals into rankings, excluding to read the quality feedback raters before each update of the algorithm.


At the time of the writing, the Core Web Vitals appears to a quite essential ranking news to appear in 2020 in sensible terms. Meanwhile, the search is quite a volatile field: what worked two weeks ago might not work nowadays, and what works now might not work for the majority of us.

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How to increase Domain Authority and Page Authority in Just One Month

Wondering how to improve your domain authority? You need to understand certain things that help you to get the best results. It’s good to consult with an expert and you can get familiar with the ways following which you can increase the number of visitors to your site.

Domain authority indicates the popularity of your site and it defines the page rank. Improving the domain authority helps you to reach the target audience. In this way, you can now make your site popular and it gives you the confidence to go ahead.

It’s important to know how to calculate the domain authority and thus you can make the right approach to improve the position of your site. A popular blog comes up with a DA above 80. The popular media websites usually have a DA above 90. A few of the top sites achieve a DA of 100.


Tips to Improve the Domain Authority

Here are a few tips that help you to improve the DA:


Inserting High-Quality Backlinks

Make sure that you insert the high-quality backlinks and you can use the analytics tool to find the top sites. Hence, you can now comprehend the true importance of using backlinks and it gives you a better experience. In this way, your site gains attention amid the crowd and it helps you to achieve an estimable position in the competitive market. So, you can come up with a successful website and it helps you to achieve success in real-time. Also, you can check the competitor’s sites knowing the backlinks they are using and you can thus make the right decision.


Create a Comprehensive User Interface

Make sure that you come up with a comprehensive interface. A simpler site structure helps you to achieve a higher DA and you can get a good rank in the search engines. Ensure that users find it easy to use your site and thus your site gains popularity in real-time. In this way, you can get a higher position and thus you can comprehend the true importance of getting a simpler site structure. Nowadays, you can create a mobile-friendly site and it brings in the smarter aspects as you want. Make sure that the site loads quickly and it helps you to increase the number of visitors. Gradually, you can increase the DA of your site and you can comprehend the real benefits.


Incorporate Interesting Contents

Next, you need to hire an experienced writer who creates SEO-friendly and interesting contents. It motivates users to go through the contents and thus you can now find more visitors showing interest. Hence, you can increase the domain authority and gradually your site gains popularity. It’s time to find a professional writer who has ample experience to frame the contents on different topics. Ensure that you can incorporate meaning contents and it’s the key to achieve success. It helps in increasing your root domain score and you can feel confident knowing that your site becomes the top-ranked one.


Conducting a Link Audit

Next, you need to conduct a link audit and it helps you to find the best links to add. It’s important to hire a professional who analyzes the link and comes up with the ideal ones that improve the page rank. You need to come up with effective link strategies and thus you can now comprehend how it brings in the positive aspects. It’s time to find the best links and make sure that the backlinks help you to find more users. There are manifold tools where you can enter your site name and you can find a list showing the backlinks you can add. Now, you need to choose the one that helps you to get the results as you want.


Include Media

Inserting images, videos, animations, etc. makes users feel good. They would become excited to learn more about the site and you can now promote the products and services in a nice way through the animated videos, images, etc. It helps you to find potential buyers and you can expand your business with a higher sale.

So, you get an idea of how to improve the DA and it’s time to achieve a better rank in the search engines.

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