How To AI Affect Web Development And WordPress Website Building?

Big companies are using AI technology to grow their business. AI is taking over the world and in few coming years, it will be widely used for every purpose. The role of artificial intelligence is growing as per current requirements. All the devices we are using are based on artificial intelligence. AI technology is playing a key role in the development of our society. It provides a better user-experience and human connection. Companies are using AI technology to build a relationship with customers. But how does AI affect web development and WordPress website building? Web development outsourcing company provide all the services at a lower cost. When it comes to web development AI is playing a key role in the development of websites. Adaptation of AI technology in web development could be promising. AI improves the overall user experience and provides a smooth searching experience. Let’s see how AI is changing and contributing to web development.

Chatbots for Better Service

Chatbots are something based on AI technology. Companies are using chatbots on their website to help a customer with any queries they have. Details given by chatbots are more accurate and are quick. Whenever a user is visiting a website, if they have any queries or questions to ask, they can simply type in chatbot and the bot will help the user to solve their queries. Chatbot replies are quick and secured. This makes communication easier and users can understand a website much better. Moreover, chatbots are available 24*7 so a user can solve their queries whenever they want to. This builds a better relationship between users and AI technology.

Improves User-Experience

As business companies are more focused on improving the user experience to improve their business AI is supporting to improve user experience. Websites that use AI power understand the customers better and the chances of any error reduce. AI technology can understand a customer’s need better and this improves the user experience. What a customer wants to see and how they like a product or services? AI will collect all the user data and will only show those products and services that are liked by a customer. This makes it easy for the customer to search for their specific product or services and improve their experience on the website. AI can store a user’s data and information for further use in the future. 

Voice Search

You have already heard about Siri, Alexa, or Cortana all these are powered by AI. It uses voice search and you can search anything by just using voice command. Voice search is becoming a trend in website development as it makes it easy for a customer to search anything, they want just by using the voice search command. You will find the best possible result by voice command. This technology is helpful for those who don’t want to type. Voice search will soon take over the website search option. It is one of the best investments one can do while developing a website for the future. It makes it easy for a customer to search for something on the website and improves customer experience.


AI technology can improve your marketing strategy by knowing what a customer likes to buy. AI can improve business marketing by understanding the behavior of a customer. What is the ideal time of a customer to buy a product, what kind of product they like to buy, what a customer doesn’t like to buy or see while searching for something on a website? AI can track all the details about a customer and will improve the marketing for a business. You can bring the gap close to customers and businesses by implementing AI on your website that will understand the buying nature of a user. AI technology is something that every business user should use to increase their sales and improve the marketing tactic. 

Content Producing

You know how important it is for the writer or for a website to post valuable content so their customers can enjoy good content. Keywords play an important role while writing content as google work in a matter where it will show specific content with a keyword. AI technology can help you find the best content for a writer. In the future, you might also see AI written contents. AI written contents are accurate and are focused on human delivery. AI can create contents that are more focused on human rather than keyword based. 

Website Design

Websites have to store lots of data these days and these days could get lost easily if not organized. AI technology makes it easy to keep all these data safe and secure and organized. It will save the data in a pattern that makes it easy to identify the user data. All the data are collected into models that make it easy to classify each data. It also improves the website design theme and the way it functions. 

WordPress AI Plugin 

Not only website development but WordPress website building is also changing with AI technology. AI technology can save time and improve the performance of a WordPress website building. There are lots of WordPress AI plugin that you can use while building a website. But there is a difference between AI plugin and non-AI plugin. AI plugin can improve your WordPress web design and could improve user experience. It will make your website more responsive and improve security. AI plugin will improve your content and make it more accurate for your users. 

Artificial Intelligence is rapidly growing and improving and contributing a lot to web development and hire a developer. AI helping designers to make the work more organized. AI is also producing content for websites Soon AI will develop the whole world completely. Web development outsourcing company is helping web developers to make their work easy and affordable. AI technology helping designers and developers to make their websites more responsive and user-friendly. It gives an improved user experience. AI is developing the medical, food, and all other industries and soon it will change the face of the world in every way. 

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8 Faults In Web Design To Be Kept In Mind For Newbies

Most people are designing websites now for their business. You want to design a website for your business to gain more audience but if you are new in web designing you won’t understand what is the basic design idea you should be using while designing a web page. Many web designers don’t understand the difference between a good web design and a bad one. Well, no design is good or bad it depends on your ideas. You can design a web page that is engaging and attractive for your viewers but for that, you must know some rules before designing a web page. A excellent web design agency has a professional designer who will help you with designing your web page. If you are new to web designing the possibilities that you going to do the same mistake as a new designer. What are the faults to be kept in mind before designing a web page? 

No Proper Vision 

First, if you are designing a web you should know why and for what you are designing. If you don’t have a clear motive then you are not going to reach anywhere with your design. You should first decide why you want to design a web-page and for what purpose then you can understand your vision and can design a web-page with a motive. You want to keep your website engaging and of course visually appealing. How you can use your website for business purposes, know what your audience what to see. 

Outdated Design 

You designed a website 2 years back and left it without any update do you think anyone will ever going to notice your website again? Your layout is old and your contents are old too. As a designer, you always need to keep updating your website with new features and layouts. If you leave your website without making any new changes to it soon you will lose your audience and the search engine will not show your web page anymore on the list.  

Not Mobile Optimized 

This is the most common mistake you can do while designing a web-page and this will surely be a drawback for your website too. You know that most people are using their smartphones these days to surf the internet and websites. If your website is not designed for mobile users, you are going to lose a significant amount of viewers from your website. Mostly everyone is using mobile these days more than desktop or laptop because it is portable and easy to use. So, if you are designing a web-page remember to optimize it for mobile users if you don’t want to lose viewers. 

Too Many Colors 

You are designing a website, not in any art competition. You need to understand that adding too many colors can destroy your web design look. Always remember that a professionally designed web-page will not contain too many colors. Use only those colors that are necessary for your design. Color can trigger someone’s mood as it has a psychological effect on our mind so you also need to choose your color palates wisely. Keep it simple yet attractive and engaging. 

Poor Contents 

Content plays the most crucial part in your website. It’s a win-win thing if you post the right content on your website. Your contents should be clear and should not confuse your viewers. Content is what will keep your audience engage in your website. Suppose you posted something that is not related to your brand or is not engaging why would anyone even read those contents? You should be posting valuable and informative content for your audience to keep them engaged. 

Over Use of Stock Photos 

If you use the same images that are already on other websites then viewers will lose interest in your design. You may also find the same images everywhere but that doesn’t mean you should be using the same image in your website design. If you want to stand out of the crowd you need to find something of your own. Reuse of the same images will create a poor reputation for your business and website as people might start thinking that you don’t have much to show and you will lose customers. Try to use different images every time you are posting something new. This will show that you are unique and don’t post the same content again and again.  

Too Many Fonts 

Wonder why websites with too many font styles are not on the search engine list? Because whenever you are designing a web-page you shouldn’t be using more than 2-3 font styles. It will make your design look ugly. Always choose the best font style that is readable for your viewers. Don’t use too small fonts or big ones keep it normal and don’t use more than 2-3 font styles. Using more fonts will make your web design look unprofessional. If you want your web-page to look professionally designed then keep it simple with limited fonts. 

Easy Navigation 

Your website should be easy to access and navigate. If you create a complex website that is hard for users to search and navigate the information, they needed then they will leave your website. Try to add the search box on the top of your website to make it easy for your users to search for anything. Use proper navigation and keep your website well organized. A well-organized website will always attract more users.  

These are some of the common mistakes a web designer can do when they are designing their first website. If you want a website for your business you can hire a good designer from a web design agency. There are lots of web designers in the market with a different set of skills and knowledge. You need to choose a professional web designer to design a professional web-page. Don’t repeat the same mistakes done by new web designers.

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Best 9 Important SEO Tips & Techniques

SEO or Seach Engine Optimization plays an important role in your website. If you own a website for your business you probably know why SEO is important and how you should focus on it more to gain viewers. Now some people might ask that my website already has huge traffic why I should worry about SEO? All the traffic on your website comes from SEO. SEO is something that will make your brand or website visible on the search engine. But there are some tips and tricks you should know before you go on developing your webpage for search engine. You can also hire SEO expert who will guide you with your website to improve its SEO. SEO is important if you want to increase your web trafficking and want more customers. You need to be very careful while posting something on the search engine. There is a huge competition in the search engine. There are millions of websites but search engine like Google only shows top 5 websites. Wonder why? Because the developer had a focus on improving its SEO for a better user experience. If you also want to reach the top, we have few tips for you to improve your SEO.

Relevant Keywords

This is the most important factor that will decide your SEO. The search engine has a pattern on how it works or search the most relevant website for users. Suppose your user wants to search for a specific hotel in a city but how will a user find what they want as there are so many hotels in a city. For that keyword plays an important role in a search. It is type hotels with the name of that city I want a hotel search engine will show the most relevant details for the users and the most correct use of a keyword will be shown at the top search list. You need to choose the right virtual assistant services according to your website and the content you are posting. 

Awesome Contents

Again, the most important factor for SEO is your content. Now, why you need the best content for your website is because that is what people are searching for on search engines. Your users want the best information that is both useful and engaging. You need to create your content for your users and not for search engines. There are lots of the same information on almost every website why would anyone click on your link for the same information? You need to post or create something unique and engaging for your users. Keep in original and don’t use stock information. You can post videos or images with your content to engage and attract more viewers.

Loading Speed

This is the most frustrating part of a website is when it takes years to load. If you are creating a website you should remember that loading speed can affect your SEO. A good website loads in under 3-4 seconds. If it takes more than that your users will soon leave your website. The loading speed depends on many factors like if you have old images and videos on your website that might be slowing down your website speed. You need to remove all the garbage that is no longer in use anymore. 


Your website should be mobile-friendly and if it’s not then you are losing most of your viewers. It should be responsive to and should be easy to navigate for mobile users. Most of the website traffic comes from mobile users these days. Mobile search is considered to be an easy and most handy device. If your website isn’t made for mobile users or if it is not working the way it should be then search engine will never show your website on the top list. 

Keep Your Contents Shareable

Most people like to share useful content with others. It helps you and even the user as you will gain more viewers on your website and your users can enjoy your content. If your website contents are not shareable then you might be losing some viewers from your website. Add a share button on your website that will let your users share your website with other people. You can use plugins to add a share button on your website and keep it visible so that everyone could share your website easily.

Keep Your Website Updated

Who would like to visit an outdated website with outdated content? Probably no one. The search engine keeps changing the way it searches for information and Google and other search engines are updated every day. You need to keep updating your website with all your content. Check for regular updates and trends. Post updated content and check for any broken links on your website.

Easy to Read Contents

Your content should be easy to read for all users. Keep simple fonts that are easy to read. Don’t use more than 2-3 font style. Don’t use too small or big font not everyone can read small fonts. Remember for whom you are developing your website. Keep everything aligned and divide everything into paragraphs and headings. Your website design should be the same for mobile and desktop users. Keep your heading bold and use your white space properly. 

Optimize Your Images

Make sure to optimize your images because many users search for images and search engines would not simply search an image if it doesn’t have any proper description or link. Image optimization could help you to gain more viewers and will improve your web trafficking. Your images should be highly optimized and should be clear to view for the users. Don’t use stock images as there are tons of such images. 

Be Patient

The last thing you can do is just be patient. You cannot improve your SEO in just one day. It takes time to improve your website. Be focus and stay dedicated to your website. Post useful content that is helpful for your users. You can gain more users every day as every person is searching for something every day on the website. If you have the most valuable content for your users. Use social media marketing to gain more viewers and increase more viewers on your website. 

You can hire an SEO expert for your company who will help you to improve your SEO. There are lots of other ways through which you can improve your SEO for your website. SEO will bring trust to your brand as most people will only trust your website or brand if it provides the most useful content. You need to stay focus and try every possible way to improve your web trafficking as there are already lots of competition in the market. 

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What Are The Benefits Of SEO Training?

Are you looking forward to expand your online business with the help of proper SEO services to grow your online business? Well if yes then I have to tell you that SEO services to grow your online business will be the best option for you. The first benefit of SEO services to grow your business is that when you use the service of any professional SEO Training in Lahore company you will get the most affordable SEO services to grow your business. It is not necessary that when you are looking for a professional SEO company for your business, you have to burn a hole in your pocket. These SEO companies will provide affordable SEO services to grow your online business for which you will not have to burn a hole in your pocket. However you have to remember that the most important benefit of using SEO services to grow your online business is that when you use these SEO services to grow your online business, you are also making an investment in your future as the success of your online business depends on the amount of traffic that visits your website.

When you are going to use the services of any professional SEO firm then the first thing that they will do for you is to conduct a thorough research about your business. The SEO firms will conduct this research for several reasons. First reason for conducting a competitors analysis is to ensure that they are offering you the best SEO services to grow your business. In order to find out the competitors, you need to analyse the website of your competitors. You need to find out the keywords that are being used by your competitors in order to learn the strategies that they are using to promote their website.

Effective Point about search engine optimization

The most important point about search engine optimization is that you need to learn about the keywords that are being used by your competitors. If you are successful in using the right keywords, then your site will appear on the first page of the search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. This is the first step towards making your online business successful.

Another important thing that the search engine optimization consultant will do for you is to get a copy of your website traffic report. This report will tell you the number of people who have visited your website. This will also tell you whether they were visitors of yours or they were just searching for information. If the number of visitors is more than the number of clicks made on your advertisement, then you have to hire the services of a search engine optimization consultant.

The third thing that you need to do when you are looking for a search engine optimization consultant is to make sure that the person you are talking to understand search engine optimization thoroughly. Do not hesitate to ask him questions related to search engine optimization. This will help you to understand better the things that he is saying.

Learning what are the benefits of SEO training?

Once you get to know more about search engine optimization, it is also important to keep in mind that the success of your site depends on how well you are optimizing it. It is always best to hire a professional SEO consultant so that you will not waste your time. SEO has the power to turn even the least popular or least known website into a household name and bring great success to its owner.

When you are choosing a SEO company to boost up your online business, it is also advisable to look into their track record. Most SEO companies give a certain time frame after which they will evaluate your website’s performance. This is why you need to be cautious about this.

The last thing to know when you are learning about the benefits of SEO is about the tools that will be provided to you. There are some search engine optimization consultants that will provide to you an SEO checklist and SEO tool. This is a must have for you because the sooner you learn how to optimize your website, the sooner you will be able to see the results. However, some SEO companies will not provide you with these tools.

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Exciting Features of PhoneGap Framework

What is PhoneGap?

PhoneGap also known as Apache Cordova is an open-source framework designed specially for mobile application development. PhoneGap is a software development framework by Adobe System that is used to develop mobile applications. It is the solution to a lot of mobile app developers’ problems, as it offers a streamlined way to develop an app from scratch. This framework gives developers the opportunity to use HTML, CSS and JavaScript to create complete apps, which will be considered as supreme applications once they are published for download on phone. While the framework cannot create every kind of application, it is useful for making mobile with full access to following features:

  • Notification 
  • Geolocation
  • Compass
  • Storage
  • Network
  • Contacts
  • Camera

PhoneGap is an amazing cross platform framework, that lets the developers to develop applications that run evenly on multiple platforms like iOS, Android, windows and more. Now let us go through an excellent features of PhoneGap Frameworks

  • Strong and Robust Backed – PhoneGap has a robust backend system that highly speeds up the development process and decreases developers efforts.
  • Open Source – The PhoneGap community compiles new codes and modules which are available for free because of its open source license.
  • Flexibility – It offers significant flexibility to the developers as they can develop any class of mobile application without any crucial efforts. Developers who have basic knowledge of HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript can get started with PhoneGap, there is no need to learn additional languages.

Why to Use PhoneGap? 

It is very essential for developers to know the reason why they should choose PhoneGap when there are so many frameworks available. Let’s go through some points:

  • Cost Effective : If there is a shortage of budget and want to get maximum advantage with less investment then PhoneGap is perfect. One can write a single program for an application to run it on various platforms.
  • Large community Base : The Cordova development community is one of the biggest communities and is growing continuously. There are plenty of examples and so many experienced members with good support. 
  • UI Libraries improve the user interface : With UI libraries present in PhoneGap, the user interface of the apps and web pages are highly improved. This assists in providing a better visual experience for targeted users. 
  • Easy sharing of Apps :PhoneGap allows users to share the app as soon as it is ready, by sending a link to friends and family. Recipients can download the app directly to their mobile devices without accessing the laptop. 

Advantages of PhoneGap

  • Compatible on all platforms – An impressive uniformity can be maintained when the apps are developed for different operating systems. An app developed for iOS platforms frequently functioned and looked different from one developed for android platform. PhoneGap effectively nullifies this problem by giving the app an uniform look and feel across all platforms.
  • Easy Development – PhoneGap works on HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS. This makes it simple and easy for business owners to use their own firm’s development as all these browser-based skills do not require expertise or professional.
  • Two advantages in one go – PhoneGap is the most popular cross platform. PhoneGap plays an important role in both business and development. By using PhoneGap, the business and developer products are on a roll within the shortest possible time to market less effort and less cash.
  • Each application can act like a Native application – When PhoneGap applications take advantage of utilized properties and cell phone’s equipment then they work as native applications. They use some properties like geolocation, accelerometer, camera, etc. This system provides fabulous UX across all time. And in fact users will hardly realize that it is cross-platform.
  • Simple to Work Plugins – The PhoneGap and Apache Cordova plugins help to expand native functionalities while developing applications.

Drawbacks of PhoneGap 

  • Doesn’t Support Plugins with hook – PhoneGap doesn’t support plugins with hook, so at some point they can block with functionality. For example, WordPress has hooks that encourage developers to connect their code with the centre code base, plugin and themes in WP.
  • PhoneGap may not align with Hardware Intensive App – PhoneGap with all its complications of plugins and APIs may fail to deliver while building up a game application. The developers of the games are possibly going to encounter ‘drop’ and ‘stop’ issues after messages pop-up from their application.
  • Lack of UI widgets –  Users want native app experience but the due to lack of availability of compatible UI widgets raises a challenge for PhoneGap Developer. The PhoneGap frameworks provide limited pre-built UI elements and thus mostly they have to rely on external resources. This many times fails the delivery. 
  • iOS development requires a Mac – The reason that iOS requires a mac in building iOS applications and this cannot be designed without downloading its SDKs which is mandatory in PhoneGap.
  • Plugins could be outdated – The plugins in PhoneGap could be outdated, and this could obstruct with application functionality. For certain features, we don’t have related plugins.


As discussed above, phoneGap boosts up resourceful stages, which enable web developers to create code using current aptitude and send it to multiple stages. The PhoneGap hybrid technology is best for creating mobile applications that are cross platform compatible and are cost effective because the framework uses a single code base to build apps for a variety of mobile devices. When it comes to building multiple native apps that do not require heavily built graphics and animation and also don’t use native features, then PhoneGap is a great choice. 

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7 Graphic Design Trends That Will Influence 2021

Every year there is something new in the graphic designing industry. Designers create something new that makes a big impact in the industry. If you want to grow your business you have to keep your visual design up to the mark. We see changes in fashion design, web design, and so on. Graphic design is something that influences the world into something new. It attracts more customers to your business. Graphic design has some elements that you need to follow. Your design should be catchy and appealing. A bad design could make you lose your customers. There are many creative graphic design firm all around the world that can help you with designing your website and adding new designs and features to your website. You must have seen designers using various elements into their design to keep it attractive. Even the logos that are created by the designers is an example of graphic design. Your logo is the symbol of your brand and should be designed to promote your business. There are lots of new trends in the graphic design market that will influence in 2021. 

3D Design

The 3D design is not something new but surely, its popularity is growing day by day. Designs are putting the various 3D design on web pages to attract their customers. 3D is something this is not going to get any older as they look cool and also improve the visual design of a webpage. 3D animations are a great way to keep your audience engage in your webpage. 3D designs may look simple but it’s not so simple at all Designers are putting 3D images and animations and combining them with animation to create something new. You will see more 3D designs on webpages in 2021 as the trend is growing every year.

Geometric Design

Most people might think of geometric design as an old-school design but it’s not. You see geometric designs everywhere and this trend is not going anywhere any sooner. 3D geometric design or even simple geometric shapes could make a lot of changes in your design. You might look at them as a solid shape but it’s more than that. Geometric designs are in designing companies for a long time. You can create your brand logo just by using few geometric shapes. You can do a bunch of things using 3D shapes. Adding some color components and letter can make it look even more different so using geometrical shapes are still in trend and will stay for a long time. There are 3D shapes and 2D shapes, you can use any shape or size to create something new. Experiment with all the geometric designs and create something innovative. 

Black & White Design

Do you think black and white designs are old? Black & white design gives a classic feeling to your design. A simple black background with a white design on it will give classic look to your design. Moreover, it won’t hurt your eyes while looking at a black and white design for a long time. Black and white design will also take less space and will increase your website performance. A there are not many details on your website just simple black & white so the chances of performance improvement are higher on your website. B&W even triggers the mind to think about something new. So, your audience will try to imagine something new from your design.

3D Typography

Most people are familiar with typography but 3D typography is in trend these days. It is simple typing font but in 3D design. You must have seen moving fonts that look so realistic. 3D typography is everywhere now you can see designers using 3D typography in their designs to create something innovative. 3D typography is growing and it gives a realistic feeling to what you read. You can feel like you can touch those letters and words. You can choose different colors for all your letters and words and be creative with your design. The 3D typography trend is going and will be dominating in the graphic design industry for the next coming years.

Animated Gifs

You must have seen animated gifs whenever you visit a webpage. Animated gifs are like small videos that keep the viewers engage whenever they are scrolling down the website. You can put various visual contents in your webpage using animated gifs. Animated gifs are not new but they are not going to get old either. If you are a graphic designer you will know the importance of adding animated gifs. You can be creative with your gifs and your viewers will enjoy watching those gifs.

Monochromatic Color 

Monochromatic colors are only single color but using different shades and tint of that one color. There are various shades of color and you can use that single color in your design. You don’t need to add multiple colors to your design to make it look cooler and attractive even monochromatic color can make your design look better. You can use different shades of color for your design to make it look creative. Monochromatic colors give an artistic look to your design. 


Icons are a great way for visual communication. A designer using a simple icon to design their ideas for the audience. You can tell what an icon is trying to say by just looking at it. Icons are great for graphic design. You can use icons for an app or even your business. Icons can help you to explain what you are trying to show to your viewers. Icons are common in social media and apps. Designs have designed a special icon to give meaning to their app or designs. You can design an icon of your choice and can even add different color and size to it. You can create amazing graphic designs just using icons.

These trends are not new but are in trending in 2021 as designers want to be creative with their designs and want to share their ideas with people. The visual design makes it easy to communicate and understand. If you want to design something you can start it right away. A graphic design firm provides lots of graphic designers whom you can hire for your company. Graphic designers have different sets of skills and knowledge. If you want a professional designer for your company who can understand your ideas and design something for you then there are lots of graphic designers in the market. Try experimenting with different graphic designs that are best suited for you. 

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Why Should You Choose Magento for E-Commerce Development?

Magento is among the most credible CMS choices for eCommerce development. It provides every feature topical to the needs of leading eCommerce businesses.  More than 250,000 eCommerce enterprises across the world are using Magento as their preferred platform.

Magento is considered an ideal choice for those planning a serious, customer-oriented, and fully-fledged eCommerce platform. It is considerably more efficient and effective than many of its contenders in the market.

The platform is packaged with upgraded features and functionalities for the eCommerce development community. With its powering cloud, it has sustained its place in the world’s top-most eCommerce platforms.

From theme customization to interactive module development, Magento has been the one-stop key to transform any eCommerce idea into reality. Acquisition of Magento in Adobe Experience Cloud led to a new sense of transition where it became easier to develop elegant eCommerce apps.

What Makes Magento the Best Choice for eCommerce Development

There are plenty of reasons for choosing Magento over any other platform. The most crucial and one-line reason for them is, Magento is dedicatedly developed for eCommerce platforms. It has every feature, plugin, tool, functionality, and many other things to help you create a competitive and effective eCommerce portal.

Let’s have a look at some of the significant offerings of Magento making it stand out from its contenders.

1. Easy Customization

Magento provides specialized customization features that allow developers to create interactive eCommerce solutions easily. It indulges in fundamental features for template tuning. It has simplistic drag and drop tools that engage in smooth development. It allows developers to customize and enhance the existing Magento template to a more classified form.

Developers can customize and add new logos, images, banners, and many other things inside the existed template. Such tools have been proven remarkably useful for enterprises of all scales including startups and well-established eCommerce companies.

Moreover, Magento store enables eCommerce website development services providers to indulge in a greater degree of user experience through its applications.

2. Streamlined Pricing and Promotions

With many new upgrades, it has become more efficient and feasible to manage pricing and promotions on your eCommerce platforms through Magento. These features are helping not only developers but also facilitating businesses by engaging an interactive way to outcast promotions and gain more sales.

Developers want to indulge in lucrative pricing and promotion features while offering Magento eCommerce development services. The inclusion of precise and specific pricing and promotion protocols has led businesses to indulge in good conversion rates right from the beginning of their journey as an enterprise.

So you can say that Magento helps the eCommerce business to leverage the best configuration conditions on pricing and promotions.

3. Cost-Effective & Competitive

To be honest, eCommerce development with Magento can be costlier than on WordPress. However, if we count it on efficiency, Magento indulges in a fully-fledged platform for creating go-to applications for the end-users.

If you ask an eCommerce website development company to choose a platform that can help you create a competitive eCommerce portal, there is a staggering possibility that they would prefer using Magento over any other CMS or framework.

Magento offers a range of additions that allow developers to create solutions of their choice of features and budget. Thus, it is up to the business professionals how to cope with the needs of the Magento development company they hire.

4. Versatile Editions

Magento is probably the most versatile eCommerce development platform. There are different editions of the platforms available categorized on the basis of their applications.

Magento Open Source or Magento Community Edition is a premier edition of the eCommerce platform that focuses on providing its free and open-source access. The primary adoption of this edition is by small-scale businesses to leverage Magento’s high-efficiency features at minimized costs. However, this edition provides access to basic features, developers can extend them to advanced features.

Magento Commerce or Magento Enterprise Edition is a superior edition developed considering the needs of medium to large-scale enterprises. This edition consists of advanced features such as hosting or integration of SaaS services. There are features dedicated to fulfilling the maintenance, testing, configuration, and troubleshooting needs of the eCommerce platforms.

5. Inclusion of Large Inventories

6. Fast Checkout

7. Third-Party Services Integration

Magento is flexible with third-party integration services. They can also adopt custom development and integration of plugins. Such functionality allows developers to engage in advanced features to their eCommerce application and indulge in a rich user experience.

Developers can integrate third-party APIs for payment, SMS and shipping, CMS, CRM, ERP, and many other advanced functionalities. It allows businesses to create effective shopping apps for the customers.

Such integrations help developers engage in maximum automation to the eCommerce apps. They make the eCommerce development more simplified, time-efficient, and cost-effective.

8. Cross-Browser Compatibilities

To engage in maximum usage of your eCommerce applications over different browsing environments, Magento allows developers to utilize browser capabilities detection features. They can use customize the compatibility settings.

The code developed using Magento are highly compatible to all platform and browsing requirements. Thus, your users can use eCommerce applications across all browsers.

9. Advanced Testing Facility

Magento’s testing have adopted revolutionary changes to the eCommerce market for responsive, adaptive, functional, unit and other types of testing. It provides the Magento Functional Testing Framework for performing end-to-end functional tests on your eCommerce application. It allows quality testers run highly readable, customizable, modular and manageable test cases.

Moreover, there are more advanced features to test code quality. Third-party testing platforms such as PhpCs, PHPStan and PhpMd can also be integrated to engage in interactive and precise quality analysis.

10. Community Support

There is large community hub which Magento developers or business professionals can utilize. There are developers, experts, and other professionals raising and answering queries. The community forum has been segragated in three main categories i.e. Magento Contributors for developers, Magento Masters for experts or contributors and Innovations Lab for futuristic upgradations.

Popular Companies Using Magento

  • Ford
  • Omega Watches
  • Christian Louboutin
  • Bulgari
  • Liverpool FC
  • Pepe Jeans
  • Land Rover
  • Harvey Nichols


Magento is considerably the best choice for creating reliable, effective, efficient, and future-oriented eCommerce solutions. Despite its many competitors in the market, it has set up its own unique image and significance.

With its evolving features, it tends to keep establishing its identity through sustainable, versatile and developer-friendly offerings.

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8 Tips For Social Media To Get New Clients

The market today is highly competitive, with businesses doing whatever they can to support and stay ahead in the market. No firm will leave any stone unturned to attract new clients. And the turbulent presence of social media opened the way for marketers to get new clients.       

The entire world of digital marketing has now been transformed by social media. But only social media posting is not adequate to attract new clients. You must be special with your social media accounts, banners, and posts, to draw and introduce your followers to your website and then make them customers.

In social media marketing, graphics need to be customized and attractive. Even if your content is engaging and insightful, you can struggle to attract your audience if you don’t have compelling visuals. As a result, you will not be able to accomplish your target in social media marketing.

Here, we share some wonderful tips that help you to get new clients through social media in this article:

1.Use an exciting color

It is important to build visually pleasing graphics while creating posts for social media. Colors play a vital role in creating eye-catching graphics. It can influence the moods of people and generate different emotions according to their culture and context. Try to use fresh new colors to easily draw attention. Don’t forget to consider a specific social media platform’s tone, message, and information while using the color. An exciting color will give life to your post and attract a lot of eyeballs.

2. Proper use of the logo

In creating brand identity, logos play an important role. It’s a perfect way to remember a company if you put a logo in social media articles. A best social media post design company should make a lot of effort to design a perfect logo for the organization. On social media, the attention of users lasts less than seconds. Using the logo in all posts will make people feel of the brand. The visitors will begin to recognize the brand. A logo would make it easy for people to recognize the brand and make them your customer.

3. Select the ideal typography

Much like color, typography also influences the mood of people and triggers various emotions. With engaging typography, the chances of brand involvement increase. It is more difficult to get people to read a text on the picture than to display a picture. This is why choosing the right font while creating social media posts is crucial. Make sure your graphics are readable on smartphones while choosing font type.

4. Use a visual hierarchy

In social media page design, designers also need to focus on the different elements. And these elements are likely to be essential for communication of the message. Visual hierarchy refers to the sequence of elements that signify the importance of data on a page. It helps readers to quickly understand the details and features. You can draw public interest using visual hierarchy by making the knowledge available and exciting.

5. Modify templates as per purpose

The preparation of different models for the same template is another useful tip for attractive graphics. Holding your monitor or laptop with a pre-made templates folder allows you to design posts easily. Make sure you don’t copy the same template format during making a post for a brand. Make some necessary modifications and you can easily attract the desired customer base. Consistency is another important thing to be looked after. The lack of coherence will impact the image of the brand.

6. Include Call-to-Action

It is not enough for social media post design company to build a brilliant design to attract public interest. Marketers want a clear action from the social media viewer. The audience can only be reached through a call to action. A connect button or contact information should be included in your social media channels so that your customers can reach out to you easily. 

7. Choose a simple and inclusive design

While content should be simple and short on social media platforms, often designers are asked to put extra banners in comparison with regular posts. The social media post design company should render vibrant and pleasing designs in those banners. Regardless of the necessity, learn to combine simplicity with transparency. The simple and inclusive design will easily draw the audience’s attention.

8. Keep it Simple

Last but not least, it’s easy to maintain design. Every time you do not have to be imaginative. Even a simple design can often do wonderful things. Many items can be conveyed through simple designs. Creating the best design does not always help you to achieve your objectives. Don’t try to prove yourself with your design. Look objectively at the designs to see how they can change the viewers’ perspective.

Final thoughts

Consider the marketing objectives and the target audience while designing the social media posts and strategy. Visual graphics are a key component of a social media marketing strategy and can help you to get new clients. A leading social media post design company can help companies to meet their design requirements as well as business objectives.

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Stunning Poster Templates You May Use To Create and Share on Social Media

Social media engagement is hiking up and with that requirement of amazing and stunning content too. There is a constant need for outstanding content to attract people on social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest etc.

Using poster templates is a unique and so easy way of grabbing the viewer’s attention.

It has been found that Facebook images receive 2.3× more engagement than normal text. To add to this, Twitter posts with images get 150% more retweets than usual.

So, check out this article to find out stunning poster templates and its sources that you can edit and use and share on social media too.

What kind of Social media posts stand out?

Social media posts are such that attract attention of viewers readily. It should grab their attention and should be self explanatory. No one would stare linger than 3-4 seconds if they do not get an idea in first glance. Templates need to be highly attractive and informative at the same time.

Catchy and likeable content should be incorporated on templates to display information. As it is usually said, a picture paints a thousand words. Instead of writing long paragraphs, just add an image that depicts the same.

Create good looking images that stand out all other elements and just attract your viewers’ attention in seconds.

You wish to turn your account into a place that your target audience loves to come back to from time to time. For that you require new and attractive content too.

You cannot use those boring, old stock images all the time. They do not convey exact message that you want to. Moreover, stock images are so vague and boring at the same time. No one even looks at them for 1 second, they just scroll down.

How to make Posts Attractive?

For you social media to stand out, you need amazing and attractive social media templates. The social media images must be ready to share and created in just a few minutes. Spending too much time on one image will not be worth. Reason behind this is short life of social media posts. They will not last long, therefore, do not give too much time to them.

It doesn’t requires hundreds and thousands of dollars to create stunning posts

You can get editable poster templates online. These templates are customizable and attractive. In just one click, you can share your designs on different social networking sites.

All you need to take care of is, create content that stands out and is unique. Using templates as it is can affect your social media status badly.

Furthermore, there are no rules or regulations regarding designing and using social media templates. You can let your creativity work and see the results yourself. Using these amazing templates can provide a new face to your social media accounts.

Creating stunning designs can be possible with various tips and tricks and some of them are mentioned here-

Features of Stunning Templates

1. Contemporary and Bold Layout– Pick out a simple layout and convert it into something unique and attractive. This requires you to choose a bold and contemporary design. This helps is making the text jump out in a simple background and layout. Moreover, this tip is really trending in 2021.

2. Use colour overlaps- In top notch pictures or backgrounds, it can be a little hard sometimes to make text stand out and read. So, as a solution to this you can opt colour overlaps. This is a feature that blinds the background but not completely. You will display background as much is required. This trick can help you to deliver a bold message in an interesting manner. Perfect background stays at its place and let’s text stand out.

3. Use leading lines– It happens sometimes that designers fail to attract the attention of viewers to the main point. In that case, leading lines are a saviour. You can attract potential audience’s attention to focal points by adding leading lines. Otherwise, your target audience may just miss that focal point and you can suffer a great loss because of it.

4. Eye catching background– For conveying messages to the audience, using text on a plain background is a disaster. No one will be attracted to such a piece.  Using poster templates can help you out in this process. Just find amazing and attractive templates online that match with your theme and goal. Use that template to reach your goal. Templates have stunning and mesmerising backgrounds that can be of great value to you.

5. 2 Toned Title– This helps you to create or design something that is better and an upgraded version of simple templates. It pops from the background and compels viewers to have a look at what you wish to show. This technique attracts great attention instantly.

6. Bold colour scheme– In 2021, using bold palettes is trending. Pale and soft tones are a thing of the past now. Using numerous bold statements colour attracts attention and is so powerful and brave. You just need to know how to use bold colours and incorporate them in your style.

7. Custom Icon– You would have definitely come across hundreds of icons online. Why not use them for your social media. Combine a lot of theme icons and create one big icon. It is bound to attract people and think about your design. Moreover, it is undoubtedly creative and unique.

8. Consistent margin– Keeping content in a consistent margin makes you post clear and easy to understand. The message can be conveyed more clearly and easily in this manner. Moreover, this adds a professional touch to your content too. With numerous colours, fonts, images, shapes, your message can get mixed up a little. But presenting it in a clean and clear way can be really helpful to keep things on track.

9. Creative posters– Just let your creativity soar and scribble it all down on paper. Choose what fits your theme and style and just add it to your posts. Designing with creativity doing the main job creates most engaging and emotional posts. It allows you customers to feel and understand what you have to say.

10. Use blocks to organise– in case content in one template is too much. You require something that helps to keep all different elements distinguished from others. They should not get mixed up. Therefore, using blocks is really helpful in this situation. It creates a margin between one element and another. Thus, viewers can easily understand the message without getting confused and overwhelmed.

Now check out these stunning poster templates for your social media pages from these top platforms-

  • Canva- Canva is supposedly the best platform that has a huge variety of free poster templates for its users in huge categories. It can be for Instagram posts, Facebook cover, Twitter or Pinterest. You will get thousands of templates in each possible layout for social media accounts. This free platform is known for template based designing. You need to follow very easy and simple steps to customize templates for your needs. You can even add your own images or background to templates designs.
  • CrelloCrello is an ultimate platform with 20000+ templates for social media posts of different layouts. It has templates in various niches like food, technology, pets, travel, fashion, urban, still life, motion etc. You do not require any design skills to use templates provided on this website.

Image and font library of crello is so huge. It has 260+ fonts and you can use yours too. High quality photos are used in templates.

Create Image and post it in just a few minutes. This saves your time and is fun and easy too.

  • Snappa- This platform is known for creating images occasionally  It is a free website and premium versions come in $15/month. You can use the free version in case you need 3 posts only a month. For more posts, you will have to buy an upgraded version of snappa. All graphics, templates and other facilities are available in both the versions though. Creating designed templates is easy with amazing features. You can download or directly share it on social media platforms.
  • Desygner– Create your own designs with Desygner. It is free to use but charges 9.95 per month for next level creating and  editing. You can use it on desktop, android or iOS. This platform has many unique features. I’m case, you designed your work for an Instagram post but now you want to use it as a Facebook cover, you can simply change the layout. Desygner will automatically rearrange elements according to your requirement.

Further, along with amazing poster templates, you also.get editing tools to customize your work.

  • Adobe Spark– This is a popular platform and you must have heard of it sometime. It is amazing for people who wish to scale for side hustle. Numerous template designs are available here to readily use on social media websites. Dozens of layouts are provided for your use.

Use fonts, images and icons from huge libraries and create stunning and unique posts.

Conclusion These stunning poster templates are easy to create and share on social media accounts. Use these free poster templates to grab the attention of your audience and stand out in the competition.

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Why Businesses Should Invest in a Customized Web Design?

Ready-to-wear outfits are convenient. Go to the store, find something you like, and you’re all set. But sometimes, the mainstream retail clothing offerings don’t fit. Or you’re just looking for something different that suits your mood, character, and style.

That’s why I like customized dresses- my choices to match my needs. But what I like most about customization is how it takes an ordinary, common object and transforms it into something special.

The same can be said about web design.

Businesses come in different shapes and sizes. No two are the same. So you can’t expect their designs to be the same either, now can you?

While it may be cheaper to settle for a template offering an off-the-shelf web solution, a customized website can be a better option in the long run. A well-designed website can provide more value to your business by improving conversions and generating more leads.

But is it really that important to invest in a custom website for your business?

Let’s take a closer look at some of the reasons why.

1. Makes you different from everyone else

Customized elements make a website unique and original. It’s different from the millions of others on the internet. More importantly, it makes your site stand out in the crowd and become memorable. After all, 80% of people recall things they see.

Whether it’s the colors, fonts, layout, images, or videos you use, make sure every element aligns with your business’s character and purpose.

2. Create a great first impression

First impressions are rather powerful. And the first thing people see about your brand is your website. Within 7 seconds, visitors have already made up their minds. Clearly, web design is an essential aspect of online marketing. More alarmingly, HubSpot claims that 90% of online users abandon a site that has a bad design. And the chances of them returning are relatively low.

Spending the time and effort to create a clean, engaging, and user-friendly website that aligns with the image of your business identity is a great way to connect with your target audience. Take, for example, how Logo Design Valley creates a manicured visual identity. The website looks appealing and up-to-date, building a positive image of the company.

3. Access to unlimited capabilities

Every business is unique. But as an entrepreneur, you understand the importance of certain features on your website more than anyone else.

Customizing web design helps you incorporate these essential elements to enhance the functionality of your website, meet business requirements, and keep customers happy. Remember, with custom web designs, the sky’s the limit.

4. Improve user experiences

A flawless website design helps connect with your target audience. That means your website looks appealing, is easy to navigate, and offers all the features that users expect from your brand. Therefore, web design significantly enhances UX.

And since customization is all about making something to a customer’s specifications, customizing website design makes your website more aligned with your customers. A one-size-fits-all website solution is unlikely to offer unique experiences to users. So when you place your customers at the center of your web design, your website immediately becomes more user-friendly. This is what online clothing brands typically focus on.

5. Allows your business to adapt to change

Nothing stands still in the digital world. New technologies are constantly being created, and ideas are continuously emerging. As an online business, you need to keep evolving, too, whether through new product offerings or an upgraded web design. 

A customized web design has the versatility to adapt to changing technologies. It allows business owners to incorporate features that will help support newer ideas. On the other hand, a template website is confining, restricting your website from adapting to change and responding to altering trends.

6. Boost ROI

You started a business to make money, so that should be your ultimate goal. Ensure that all your business decisions contribute to the bottom line. The same is true when considering a customized web design.

Sure, this option is going to be more expensive than if you use a template. But when you offer a better UX and keep potential customers on your site longer, there’s a sure chance that you’re going to generate more business, and hence more revenue.

This is what ESPN did. They redesigned their homepage and added elements to their landing pages that their visitors wanted to see: the result- a 35% increase in revenue. Your customized web design can do the same.


7. A positive reflection on the brand

Your website is an extension of your brand. However, a custom web design reflects an authentic and professional online identity. A stronger brand identity helps build better recognition in the competitive global market. But more importantly, customized websites help promote your brand.

According to Stanford’s research, 75% of consumers base a brand’s credibility on its website design. Therefore, when you make an effort to customize your website, people notice that you care about branding, UX, online image, and whatnot. So they can expect the same level of attention from other aspects of the business, particularly customer service. A design that is modern and inviting gives the impression of a company that is friendly and welcomes visitors to its site.

8. Improve SEO campaign

Template websites can have confusing menus, slow load times, and a general outlook on user experience. A custom website, on the other hand, is tailor-made for a particular audience and business.

And as I mentioned earlier, a custom design enhances UX. So it is bound to have a strong influence on SEO. Google closely monitors and acknowledges how much time a user spends on a website and how many pages they interact with.

A busy web design may be overwhelming to some and could potentially lead to a high bounce rate, which could negatively influence SERPs.

Final thoughts

Web design is a significant investment, not an additional expense. It’s a powerful and effective way to influence visitors to your site. So make the most of this opportunity.

Remember, good website design stems from creativity. As you customize your website, keep in mind how these elements can improve your brand image, and connect with your target audience.

Don’t forget to look at what other businesses are doing. It’s a great way to get inspiration and ideas for your design process. It’s time to get creative and transform your online offerings through a customized web design.

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